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četvrtak, 16. siječnja 2014.

Photos Of The Day: Zvončari Bell Ringers Warming Up For Rijeka Carnival.....

Well, things are gearing up for the 2014 and 31st edition of the "International Rijeka Carnival." A time of many events, parades, dances, balls, pageants, competitions, music, foods and drinks and much more. You know that the festivities are not that far off when these intersting and kooky looking guys start up, the various versions of the Zvončari from around the vicinity of Rijeka.

Zvončari (the bellmen) are the characteristic pagan folk custom maintained in the region around Rijeka, Croatia, who travel as a procession through villages and towns, receiving drinks, food and treats along the way. Their history reaches back many centuries and they used to scare away evil spirits and welcome spring in ritualistic ways, they are also associated with helping save the local area from the Turkish Muslim Jihads and their paid Serb volunteers. (Folk legends say that during the Ottoman incursions, non-military local men and farmers decided to help defend their homes, so they dressed themselves in horns and furs again, banging attached brass bells through the night and scared off the invaders. Some folk accounts say that glowing apple-like orbs came crashing down from the skies upon the retreating Turks and their allies, and it is for this reason why they never returned there again) They were added to UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.  Much more information about this yearly extravaganza at my previous post links below and at the official website: www.rijecki-karneval.

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