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srijeda, 8. siječnja 2014.

Tomo & Ivana Miličević, Thirty Seconds To Mars & Smoking James Bond Villains.....

This Croatia related piece was fun to do, I don't mind doing two celebrity-esque type posts in a row, which are rare posts for me. I got a fair amount of stuff off my chest at this post a few days ago. I like Thirty Seconds To Mars, good band and good tunes, but I didn't know about the sister thing. I came across a tongue photo of Ivana that looked interesting to me and I was going to add it to my lacklustre tongue photos post for contrast, as a good tongue photo, but changed my mind. (I know what some of you may be thinking..."Hey, that's My Chemical Romance", "that's The Used", "that's Panic at the Disco". Get it right, it's not. Trust me, it's Thirty Seconds To Mars)

Actually, after reading some of his biography, I went to a culinary college in the past too and did a stint in the foods biz, which is sort of cool. Also the quote about wanting to have joined the army and fighting in the front lines. That's exactly what I was thinking back then too, except I had just joined and was stuck in the Canadian military at the time, and they would not let me go no matter how much I begged and ptitioned my commanding officers. (Long story. possible AWOL charges, U.N. ceasefires, military prison, that it would be like sending a Jew the Golan Heights whatever that means... bla bla bla and la di da)  And lucky for them I'll tell you, because there would have been a lot of chetniks with holes in their cleansing raping heads, because I earned sniper classification during my very first live fire exercise and never held a rifle, weapon or gun in my life before, it was like a 6th sense where I could visually see the bug crawling on the painted center bullseye from 300 meters away. Anyway, this is just a brief introduction to both straight off of Wikepedia. (Now I'm going over to update my Tattoos post Here, because I just found out he has a Croatian Coat of Arms tat almost like mine, that's frikin uncanny. You learn something new everyday) While browsing some pics I noticed he's a Detroit Red Wing fan, so he follows hockey, I wonder if he knows about the Zagreb Bears and hockey in Croatia? Also, I live in a Canadian version of the city of Detroit, simply amazing. (Also, you may want to check out, I like to throw that link in now and then to let people in on the interesting and eventful history of Croatian surnames) Anyway, you can Google your little hearts out now because there are plenty of sites, images and videos for more information. Izvolite.......

Thirty Seconds To Mars Guitarist...Tomislav "Tomo" Miličević



Tomislav "Tomo" Miličević (born September 3, 1979) is an American musician. He is the lead guitarist of the alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars.


Tomo was born in Sarajevo (then SFR Yugoslavia) to a Croatian family. He first came to the United States as a baby, and went back and forth until the family permanently emigrated to Troy, Michigan when he was in the 3rd grade. It was at this point in his life that Tomo received a pet starfish, Doby, from his parents, as a present for all of the previous moving back and forth. He is quoted as saying that if his family had not emigrated, he “...would be in the army by 16, fighting in the front lines by age 17”.

In his teenage years, Miličević was standing outside his father's Dunkin' Donuts in Michigan when an errant bullet hit him in the leg. He is quoted as saying that he "didn't feel it, I just looked down and saw I was bleeding and I laughed." He wanted to keep the bullet, but the hospital would not let him. By the time Tomo was 18 years of age, his parents Tonka and Damir Miličević had opened a restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

Tomo has a brother, Filip Miličević, and their sister is actress Ivana Miličević. Tomo's uncle, Dr. Željko "Bill" Miličević, is a virtuoso violinist and orchestra teacher at Farmington High School in Farmington, Michigan.

Great choice of an historic Croatian coat of arms tat. Image:

He attended Athens High School in Troy, Michigan and is a certified executive and pastry chef. Despite this fact, he has never cooked for his band mates. He married his longtime girlfriend, Vicki Bosanko, in Crete, Greece on July 4, 2011.

Musical Career.

Tomo practiced to become a concert violinist from the ages of 3 to 19 years of age. He started writing his own music by the age of 17. After discovering heavy metal, Tomo told his father that he wanted to play the guitar, and so they made one together. The guitar was used to record the song "A Modern Myth" on Thirty Seconds to Mars's second album, A Beautiful Lie. He says that the first concert he attended was Nirvana but he has since said in interviews that is "truthfully not true...I think it was Paula Abdul and Living Colour".

On a bus in Greece. Image:

After graduating from culinary school as an executive and pastry chef, Tomo decided to sell all of his instruments and leave the music business. But then he was told about an audition for Thirty Seconds to Mars by Shannon Leto. Being that Tomo was already a fan of the group, he decided to audition. He was selected from 200 musicians not only for his talent, but also because he is kind and personable. Five days later, on February 3, 2003, he played with Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Matt Wachter on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. The band released their third album This Is War, on December 4, 2009. Miličević played for a time with a local band from Michigan, called Morphic. Miličević describes his music as rock, and his influences include Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Metallica at the time of Kill 'Em All, The Who, Alice in Chains and Slayer.

"Up In The Air" music video.

Speaking Croatian at the Mars Festival in Croatia.

Speaking Croatian video number 2.

Being interviewed on Croatian RTL television.

Another one of those Croatian interviews, this one from Nova Dnevnik television. 

I had to add this one because it's a music video that's also like a movie too. Get out your popcorn and refreshments.

Ivana Miličević (sister of the guy I mentioned about earlier in this post, the guitarist/chef guy)


Ivana Miličević (born April 26, 1974) is an American film and television actress.

Early Life.

Miličević was born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia to a Croatian family, the daughter of Tonka, a homemaker, and Damir Miličević, a slaughterhouse worker and entrepreneur. She immigrated to the United States at the age of five and was raised in Michigan. She has two younger brothers, Tomo (guitarist for rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars) and Fillip. Miličević worked as a model while attending Athens High School in Troy, Michigan. She was also a dancer for the Troy Kids on the Block, a New Kids on the Block tribute group, before leaving Michigan.


Miličević began acting after graduation, her first part being in the hit thriller Enemy of the State, then guest appearances in several television series like Charmed, Seinfeld, Felicity, Nash Bridges, The Nanny, Buzzkill, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Yes, Dear, Chuck, House M.D., Friends, and Hawaii Five-0. Her acting career included a regular role on the HBO series The Mind of the Married Man.

In 2006, she starred in the CBS series Love Monkey. She played the role of Valenka in the James Bond film Casino Royale. In 2007, she played Lena on Ugly Betty. In 2008, she starred in Witless Protection as well as a guest appearance in the House M.D. season 4 episode "House's Head" and in the Pushing Daisies season 2 episode "The Norwegians".

Miličević plays the Soviet intelligence officer Dasha Fedorovich in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and in Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising.

From January 8th through January 29, 2011 at the El Centro Theatre in Hollywood she starred alongside Maggie Lawson, Kurt Fuller and Peter Mackenzie in the Red Dog Squadron production of greedy by Karl Gajdusek.

Demo Reel moments.

Craig Ferguson show. (Craig Ferguson did some good jokes recently about the local Toronto mayor Rob Ford crack scandal thing which is all the rage these days)

Talking about her role in the crime drama "Banshee."

The long talked about scandalous and shocking smoking scene.

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