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četvrtak, 23. siječnja 2014.

Panic In Zagreb!: Vampire Photographed Roaming Downtown Streets!!!

Well, I had to go downtown the other day to take care of some things, and all I can say is I'd prefer being stalked by a vampire in  Zagreb than coming across yet another Mayor Rob Ford scandal story.  Now he babbles incoherently and thinks he's Jamaican, I'd actually like to see one of these hockey players go punch the fuck out of him, to knock some sense into that bobbling thing on his shoulders that has a pie hole. Talk about needing some brightly colored meds and quality Playstation and Kool-Aid time to quit making a fool of yourself. (You know people are fucked up when they babble punching their arms around in the air having delusional self-identification issues, maybe he was hallucinating and thought he was at one of his previous Jamaican drug deals or at one of the local Jamaican dances) Then this website I came across made me realize it's even much worse than I thought, it's been going on for frikin' years, normality and a regular lifestyle practically, Anyway, you can never go wrong with performance artists I say, not enough funds go towards the arts these days, bringing to life and recreating old stories, legends and events. Keeping the old tales alive. Y'know, even if it was a real vampire, it would not be that surprising or really unusual. Many vampire stories originate in central and eastern Europe, and are especially a part of old Croatian, Slavic and central European folklore and legends also.

(I will let you know if the mayor is filmed babbling in Polish, Russian, German, Italian, Greek, Croatian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Japanese or any other languages down the road)

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Her unquenchable thirst and  thousand year old blood flowing in her veins had many tales to tell. Nobody gets out of here alive, especially you.


It was not your everyday scene on Wednesday afternoon on the main square in downtown Zagreb in the Croatian capital. Passers-by were left stunned when Zagreb student Petra Scholz, a ‘modern-day vampire’, approached them looking for blood to suck. There was no need to alert the authorities however as Scholz was only conducting an artist performance. Check out Petra in action in the gallery of pics Here..

Later that night the local famous vampire Dražen Horvat Kazinsky was spotted at a club in the town of Slavonski Brod. Vampires galore travelling across the lands in search of more victims.

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