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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Them Asians Sure Do Like Them Croatian Castles.....

I hope the title of this post is ok, I'm not sure if it's politically correct these days or not. (If it is incorrect, my most humblest and sincerest apologies for my political incorrectness, rude uncouth ignorance and oafish backwardness) Anyway, I had to comment on this topic quickly. I noticed over the years that a fair amount of tourists from China and Japan come to Croatia on their vacations, also that they are very inquisitive and like exploring the historic places and buildings etc, always asking questions and of course always taking lots of photos and videos. (It would not surprise me at all if down the road a replica/duplicate Trakošćan castle is built in China or Japan somewhere)

So it seems Trakošćan Castle is becoming chic to get hitched in. A good idea actually, it's something different and unique and that's the way I like it. Trakošćan is a very cool and historic castle settled in a gorgeous landscape, however personally speaking I would probably go for one of the other ones, but that's just me. I'm not saying which one or why because it's an ancient Chinese secret. Let's just say I know a few things, I would also include things like the dress of those times, maybe swords and goblets, perhaps blood oaths, lots of wicker, candle lanterns, specifically placed stones, chalked symbols on the ground etc. (Btw, an Asian background woman just recently chose Kantrida Stadium in Rijeka as part of the nuptuals scenery. See Here, Croatians even have restaurants in Asia and they seem to really like the Croatian food)  If the reader is considering the same regarding Trakošćan Castle, you can take an interior 3D sneak peak Here or view their website at If you don't know much or nothing at all about Croatian castles, then you'll want to check out



Asians in Love with Croatia’s Famous Castle


According to research recently conducted by the Croatian National Tourist Board, most tourists to Croatia from northern and central Europe choose to holiday on its Adriatic coast. Only a few, such as the Germans and Austrians, choose to holiday in the continental part of the country. Also amongst those who prefer continental Croatia to the coast are the Japanese and the Chinese, with large numbers drawn to Croatia’s famous Trakošćan Castle, a place which the Asians recently declared as the second most romantic place in Europe to get married, says Trakošćan castle Adam Pintarić.

“The Japanese are coming (to Trakošćan) to renew their wedding vows in the chapel here, and the Chinese especially, whose purchasing power is greater. They are delighted by the location and most come after finding us on the internet, we have an interesting website which attracts them here,” says Pinatrić, adding that costs to get married at the castle are fairly reasonable.


“It is relatively cheap. 500 kuna (65 EUR) is rental of the chapel, and a photographer costs 1,000 kuna (130 EUR). Those are the main costs, expect also the reception, that is when costs rise.” Pinatrić said.

Trakošćan Castle, which is located in northern Croatia in the Varaždin County and dates back to the 13th century, has between 60,000 and 70,000 visitors per year. It is one of the best preserved historic buildings in the country and is the only castle which has not had the interior changed from the original owner. Now owned by the Croatian state, Trakošćan was built as a rather small observation fortress for monitoring the road from Ptuj to Bednja Valley and owned by the Drašković family.

Background info and interior views of Trakošćan Castle.

A birds-eye view one doesn't usually see.

Castle Trakoscan - Dvorac Trakošćan from FlyByBye on Vimeo.

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