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petak, 13. prosinca 2013.

What's Up With Serbian Cannibal Gangsters These Days Anyway?

I see that the latest Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Scandals are not leaving the media anytime soon. It's just going on and on and on and becoming ridiculously pointless to the point where you want to give him money and a big bag of crack and tell him to go smoke it all on some island somewhere already. One big boring circus, and since he's adamant in staying on, it seems he's going to be Mayor until 2020.  So I'm going to do a 180 and move on to something more, oh I don't know.....eclectic and illuminating. The topic of organized crime, gangsters and gangsterocity etc....

9 out of 10 gangsters prefer steak and lobster over some guys buttocks.

This one is going to fun to do, all the while letting readers in on some facts, particulars and tidbits. Now then, as you all know, there are gangsters and organized crime groups everywhere. There's no denying it and is common knowledge like knowing that A comes before B.  Practically every city, and most definitely every country, Croatia included. On this side of the pond there are numerous criminal organizations originating from the numerous ethnicities or social based origins. You see it on the news all the time. Some of them are classified as nickel and dime gangsters, the local wannabee gangsters who hang around malls and bingo halls who keep reminding people that they're gangster are not the ones to be concerned about though, because through various upward levels we eventually come to the ones that are classified as hardcore. So, how does one then define a "hardcore" gangster, or criminal organization? Usually the ones most people hear or read about, or more familiar with anyway, are Italian gangsters, (aka Mob)..who have the longest tradition and have gotten the most publicity since the 1920's. Firmly entrenched in modern culture and society. We've all seen the movies, (there have been some really good Mob gangster movies through the years, a lot of books sold too. Those kinds of books are always a popular selling subject in paperback sections of book stores as you already know, and the movies always do well at the box office)

You also have your Russian gangsters, especially since the end of the old Soviet Union, they are the newer kids on the block so to speak, they are also right up there at the highest echelon scale of this subject. I've read a few things here and there about Croatian ones also, of course you can also include Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hungary, Argentinian, this and that, etc and so on, to the long list. (You also have biker gangsters, some biker gangsters who don't even ride a bike but even wear suits and ties and collared shirts. Some even like to wear soccer related attire.) You have Mexican cartels also. Lately they get lots of internet space because, well, because. Some of these gangsters you come across are just getting by, some like to brag and post photos everywhere, even on Instagram and other places, in their new hats, tee's, finger signs or sunglasses, some are multi-millionaires and some are even billionaire(s). (Did you know that there are multi-millionaire gangsters who rent apartments and walk to the corner store to purchase canned tomatoes or onions for their sauces and kibbles and bits for their dog?..who open doors for old ladies?). I could go on and on making a long list of world gangsters and criminal organizations. However, I'm going to just stop here and discuss some Serbian gangsters that have been in the news the past few years. I'll let this guy briefly touch upon this.....

Ok, well Mr Apparently doesn't actually delve too much into it, but it's obvious (apparently) he doesn't understand the purpose of Serbian gangsters resorting to cannibalism either or about much that isn't written about in TV Guide. (maybe he has a tummy ache or his tummy is hungry). He is very perturbed as to how on earth cannibalism came to be part of organized crime now. (I'm going to have to break the news to him one of these days that there are no such things as vegans also, among many, many, many other former mysteries). He also wonders "why" they are walking around in the first place. Well, I know why, and it's pretty common knowledge actually. (For more information about what he's talking about, hit the links at the bottom of this post). The group he is specifically talking about is of course the Zemun Clan, and not known to many, (and here is where the "why" conundrum posed by the guy in his basement in the video is partly explained)...they are very close with all the Serbian nationalist crowd and crime outfits, even the ex-Yugo, chetnik soldiers and even some former Serbian politicians who were a part of the attacks on Croatia and all the Non-Serbs in the early 1990's, and likewise even some current politicians. (Yep, Serbian politicians in power even right now, one big chummy overcompensating and complex filled group, better explanation Here)

Some of their best comrades are all those Serbian war criminals at the Hague right now and considered heroes. (I am sure that the guy in the video in his basement with the pretty rug on the wall, has also never heard of of Arkan either, who before he was killed by fellow Serb gangster rivals, was one of these types also. These are just a few examples of that Serbo-Balkan culture that emanates from down there in the country of Serbo-land. (You see, after the Turkish Ottoman empire collapsed as well as the end of their Islamic Jihads, then the Serbs picked up the mantle and took over their traditions and customs of pillaging and raping etc. Croats and Croatian lands are geographically closer to the Alps than to the Balkan mountains and we were not even involved with any of the Balkan wars of the 20th century either, on top of that Croats never arrived from the Balkan mountains either, we arrived from the Carpathians and areas north of the Danube). Because during the 90's numerous Serbian criminals locked up in Serbian prisons were set free, encouraged to grab a weapon and head to the front lines and help in the Serbian ethnic cleansing and murderous crimes sprees, those that didn't were sent off to other European countries, especially in the later 90's, to instead continue their organized or unorganized criminal ventures schemes, various traveling Serbian criminal gangs and bandits spreading into Europe smuggling arms, drugs, illegal contraband of all sorts, racketeering, blackmail and extortion, fake passports and documents extortion and people smuggling and much more.

Why?...why?...why?....Mildred, is there no more marshmallows for my hot chocolate? Why are there so few marshmallows in my hot chocolate? Why is my toast over-crispy darn it? Why is the canned peas more expensive than the canned carrots? Mildred, why oh why does that Joao Francisco keep singing that song in Toronto? Why is the mayor smoking them cracks and dancing Mildred?...Mildred!? Answer me Mildred!)

 Al Capone et al, definitely preferred pasta, I'm pretty sure anyway.

The "why?" is simple because because they are just the by-products and direct offspring of the 90's criminal state of Serbia to begin with. They are also very close to the Serbian church of course, these types are always close to the Serbian church, it's just basically a club where they make their own Serbian saints at will and pat each other on the back about how they won 4 wars in the 90's and defeated NATO. This Serbo-Balkan culture and their methods have been ingrained for quite some time. Example..and even well before that. (That there is the facts that not many people know about, you can hit the links and Google this topic, numerous Serb church clergy are in cahoots with all these types also, so when you have all these "chums" behind you, even in government, you're going to be walking the streets in a jiffy to get into more shenanigans. I have some interesting personal stories from over the years on this subject) Now, everyone knows gangsters have no problem with taking out someone who betrayed them, a snitch, someone who stole from them, cheated them out of money etc and so on. However, usually the "wrong doer" will be taken care of quickly and in a "no muss - no fuss" kind of way.  Sometimes an assassin, (those are usually ex-military types who make a contract. Sometimes gangsters have ties to government chums who have the same, er...umm....."interests")..who is usually in and out and gone before you know it. Some gangsters like to take out the snitch or thief personally. Usually a bullet or 2 or 10 in an alleyway, in the washroom, or while he's eating dinner or at a party, exactly like in the movies, sometimes even in a theater while they're at the movies. Some gangsters like a bit of color, such as explosions and/or fires, so they can read about it in the news the next day and laugh as people think it was just a leaking gas pipe or malfunctioning gas stove. Car bombs are popular too. Stabbings and head to hammer thrashings haven't been all that popular since the 70's, but in this case I guess they felt nostalgic.

 A bunch of gangsters having good eats back in the day, I can guarantee you that cadavar was not a menu choice.

Mexican gangsters are also known for making statements when it comes to people who betrayed them. (All one has to do is Google "Mexican cartel killings" and that will give you just a sample taste). They include some chopping and removal of limbs and other visual props in their statement retributions, but even they don't do cannibalism. Actually, none of the so far mentioned gangsters or criminal organizations are into that aspect of "retribution". The Mexican variety who are well known for visually explicit statement retributions, they usually just leave "the transformed deceased" on a street corner, on a car front hood or in a parking lot or in a park. They then usually add a short note as a reminder and warning, something short and to the point. As far as they're concerned, the dogs or the local hungry cats or squirrels can eat them for all they care. The last thing they want to do to those who f'k'd them over is to eat them, no matter how plump and juicy they may look, not even lady fingers. Pretty well all gangsters agree and have a wide variety of meats, pasta's, rice and cheeses in their pantry and fridge. I occasionally come across news stories about cannibalism coming from Brazil once in a while, but never pertaining to gangsters or organized crime. Cannibalism should be restricted to the jungles, people with no written languages or shipwrecked tourists who get stranded on an island without coconuts, edible fruits or any vegetation, and even then only after casting lots. You see, surprisingly to probably some, properly functioning and successful organized criminal organizations and gangsters don't go around eating their own kind, but they are rather actually administered  much more similarly to the style and organization of the early Spartans or Praetorian Guard, ie: no-muss, no-fuss, quick and simple and then back to business. The most successful ones at any rate. You gotta have some kind of ethics, standards and priorities even in the gangster business. Come to think of it, even the early Croatian Pirates can in a way be regarded as an early form of gangsters, and they most definitely preferred roasted pork, beef, chicken and even seafood.

 Interesting fact, many gangster themed movies are based on real people, places and events.

Unlike this Serbian clan of gangsters, the last thing they would do is chop them up, put them in a meat grinder and then eat them in a stew, meat pie or whatever. Afterall, what purpose does it serve? Does it make one tougher, more "hardcore" on the gangster scale? Gangster bragging rights? Well, there's lots of hardcore gangsters like I said, but they usually later prefer to have some nice steak, ham, pasta or a seafood dish, something with lots of cream, butter, garlic, peppers and usually finish it off with a fine tasting wine or some beers or cognac, maybe some relaxing massages afterwards by women in pigtails. Invite the gang over to watch movies later, make some popcorn etc. They don't want to use a toothpick later to get rid of a piece of some guy from between their teeth. (Nobody, even with promises of untold wealth and riches will join such an organization, people want to know that if they screw their pals over or scim off a little bit of the cash, that they'll at least have a grave and nice statues for their mom to visit and leave flowers at, even an urn of ashes at least)  The guy in this Serbian gangster case, he doesn't even look all that appealing or tasty. No amount of salt, pepper or spices is going to make the Non-Serb gangsters decide to eat a snitch, even if it was a hot looking female wrong-doer.  A baloney or peanut butter sandwich would be preferable to most. Anyway, that's my thought about this topic,

 I'm gonna eat you, you dirty rat!...with steak sauce!

I think most readers will agree, based on the fact, that Non-Serb gangsters are definitely not into cannibalism. (Do you think Russian gangsters in Moscow eating steak, caviar and drinking champagne in swanky clubs want or need to do business with groups who eat themselves?) This Serbian gangster subject just goes to show, that like in many things, are a tight knit group unto themselves and have strange tastes. If I was an Italian, Polish, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Mexican, Argentinian or other gangster, I definitely would not do business with or invite them over for dinner, no matter how many jokes they know or how funny they think they are. (I've come across quite a number of funny Serbs over the past number of years, so unfunny actually that I really couldn't care less if it was them next time in some sausage, homemade lasagna or used as bacon bits. Who am I to complain about peoples choice of cuisine?). I wouldn't even make a deal with them to get cheap chocolates or a crate of whiskey, let alone some major contract. (Which of course applies to being invited to dinner made by them obviously)

...and now cannibal gangsters can be added to the exports list, yipee!

Back in the day, gangsters had much better taste and class, style, nice suits, (but not always suits) good manners and disposition, (for the most part) well or better read, a lot of them were good cooks too, different codes of conduct and methods in retribution etc. But don't get me wrong, I'm not putting Non-Serb gangsters under the classification of "Humane Gangsters", not at all. The previous mentioned gangsters have no problem whatsoever with torturing and excruciating painful retribution that also includes missing body parts etc, however like I said, they just don't eat them. This recent news, on top of everything shown so far, also shows that these Serb gangsters aren't helping the Spanish tourism industry either. The only possible counter-vengeance act now on the part of the eaten is for his relatives to abduct the offspring or close relatives of the gangsters who ate him, and then cook them up in a stew or meatloaf and then likewise eat them. On the bright side, at least Serbs have another moment to be proud of and chalk up as another great accomplishment. During this post, I've answered a few "why's", hopefully the reader is better informed now regarding gangster eating habits and menu choices. (If you're not familiar with the word "cannibalism" or it's meaning, feel free to Google the term, but I'm not telling you what to do or believe). More information on this particular subject at the below links....

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