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četvrtak, 30. siječnja 2014.

Croatian Railways To Add More New Končar Trains To Its Fleet

This is not particularly exciting new, no beaches, music, art or anything like that, yet interesting and good news, especially if you're going to be traveling there in the future. I originally posted about this first Croatian designed and manufactured electric train Here. I took the train a few times when I was there in 2009, and must say I like taking trains, I think Croatia was made for trains. I took the night train from Split to Zagreb and it was great, and it wasn't even one of these new ones. I was meeting Czechs, Swedes, Danes, Polish, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian etc travelers all over the place, It's a popular way to travel in Europe, and especially in Croatia during the summer when there's more of the back-packing Euro-tour crowd. There's more room to rest and walk around, you can go to the bar car etc. I will still have a soft spot for those older classic trains, but these new ones are not too shabby...

Končar also makes the CROTRAMs that you see all over Zagreb and which a number of European cities have taken an interest in acquiring (video at bottom), and they produce of a wide variety of products and invest in newer and greener technologies, they also make computers (Post Here). As long as trains are being used to transport products and materials, then passenger trains will be around for a long time also, and personally speaking, I have no problem with the alternative of taking trains when traveling around in Croatia.




Croatian Railways signs largest ever rolling stock order


Croatian Railways (Hrvatske Željeznice) concluded its largest-ever rolling stock on January 30, with the signing of a Kuna 1.63bn ($US 290m) contract with domestic supplier Končar for 44 multiple units.

The signing ceremony at Zagreb's main station was attended by Croatian prime minister Mr Branko Grčič, and minister of maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure, Mr Sinisa Hajdaš Dončič. Following the ceremony, guests were invited to travel on the prototype class 6112 emu, which was supplied to HŽ by Končar in 2011.

The order comprises 16 regional emus, 16 suburban emus for services in the Zagreb area, and 12 dmus. Končar will deliver the trains between 2015 and 2017.

HŽ is funding the order with the aid of a Kuna 816.2m loan from the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR), which was approved last month.

One of the first promotional trips of this new Končar 6112 class electric train.

Some guy in BIH was very excited that these new Croatian trains were gracing their railways, one can see how quiet the ride is because they are completely electric. Job well done filming the washroom facilities, because clean washroom facilities are important also. (You should always knock first however, just in case)

Updated Croatian Railways commercial featuring some of the new Končar HŽ series 6112 electric trains.

Some good footage of the CROTRAMs that are also made by Končar and found throughout the city of Zagreb. I went on these quite a few times and they're pretty quiet and cool inside in the summer. (Don't try to hop on to get a free ride though, they have company people who once in a while ask to see your ticket stub and if you don't have it the fine will not be cheap)

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