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ponedjeljak, 30. prosinca 2013.

Zagreb Bears Making Waves In The KHL

Just throwing in a few pics from yesterday's Zagreb Bears hockey game played in Zagreb. (The team's namesake is derived from the location of its original arena in Gornji Grad – Medveščak for those not in the know, also the nearby mountain Medvednica, and Medvedgrad castle, and Medvjed means "Bear" in Croatian)  I didn't even know they kept records for things like this, it's not really news at all, but it's interesting enough to throw in here I think. As long as they keep playing the way they have, they should make it into the play-offs in their inaugural KHL season after being promoted from the Austrian EBEL league last season. That would be a major accomplishment for their first season in the league. The Zagreb Bears player roster consists of 10 players who are Croats or of Croatian descent, as well as players from Canada, United States, Slovenia, Denmark, Czech, Slovakia and Sweden etc. Much more information, images and videos about the Zagreb Bears hockey club at the bottom of this post....



Zagreb Medveščak Crowd Breaks Mexican Wave Record to Enter Guinness Book


15,000 fans of Croatian ice hockey side Medveščak have packed out Zagreb’s Arena on Sunday night to witness their team notch up their 16th KHL victory of the season, and to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Medveščak beat Russia’s Vitjaz 4:2, with their passionate fans breaking a world record in the process. 15,000 fans performed the Mexican wave continuously for 15 minutes and 3 seconds, breaking the previous timed record of 6:54, which was set in an Australian basketball match in 2011 by 300 people.

“It’s really surreal that fans for 15 minutes done the Mexican wave in the arena. It was really fun to play in such conditions,” said Medveščak player Mark Dekanich.

Highlights from yesterday's game at Zagreb Arena.

Pregame footage from their very first home game in the KHL season and a very surprising 7-1 win against a powerful CSKA Moscow club.

Pregame fan footage from their first KHL home game in 2013. (I'm not positive, but I think that's Goran Ivanisevic at the 16 second mark)

The below 3 videos are the one's I never saw before so I had to add them here. Interesting behind the scenes footage of fans, players and interviews from their EBEL league season in 2012. (English subtitles)

More similar behind the scenes videos at

Behind the scenes footage from their games at the Arena Zagreb during the 2012 EBEL league season. (English and English subtitles)

Behind the scenes montage from a game at Arena Zagreb in 2012.

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