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petak, 3. siječnja 2014.

Humour Photo Of The Day: "Oh, I Didn't See You Standing There"

Just throwing in a quick humour/political post. Although many times both are indistinguishable, locally around here (example, rumour mill is saying he's going to run for Prime Minister down the road) well as the international variety, politics is usually just one pathetic comedy for the most part anyway. Complete with fools, clowns in suits and bonehead decisions, nauseating endless rhetoric, slogans and hand shaking to agree to waste billions of dollars and even numerous lives for...well...basically for nothing, or of course to sell more Coke and Pepsi, cd's, sneakers and fast food or just because ( loopholes)  The Croatian Prime Minister is in the middle of the far right column btw. The French President sort of reminds me of George Costanza if he was a President, you know, maybe they caught him picking out a chocolate eclair from out of the trash or he double-dipped something. (Maybe he should nix the prez biz and become a French latex salesman)

The top left one's reaction looks almost like he's offended, standoffish, like he's being handed a plate of Haitian mud cakes or bacon or some Jewish food, like maybe those Hors d'oeuvre's with those little Israeli flags on them. (At the bottom left one I guess he's getting some revenge and not shaking the other guys hand) I'm pretty sure the guy at the bottom right is drunk or it's almost his nap time. Maybe they all drank too much wine and cognac at the meetings and are disoriented by all the flashing bulbs, but from the looks of it, it's probably because he's too eager. They probably just stepped through the doors and he already has his hand out quicker than Clint Eastwood drawing his gun in those spaghetti westerns. If there's one thing to learn from all the images, it's that the French president has at least 3 suits and 3 ties. Anyway......

Croatian PM Features in French President’s Year of Handshake Fails


Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović has featured in a collage poking fun at the President of France François Hollande in a leading Dutch morning newspaper…

Frank Schallmaier from the Volkskrant has put together a light-hearted review of 2013 and listed it as the year of failed handshakes for France’s President. Milanović (pic 2nd from bottom on far right) was one of 9 heads of state to ignore Hollande’s handshake attempts in 2013…

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