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ponedjeljak, 6. siječnja 2014.

Photo Of The Day: "It's A Pity She Didn't Get A Croatia Lighter" (Serbo Shitardism Strikes Again)...

This was too juicy to pass up. I'm not going to add much, the article pretty well explains everything. This photo also says a lot about a number of things. Things I've already touched upon throughout this blog once in a while. Perhaps she should have used a Zippo, I use a Zippo. (Well, I used to use a Zippo, but on my last couple of Croatia trips I picked up about half a dozen Croatian souvenir lighters. I'm on lighter number 2 right now (photo at bottom)...only because some stooge stole my first one in 2010 in Calgary at one of those [enter name here] pointless sports bar 'n' grills. (I suppose because it didn't have a cow, chuckwagon or donutburger engraved on it), and I also have a few more anyway.

Now, her and her family are probably getting ready for Serbian church service tomorrow, to go to pray to the Serbo-shit saints...saint Seseljsaint Karadzicsaint Krajisnik and saint Arkan, oh and saint Mladic of course too among many, many other Serb-shit saints. They've been shown to be Srb chetniks who support made up ideas about Serbia everywhere from all-time and other infantile regression, complex and klepto filled delusions...(They don't understand how to read a map  or comprehend reality and real history like Croatian history or European history, but are part of a sick cult that instead believes in fabricated delusions and the omnipotence of Serbian Mongol-Turks, Holy Serb Goat dung and the Magical Srbian Jesus and his pointy Srbian beans)....These abnormal sick people and their delusions are the result of a downward motion feeding procedure from the top,  including parents, political leaders, media, clergy and even presidents. There's an old saying that goes "Shit always runs downhill", (sranje uvijek putuje nizbrdo)..well this is the case here also. (Example).....I mean c'mon, look at the people we're talking about here, this fusion of the mentioned points results in this Chetnik Serbo-culture trash: These people are all ill and need to be quarantined in their beloved Serbia for the good of European nations. Their polluted minds, dustbin of history dogmas and ultra-nationalist mantras belong in the manure pile along with middle ages lobotomy/amputation procedures and slavery. I'm telling you, if I had a nickel for every similar acting Srb bitch from over the years, I would have....a lot of bags and bags and bags full of fucking nickels. This Serborella is Canadian-Srb material if there ever was. I inadvertently come across similar news items involving  Srbs in Croatia when not even looking for it at all, as well as in BiH, Kosovo, Vojvodina and elsewhere. (No other minorities, just always the Srbs)  Ever since the abandonment of communism and vote for democracy and sovereignty, minority issues in Croatia regarding all others are superlative and progressive, but then again none of the other Non-Serb minorities went on ethnic cleansing/genocide/raping, shelling and looting sprees with a Srb church support in the 90's. A church-ish Srb sect/organization that was supporting terror and in cahoots with ultranationalists, paramilitaries, war criminals, plenty of just plain dregs of humanity and simultaneously even with the last communist dictatorship government in Europe. (More information Here and another recent example Here)

Serbs and Serb chetnik scum in Vukovar in 1991, Serb chetnik scum in Serbia today.

... However, getting back to this flag and lighter topic, there are a few things to learn from this piece. Firstly, if you're gonna burn a flag you have to make sure you use a quality lighter, something that actually lights and wont break if you drop it etc. Also, lighters are useless if they don't contain any lighter fluid. Thirdly, you have to be careful with what kind of photos you're posting around all over the internet. There are hundreds of millions of eyes out there, looking at what you're wearing and what you're doing etc. You have to be choosy and particular when it comes to posting photos. If the lighter in the photo would have worked, then this story could have had an even more interesting and eventful conclusion. Anyway....

She tried to burn the flag: 'Pity the lighter did not work'

Serbian humour at it's finest, I hope she gets a part in the next installment of A Serbian Film, the real-life version. I can see the same overcompensating character trait here with that Serb shot in Sweden, it's a Serb trait of superiority over others or something like that. I recommend she and her remaining clan be immediately deported to the DTES Vancouver, Calgary or Regent Park Toronto to their people where they belong. (If living in the area feel free to cut her fucking balls off, then send me a pic and I might do a post about it)


The Bauković household thankfully live in a country whose flag Zorana would be happy to set to flames, except it was only that "the lighter didn't work".  However, the fact is that they actually live and spend their money across the border in Backa Palanka, Serbia, it was also found that they registered themselves for Croatian social assistance and benefits as well, reported sources from the eastern Croatian town of Ilok.

Zorana Baukovic (top photo) is the daughter of Zoran Baukovic, who just a few days ago at Vukovar County Court was sentenced to 15 years for the murder of Dragica Bođanac (46) with an automatic weapon in Ilok in January of 1997. Shortly after the sentencing, the high school student posted photos onto her Facebook profile. Photos wearing a Serbian ultranationalist terrorist/chetnik tshirt and a photo showing her attempting to ignite the Croatian flag with a lighter.

And to make things clearer, and hopefully very funny in her eyes, below the photo she wrote  "It's a shame that the lighter did not work."

"I don't want to listen to you, you ugly motherfucker" her father told the judge during sentencing, adding "I am Serb from the great lands Sanjak of Smedervo"(referring to Alba Bulgarica). After the sentence was announced, the whole family started yelling insults led by his wife Sladana Baukovic who yelled 'We will see you later." It's not known at this time what his opinions about prison rape and getting pointy objects shoved up his ass are. (I personally hope someone smashes his head in and then shoves it up his ass all mushy, like stuffing a chetnik-turkey, sort of like gobble-gobble in reverse, get it...gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble etc) Images/article:

The apple does not fall far from the tree. The photo of Zorana, daughter of the now convicted and former member of Serbian paramilitary units, was quickly removed by her after realizing that it could become an inconvenience and complicate matters for her, but before she deleted the photo from her profile, a local from the town of Ilok saw it and was able to save it and deliver it to us in the newsroom.

So it seems the Baukovic family actually live thanks to the country whose flag Zorana was ready to ignite, only "the lighter didn't work'.  They actually live and spend in Serbia but are registered and receiving Croatian social assistance benefits as well.  This also is not an isolated case, Serbs across the border trying to receive Croatian social benefits (including Hungarian benefits and even other countries) with falsified documents has been a reoccurring problem for years. Various countries are trying to combat this epidemic of Serb scammers and illegal border crossing/smuggling.

*The trial earlier in the week found that her father, who was 21 at the time of the murder in 1997, was a member of various Serbian paramilitary units during the early years of the aggression and occupation in eastern Croatia. At the time the area was under the temporary administration of UNTAESImmediately after killing Dragica Bođanac (46) with his automatic weapon, he immediately ran away to Serbia and changed his identity. From the time of the murder he was also found to have been jailed in Austria for a variety of offenses. He was extradited to Croatia on the 13th of May 2012, after having used 3 false identities with documents before that time, which is why it was more difficult to locate and apprehend him.*

I have a strong feeling her spiritual Serb father (and one the greatest Serb gurus and heroes of the Serb church) and chums in Serbia taught her everything she knows in the how to burn Non-Serb flags and burning Serb brains department. Just a hunch.

4 years and works like a charm. Each lighter has some great memories.

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More informative map links:

I updated this post after originally posting it. Feel free to use Zorana's pie eating face image for a dartboard, cat litter box, bottom of the bird cage etc. Play the Serbian national anthem from the video below first while enjoying the view.

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