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petak, 10. siječnja 2014.

2014 Women's Zagreb Grič Hockey Club Pin-Up Calendar

When it comes to sports it can't get much more interesting..(well it can, but not by much)..than female athletes in calenders, and Croatian women hockey players have to be right up there with the women soccer players and tennis players. (Oh, and the handball, volleyball players, water polo players, heck those are interesting too, I'm very eclectic when it comes to women athlete calendars) Croatian women hockey players posing in lingerie and high heels in different postures and poses? Hmmm? Well, if anything, it's a lot more interesting than the Srb women's hockey player I touched upon a few days ago Here, that's for sure. Who the hell finds attention hungry Serb bitches and their deranged dysfunctional family with superiority complexes and lighters interesting? I sure don't.

Anyway, enough babbling about bullshit and every day real pointless crap, this is about a fundraising calendar that was recently put together by the Zagreb based Grič hockey club, who also are the Croatian national women's hockey team. This calendar to me is actually a lot more interesting than a lot of sports period. I used to play hockey so I know all about the often weird practice times, 6 a.m. on weekends and also a quite few times near the midnight hour weekdays, even practicing on outdoor rinks at 25 degrees below just to work on the wrist shot. I even remember spending weeks after school knocking door to door, to get like 2 cents per lap sponsors for our 100 lap team fundraiser towards our weekend hockey tournament trip to Pittsburgh. (We played at an indoor rink at Monroeville Mall with shoppers all around and watching from above believe it or not, later I found out the mall was famous as the filming location for the movie Dawn of the Dead, the 1978 cult horror classic directed by George A. Romero (*update - and also the later Monroeville Mall Macy's shooting), Oh and I also got to see a Penguin-Flyer game at the Igloo which is gone now, rookie season Mario Lemieux Penguin days at that, I've got some good stories but can't get into them all right here).

So I've been through all that fundraising jazz and begging. I was going to just throw in the photos at first, but then I added the article because it's interesting and gives some behind the scenes insight, and some uniformed non-calendar pics for contrast.

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Meet sexy Croatian hockey players: Here's why they took off their uniforms!



Photos : Goran Matijasec

Women hockey players from the Zagreb club Grič, who are also Croatian national team members, were photographed for a calendar.

Croatian women hockey players make a calendar.

Heavy sporting equipment, pads, helmets and shields were replaced by provocative stylish underwear aand high heels and for one day they became models. The reason for this venture is to raise money for the World Championships which will be held this April in Iceland.

You may recall when we published photographs of the women hockey players from the Zagreb hockey club Grič, except in those photographs they didn't look like professional models, which makes it hard to think that these ladies enjoy participating in such a tough and demanding sport. It seems the love of playing hockey encouraged them to show their feminine attributes. They hope through the calendar to raise enough money for the World Championships to be held in April in Iceland.

"This calendar is just the other side of us. This was really just for hockey and for the national team," we were told by Ela.

How did you feel about being on the set ?

"At first it was really no, like how are we going to look, what will the others say."

Reactions to the photographs however were more than good, and then they were posted in some foreign media. The girls were only worried about how their family member would react : " Grandmother saw them. She is happy just to see me on the television, if she can't see me at her place in person."

"The first picture at first to me was a terribly big shock.  I really didn't expect that I would ever be dressed like that in front of cameras. It was the first time for everyone. Okay, sometimes we take off our clothes in the hallways here at Velesajam because there's not enough room in the change room, but to do something like this for the cameras in these clothes, but ... , "said Diana Krušelj Posavec.

Diana is the team captain and the founder of women's hockey in Croatia. Twenty years ago, then a six-year old, Diana became the first girl who started officially playing the sport of organized hockey in Croatia. The first years she had to train and practice with the boys. Twenty-two year Ela began training around that time. Contrary to popular belief, the girls say that injuries are not all that common in hockey.

Nevertheless, the girls realized excellent results. In 2007 at the World Championships in Romania we won the first place in our division, and at the last championships in Spain we won the bronze medal. Tomorrow an important game awaits them in Zagreb against a team from Klagenfurt, Austria ...

"If we win that game we will be first in the rankings with one less game played . We also have good results on the ice, we're not just about posing for a calendar. "

Girls, we keep our fingers crossed for you to go to the World Championships. You will have excellent results no doubt!

What the heck, I'm putting in just one Walmart People photo everyone keeps asking for, I couldn't resist this time because there really are some good recent ones aded and a bunch of new videos too, consider it a public service announcement for the benefit of the reader.

Training and practice at midnight ...

"I had nothing, no serious injury yet so far, and don't know of any girl that was seriously injured . We have a lot stricter rules than the men's teams. There is no heavy contact to the body so there aren't many injuries," says Ela.

Grič is the first female hockey club in Croatia, and the girls on the team have the one leader, coach Marijo Budja. "I started to play hockey at age five. I played on the Croatian national team, and five years ago I decided to take a turn to coaching women's hockey. I'm proud of my girls. they've really accomplished some big things. They're committed to their choices, otherwise they wouldn't have made it this far" a proud Marijo said .

Diana and Ela told us how men react when they tell them that they play and train in hockey :..."I never would have thought you played hockey, we thought you would be more thick, with a mustache, much bigger." They think we have men's bodies because the equipment makes us look huge, and now that we take it off for the calendar one can see that we actually look quite normal. "

Since we don't have enough practice time, as often happens, sometimes we have to take to the ice around midnight. We change our clothes at times in the cold hallways and buy our own equipment, which can be very expensive, "The good thing now is that a lot of us have already grown, so luckily we wont outgrow our equipment and skates. it's not as expensive anymore, but for the younger girls starting in hockey it can be a really expensive sport."

They financed the purchase of their national team jackets on their own, on which after were incorporated the red and white squares: "We bought these jackets. They were ski jackets. We traveled to play in  Romania and it was cold. We decided we can't all show up wearing different jackets and coats, we need to look like a team, all the same, so we bought jackets. We still use the jackets, mostly just for the hockey championships and we wear them only for the games. We have to show up for the games looking the same. However, sometimes the older girls will lend their jackets to the younger girls who joined the national team and don't have their jackets yet."

Interviews with members of the women's Zagreb Grič hockey club from 2012.

Here's a bonus interview from Croatian Television with members of the team talking about the women's hockey team and the calendar.

2011/12 season Zagreb Grič hockey club.

And another when not in lingerie view.

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