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ponedjeljak, 27. siječnja 2014.

Stupid Funny Serb In Sweden "Mile Markovic" Shot Dead In Car

This is just a repost from last week. A recent news piece that is sort a continuation of the theme from my serbian cannibal gangster post Here. Not surprising really, just typical srb cultural trait I've come to realize over the last few years especially. Based on the information in the article, going around and making extortion threats about unproven things to the head of Swedish royalty is going to upset a lot of people. After all, he's the Swedish king for fuck's sake, did this serb think (who's living in Sweden btw, not in his own country which they always try to leave to go anywhere else especially Russia even though it's the best supposedly)..that the Swedish King can't make a couple of calls if he wanted to "fix things"? Do you know what kind of connections Kings have in their little blackbook? It's full of other kings and queens and dukes and princesses and nobles etc and so on. Do you know what kind of fury various European Royalty can unfurl?  We are not talking here about the Burger King guy or the King of Kensington or some rapper with "king" as part of his stage name who will call that tough guy at the bowling alley to fix things. These people even have "associates" and  "acquaintances" all over the place, they have secret unlisted numbers of some other very influential people in phones that you can't buy at the mall, do you know what calling up Dietrich Mateschitz the man behind Red Bull can do in a jiffy?, (who just happens to have Croatian background), as just one example. He contacts his "associates" and  "acquaintances" who are part of the military-industrial complex and then the wheels are set in motion, so to speak, and things happen quickly. Yep, they have "associates" and  "acquaintances"in the "deep state and military" also, (not the mainstream filler infotainment fluff news most are led to believe as the only truths), you can only find out small snippets and hazy innuendos about them in the deep web, like an urban legend which suits them just fine because that's the way they roll, they don't like exposure and prefer walking through the rain and never getting wet from raindrops), even in a bunch of militaries around the world, they can make them appear and then disappear in the blink of a eye like they never existed, like ghost soldiers who know exactly what to do and do it well. (depending on the error made, the target would probably even pray that Pinhead and his pals find his/her whereabouts first, there simply is no hiding from them anyway, they'll find you, either way when they get the call they come)

On top of that even also going around and attempting to blackmail Bjorn Borg too?, Well now that's just plain sick and disgustingly disturbed. It's tennis legend Bjorn fucking Borg for fuck's sake, not just some other guy named Bjorn , not one of his Serb scum pals at the bar or some ghetto stooge who dissed his hat at the corner bar and who also just by chance happens to be named Bjorn also. (The King of Sweden AND Bjorn Borg??? That's a sin and just sicko!). If his blackmail attempts had worked then next on the list would probably have been ABBA, or the Swedish Prime Minister, perhaps Dolph Lundgren, the CEO of IKEA, Ingrid Bergman's nephews, Mats Wilander, Borje Salming, the members of Bob Hund or perhaps even the most disturbingly twisted case....Max von Sydow.

The Swedish king may have gotten in touch with one of the descendents of the Croatian House of Frankopan who have ties with Swedish Royalty that go far back. Maybe even a Croatian descendent from the House of Novosel. (Take a look at the Novosel Coat of Arms Here, a real close look, that's not a box of chocolates and a daisy and it's not a pink bunny wearing a Quaker Oats hat, I could give plenty of other examples also, and don't believe about any so-called end of lineages misinformation because I already explained about that)...They're close with lots of Euro-Royalty too, including the House of Drăculești, these are not the fucking people to mess around with just to satisfy your ego and for a few measly bucks that you will spend in a few weeks on crap and trinkets anyway, like some sneaker wearing street punk who has his grey matter in his cranium filled with movies and fantasies about being a local somebody or a real famous something and social media star. I am talking about blood oaths which go far back, back before you were a twinkle in you great, great, great, great, great, grandfathers eye or the eye of his grandfather too.

Trying to blackmail these kinds of people and think you're going to win is as ill-fated as trying to challenge a world chess master to a chess match just because you beat your cousin's friend 3 times in a row at the pool hall last week. It is no laughing matter for these people with the blood in their veins of which one drop is worth more than your slimy pointless semi-existence, and nobody wants a Dracula descendent after them either, trust me. Their ways are not your ways, you are a fish out of water playing with fire. These kinds of people have the power of the 5 magiks and special code words to transform your trusted best friend and ally, even your very own mother into your eternal enemy in an instant, she will swear on the bible that she doesn't know who you are and that you said and did some odd strange things. If I was to tell you even just a few things that I know for a fact, you would shudder and probably never look the same way again at.... When you find that array of rocks and twigs in that symbolic pattern in front of your car door or on your steps in the morning on your way to your pointless automaton consumer life job, (you'll know when you see it)...then you might as well start deciding who's going to get your cherished cd collection in your final will, call your mother and tell her how sorry you are for that time when.... Don't even get me started on the connections to the al..Nomen Est Omen. (not fake paperback book Merovingians written about by psuedo-fantasy writers or just plain mentally delusional or retarded writers hoping for lots of Youtube likes and book/movie deals). The blood of the ancient Hyperboreans is not to be toyed with, that blood has conquered phanstasms and empires thought invincible, better that you jump off a 500 foot cliff onto jagged rocks below because you'll have a better chance of surviving that than getting away with ego-driven glorified punk games)

I'm not going to delve too much into it here, but I would not be surprised if these guys who committed the hit had a military background. Not even Swedish military necessarily, perhaps some Kosovo Albanians with KLA experience (as just one example, I'm not telling who I know it most likely was)...flown in and supplied with some top notch weapons, then a drop off point for the used weapons which have no serial numbers or manufacturer information, airline tickets bought months in advance by an old lady who lives a 3 hour drive outside of Stockholm and takes her dog for walks everyday, airline tickets to Argentina and Japan, they are akin to a paid League of Shadows, used by higher echelon people for quick fixes of pests. (I'm privy to information that many times they work paid missions sometimes even with world elite military forces and doing the nitty gritty jobs that if successful most people could retire on for the rest of their lives. They don't work cheap for special assignments but from the initial agreement and then comm's with their cell members, they can get the job done within just hours if need be, leaving behind evidences and trails of ghosts or that will implicate whosoever they choose. "Hey, I never called Tokyo and Geneva, how did this get on my phone bill???? Marge??!!). That's all I'm saying. (One of my sources, aka "Zombie Prophet",  passed onto me his boxing record also, and it's really not all that impressive)

There's been some similar cases here in Canada a few years ago, a steroid-head Serb gangsta in British Columbia was under government crown protection because he made a deal to snitch and be a crown witness against his former pals and associates. (He ended up getting shot and killed too though, he liked to drink and brag a lot, so the RCMP let him blabber all he wanted and they went for coffees instead, his former gangster party pals then "coincidentally" came to pay a visit with their metallic friends shortly afterwards and coincidentally again later there was spilled coffee and stains all over the place coincidentally, to put it nicely). I also know for a fact that you don't want get on the bad side of Bjorn Borg, he's not always quiet and contemplating and easy going. This is a common cultural trait with many Serbs though, always thinking they can do whatever they want, (the Serb church being a politicizing mouthpiece in many instances) and then cry when fate exacts retribution and rightful vengeance upon their nefarious activities and ideologies. (Who the Hell do you think the Vikings were? Just some weekend boating aficionados who sat around the fire making Ikea furniture and cooking Swedish meatballs? the fucking Vikings could have eaten Serb warriors for breakfast without even breaking a sweat, even much easier than when the Ottomans actually did do it for over 400 years, likewise the early Croatian tribes who cleaned house, conquered nomadic pillaging barbarians, freed and then settled ancient Dalmatia, Illyricum and Pannonia in the 6-7th century, as well as later fending off Ottoman incursions for centuries). Trying to fuck over European and world known royalty?, well now if you're going to do that, then trying to fuck over unknown closer pals or everyday acquaintances is also a surety also without a doubt. That just makes the person an untrustworthy professional floater and a confused opfer.

Also, for those who are unfamiliar with various European names and surnames or history, he is Serbian and admits as much so there is no confusion. He definitely is not Croatian, or Ukranian, Slovenian, Russian or Belarusian, or even Jewish who likewise at times also use a -vich surname suffix. I show and explain this topic very clearly with historical sources at which explains how Croatian early surname traditions, their origo gentis history as well as various other European surname traditions, ie: Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Belarusians, Russians, Ukrainians, Macedonians, Bulgarians and others, and which surname suffixes and even surnames are common between them and why. I even very simply show and explain at and how the ancient and today's Croatian DNA goes back many thousands of years and has more in common with Swedes, Vikings and other Central Europeans and why this is so, I kid you not, irrefutable facts and scienctific findings which proves that Croats, although recorded as migrating towards the Adriatic sea from vast areas north of the Danube river in the early middle ages, never arrived as tribes from the east or the west but were instead geographically coterminus in Central Europe for thousands of years, the reader may think it far fetched but it's undeniable and proven. Also similar to the way Serbs sometimes use the centuries long continuum Croatian alphabet since the 20rh century especially, it's not theirs they just use it like some of the surname characteristics. (sort of like the Serbs in Ukraine killing the criminal Ukraine army soldiers scenario, you see there are Serbs using AK-47's, but it's not really a Serbian automatic rifle, it's a Russian weapon and the Serb soldiers are only just using it, that's how simple it is). Just take my word for it, even though he just uses a -vich suffix he is definitely none of the above because he's Serbian and is (was) proud of it. And he made a very sloppy and not well thought out endeavour and paid the price for his megalomaniacal self-importance.

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In 2003 Swedish politician Anna Lindh, was assassinated by Swedish Srb Mijailo Mijailovic. Does Sweden, Croatia or any other country need Srbs and "Srb culture"? (You may want to plug your ears after the 2 second mark because then the Serb singing starts)

On the other hand, it could even have been some disgruntled former associates also, the Serbian brotherhood and Serb mafia have been at it for decades now, they're constantly popping each other off over profits, snitching, botched enterprises or perhaps even some dirty Serb whore etc. Since a lot of them were set free from prison by Yugo-Serb politicians in the 1990's, to either join Serb killing squads and paramilitaries to get in on in the action of killing, ethnic cleansing and raping of Non-Serbs, or to spread to other places in Europe, and elsewhere, to start their criminal underground network activities and start making profits. All with Serbian government and even serb church blessings. ("Arkan" being just one of numerous examples, who just happened to be "hit" also, by other Serbs and former pals, who since has become a serb hero, a serb saint and gone to Serbian heaven). These same types were also involved in the assassination of their very own Prime Minister in 2003 and President in 2000, and even Swedish politician in 2003. (More on that Here). The greatest Serbian exports of the 90's...rapists and gangsters and war criminals, which is fitting since it was the last communist/ultra-nationalist extremist nation in Europe and in the end just a scumbag criminal state and government anyway. "Go ye forth and multiply across the Euro-lands, bring in good quality cigarettes, smuggle and extort and giveth cuts from thy profit". Although at the end of the day, it could also very well have been Russian or Italian gangsters, they don't like small fish causing unneeded world coverage, attention and dragging years of media drama focusing on their gangster world by some distant association, (such as that he hired the same maid or janitor that such and such used a few years ago), he also could have skimmed money for himself from one or all of the above, which is probably the case also. This isn't a Croatia related news piece, but I'm glad it's making front pages in European newspapers, especially in Sweden, so more of the related background information can be read about too. More information at the links.......



Serbian-Swedish businessman found slumped in his vehicle outside his home with 4 gunshot wounds to his head, this is the before photo less the complimentary extra holes in his cranium.

Serbian Gangster Mile Markovic ‘who claimed to have pictures of Swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf in strip club’ shot dead in his car


The underworld figure who claimed to have compromising photographs of Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf enjoying the hospitality at his notorious strip club has been shot dead in Stockholm.

Mille Markovic, a Serbian-Swedish businessman with a string of criminal convictions, was found slumped in his vehicle outside his home with gunshot wounds to his head, the Aftonbladet and Expressen newspapers reported. Witnesses said the shots were fired from another vehicle on Thursday evening, before the assailants sped off.

While police have not officially confirmed the victim’s identity, he has been widely named as 52-year-old Markovic, a man against whom many people held a grudge.

“He was involved in many conflicts on many different levels and had many enemies,” Jerzy Sarnecki, a criminology professor at Stockholm University, told the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper.

The former boxer had been convicted and imprisoned for a range of crimes including tax evasion, weapons charges, assault, fraud and blackmail. But it was his role in the scandal that engulfed the royal family through much of 2011 which cemented his notoriety in Sweden.

It began with the publication of a biography, The Reluctant Monarch, in late 2010, which contained lurid allegations about the King’s private life and portrayed him as a serial philander with a taste for sex parties and strip clubs. One of those establishments was Club Privé, a Stockholm nightspot run at the time by Markovic. He was believed to be a key source for the book and claimed to have photographic evidence of the King’s visits.

There are no crime scene pics available, but he probably looked something like this.

While the King was not accused of anything illegal, the man portrayed in the book was a far cry from the respectable married monarch and father-of-three that the Swedish people thought they knew.

King Carl Gustaf, now 67, did not help matters by giving a rambling statement in which he did not directly deny the allegations, but said he had spoken to his family and they “chose to turn the page and move forward because, as I understand, these are things that happened a long time ago”.

Events took another twist a few months later, when it emerged that a close friend of the King, Anders Lettstrom, had approached Markovic, asked him exactly what material he had and what price he would demand to hand it over. Lettstrom said he had acted on his own initiative.

While liberal Swedes were probably ready to overlook a few trips to strip clubs and possible infidelity, having contact with a known lifelong criminal would have been a different matter.

King Carl Gustaf gave an interview in which he denied all knowledge of Mr Lettstrom’s intervention, distanced himself from his friend, and finally categorically denied visiting the specific strip clubs mentioned in the book.

 Found Dead With 4 Bullet Wounds To The Head

In cold blood: Mille Markovic was shot four times in the head while sitting in the front seat of his car, seen here being towed from the scene. 


*Former 'porn club king' Mille Markovic shot dead in Stockholm.
*Found dead in a car outside his home with four bullet wounds to his head.
*Serbian-Swedish gangster had a long history of criminal activity.
*"Claimed" to have photos of King Carl XVI Gustaf with naked strippers, but never substantiated.

Notorious Serbian-Swedish gangster Milo 'Mille' Markovic has been found dead with four bullet wounds to his head in Stockholm.

The 52-year-old was shot dead while sitting in a car outside his home in Ulvsunda, in the western part of the Swedish capital, just after 6pm last night, the engine still running.

Markovic was unofficially credited as one of the sources for the controversial 2010 biography about the King of Sweden in which the monarch was accused of attending strip clubs and having extramarital affairs.

'It sounded like fireworks,' a witness told Aftonbladet. 'Then I saw two men in dark clothing from afar.'

'They were standing by a car where the sound of fireworks came from. One of them said "he is dead".'

Markovic gained fame as the owner of 'porn club' Prive and is said to have been one of the main sources for The Reluctant Monarch, a biography of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

The book revealed that the king and his friends had enjoyed the company of 'coffee girls' - women who would 'entertain' the group, consisting of members of the remains of Swedish aristocracy.

It also alleged that the king visited underground strip clubs, and that he had been involved in an extramarital affair with a famous Swedish singer in the 90s.

Following the publication of the book Markovic claimed that he had compromising photographs of the king with naked women, taken at one of his sex clubs in the 1980s.

Markovic had lived under threat for 'a long time' and had been wearing a Kevlar vest as a precaution, a police source told Aftonbladet.

According to the source, the reason why Markovic was shot in the head may have been that his killers knew he was wearing the protective vest.

Today, Swedish tabloid Expressen revealed that Markovic may have caught his own murder on camera as he had at least two CCTV cameras in operation outside his house.

Police are looking for two men said to have left the scene in a white Toyota, but refused to comment on the possible CCTV footage.

Markovic, a 70s boxing champion, was born in Serbia but fled to Sweden with his father as a young child, becoming a neutralized citizen in 1982.

The 52-year-old former porn-club owner had a long history of criminal activity, with previous convictions of assault, tax crimes, and preparing to blackmail world-famous tennis ace Bjorn Borg.

Markovic had planned to lure Borg to Club Prive, and there take photographs of him having sex with one of his 'girls'.

Last year he was charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting at his former club, but the case was dropped after a witness retracted statements during the trial.

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