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utorak, 28. siječnja 2014.

Photos Of The Day: Lorde Wins 2 Grammy Awards

Lorde was the subject of much hair envy gossip at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Photo by Jason Oxenham/Getty Images.

This is just a follow up from the original post Here a few days ago. Personally, I don't watch the Grammy awards and haven't for years, I don't even listen to the vast majority of radio stations around here either. (I mainly get my music on the internet radio stations these days, and from my mp3 players and computer). So anyway, I couldn't find any footage of her short acceptance speech that wasn't ruined by those entertainment program type hosts babbling on about nothing with their voices over the video footage, or people who think that other people care about what their opinions about her speech or performance are. (Did you know that there are actually people out there that get paid to dress up and give their pointless opinions about these topics, and not just always about sports?). Judging by the short high light footage which I barely stomached and the stupid hats and stupid looking faces attached to the hats I saw, I'm pretty sure plenty of people at the Grammy show probably couldn't even tell you where Croatia is, pfff actually probably even where New Zealand is either probably. (I personally think the Grammy shows lost the last bit of respect it had remaining a number of years ago and then went completely all to shit (for the most part) when "Not Gonna Get Us" by t.A.T.u. didn't win song of the year in 2003, and not solely for their song either, but their stage outfits etc)

See what I mean, wouldn't it have made made more sense to have worn a chef's hat, hockey helmet or goalie mask? (Actually a KFC bucket would have made more sense, I've seen lots of KFC bucket hat pics floating around on the internet)

So then I came across a couple sites that made some mention about her fingers during the performance. For one guy it was really a crisis, he was flabergasted and perplexed that she did such a thing, his website started a poll regarding this even, "Do you think.. bla..bla..bla... (See, what I mean? Actual brief moments of artistry and out of the box creativity makes people and entertainment show hosts confused and wonder what's going on. "Where's her bling? Doesn't she have a tongue to stick out or some new dance move that will go viral on Youtube?)  I put some close-up images at the bottom.

To me it looks sort of eccentric and cool, gothicky alternative and maybe even a bit batcave-ish. Like something out of a David Lynch film or that Bowie/Deneuve flick "The Hunger". That's about it. (I'm much more disturbed and concerned by the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford tattoo craze) What's the crisis or issue here? I don't know, I was much more confused about the many stupid looking hats and the attached faces under the hats like I already mentioned. (Should she be doing the Cyrus tongue thing  more often? Racing cars down the road while pouting Beiber-esque style? Wear "Thug" brass knuckles?)  I listened to the album yesterday and had no problem with it. Laid back and trippy. Not too complicated like it's trying to get you to learn some new fad dance move or phrase that will impress the chicken wing eating and finger lickin' crowd at the club, pub or mall foodcourt. No chance of someone getting up on a table and saying "Hey, look at me! I'm doing that Lorde dance move!...record me and we'll put it on Youtube!" I found the songs good to listen to probably during long travels, when doing stuff around the house, to drown out peoples voices on elevators, at malls and on buses, waiting for your peas and ham to heat up in the microwave, while waiting at the dentist office or hair salon, while out having dinner, while shopping for lingerie, exercise equipment or vitamins at the Walmart, while handing out religious pamphlets downtown, while chopping onions or peeling potatoes, while browsing magazines at the 7-11, while trying on shoes, a whole bunch of scenarios actually, also probably good as a conversation starter with the only good looking female, or only female in some cases, in a sports bar n' grill somewhere..."Hey, you look like that singer Lorde"...(Even if they don't).."Hey, You have hair just like that Lorde singer"...."Hey, are those the new Lorde shoes"?.."Is that the new Lorde lipstick..nail polish?"..bla bla bla, etc and so on.. I also found that the song "Tennis Court" really does make you want to go get some tennis gear and head on down to the local tennis court, to groove down the base lines and side lines telling the ball boy "Hey, I need some more tennis balls...Yeah"... etc.

Lorde, who is 17 and going on 38, sort of reminds me of a 2014 hybrid version of Kate Bush/Stevie Nicks meets Tina Root/Siouxsie Sioux for some reason, (if that makes any sense) which is good, because they were kind of weird, kooky, dark and pretty hot at times too actually. (It's always the quiet and demeanoured ones that are the real kooky and creative ones I find). I can easily see her making a guest appearance on a Game of Thrones episode sometime down the road too, just a hunch. Anyway, that's the way I see it.......

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Kiwi-Croatian singing sensation Ella Yelich-O’Connor (17), better known as Lorde, has become just the second person with Croatian heritage to pick up a prestigious Grammy Award…

Yelich-O’Connor, who has Croatian roots on her mother’s side and lives in Auckland,New Zealand, has enjoyed a remarkable rise to fame this year thanks to her smash hit ‘Royals’, which carries a message criticizing the materialism of the pop music scene, and spent nine weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart this year. Ella won two Grammy Awards on Monday for Song of the Year and for Best Pop Solo Performance.

Lorde joins Nirvana’s Krist Novoselić as proud Grammy owners with a Croatian connection. Nirvana won a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Performance for MTV Unplugged In New York in 1996. The Grammy Awards are awarded annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States.

I decided to update this post with a pic I came across. Frankly, this pic of Lorde in Dolce & Gabbana designed creations just looks bloody awesome, practically straight out of some medieval movie scene or a Klimt painting. (I'm a big fan of Klimt's stuff and have a few of his prints. You don't have a Klimt? You gotta get a Klimt, everybody's getting a Klimt). Dark and moody, yet not too heavy on the eye, mystical yet not too complicated like a Jerry Springer or Maury Povich episode. Just a really interesting series of photos that immediately yelled out "Klimt" to me. This looks like something the Olsen twins would wear too. Source: 

Extra bonus footage of Lorde performing at the age of 12.

*Update August 2017.

And here's a couple of interesting related pics, Lorde pictured with her mother and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović at a Government House lunch in Auckland. The Croatian President was on a state visit to Australia and New Zealand and also met the Croatian community with a number of high-profile Australians and New Zealanders of Croatian descent present (aka Kiwi-Croats) including none other than Lorde herself showing up. 


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