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srijeda, 15. siječnja 2014.

Sneak Peek 2014 World Cup Croatia Soccer Jersey...

I said I wasn't going to even touch anything about the upcoming 2014 World Cup until at least June, but this is short and not too complicated. Basically some sneak peek pics of the new home version jersey for this summer. My thoughts? I like it, the red on the back and sleeves makes it look more bold and solid. Checkered jersey's for the home version will always remain checked because it's historical and easily identifiable, so there's only so many ways to tweak it , but overall I approve of this version. I will probably get this one down the road. I already have previous home/away version jersey's so there's no rush because they all look fairly similar. It will look cooler with the numbers on.

I should add though, like I've mentioned previously, I still wish our jersey's were made by Adidas. I like the Adidas and usually buy their stuff, sometimes Puma. Adidas supplies some of our other national teams and the jersey's look great. (Example at the bottom of the jersey's being worn at the European Handball Championships, which are going on right now). The basketball team has gone Adidas, men's and women's teams, plus some other sports. Those 3 stripes would look great going down the sides of this jersey and on warm up jackets. I think Croatia should forget about getting more money from manufacturers and just go with Adidas. When you look at jerseys from the German, Spanish or Argentian national teams, how would those look if they didn't have the 3 stripes. (example)...Not as good I don't think, and the Puma is a Mountain Lion, a Cougar. (Some design options at this fantasy kit post would be worth considering maybe). I think they would probably even sell more jersey's too. That's my opinion. Anyway......

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Updated photogallery HERE and HERE

Behind scenes commercial images: HERE

Behind scenes video HERE


Although Croatia will officially present its new kit for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil in March ahead of its friendly with Switzerland, internet site todosobrecamisetas.blogspot claim to have ‘exclusive’ photos of the new shirt…

The new Nike kit is a bit of a throwback to the early 90′s, with the famous checkers only on the front of shirt, with the sleeves and most of the back completely red. Check out the pics here.

The Croatian FA would not comment on the pics of the new kit. Croatia has played in a variety of red and white checkers at major tournaments over years, you can check them all out here.

Updated leaked image of the new away jersey. The checkers have moved to the sides of the shoulders and sleeves from the previous version and the collar will remain round.

Updated images.

They've gone with red for the warmup jackets. I like the red, I also have the blue version from Euro 2012.

 Image: More information:

Another cool looking Adidas version which shows what I mean. Image:

A couple of local girls soccer teams with some cool looking jerseys and kit. Image:

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