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utorak, 7. siječnja 2014.

Woman Poker Player Of 2013....Tatjana Pašalić

This one is kind of old from before the holidays, but at least I don't have to translate nothing. I don't play poker or read poker magazines, so this isn't really up my alley. Although, in the past I did come across some women poker players, especially in Cowtown Alberta over the last few years. (I'm pretty sure they were women anyway) A few of them asked me if I wanted to play, (the couple of times it was one of those famous "sports bar n grills")  However, I decided I didn't really want anything to do with them or their poker games and didn't stick around. (Trust me, it was the right choice to make, you had to be there)

I've come across plenty of the stories of people losing big time in poker games, even their homes and other belongings. Come to think of it, I have another short non-poker playing experience. Back in the army days, some of the guys on weekdays would have poker nights, (when they weren't having Schwarzenegger/Van Damme/Rambo movie nights)....I always passed though. I'd instead drive the 5 minutes to downtown Kingston to one of the well stocked used bookstores, (used bookstores always have much better selections I find)..pick up a good read and chat with the bookish hot clerk then we'd go to the local cafe or pub after she finished her shift. It was kind of stupid of me, because I remember the one time I came back a guy had won almost a whole 5 and a half bucks in quarters, dimes and nickels. (I'm kicking myself to this day for missing out on that jackpot) Anyway, I never heard of this Tatjana before, but it may interest poker players......

Croatian Named Most Gorgeous, Unstoppable Woman Poker Player Of 2013


Popular poker website have announced their 10 Most Gorgeous, Unstoppable Women Poker Players Of 2013, and a Croatian ‘heartbreaker’ has been named in number one spot…

Tatjana Pašalić, who lived in the capital Zagreb from the age of two months, got interested in the game of poker when she moved to Denmark at the age of 19. The part-time poker player, who also briefly lived in Malta and Scotland, now lives in London and is the host of a show on Sky TV.

“You can kind of imagine Adam talking to God about a companion and ordering up something like Tatjana, right? She’s curvy and just-right-thin and has that nice-girl face that’s hard to resist. Like Kara Scott, this Croatian heartbreaker got into the game as a reporter before playing.

She’s still learning, but has made it through Day One of the WSOP ME three years running — raise your hand if that’s true for you. In 2012, Tatjana lost a proposition bet to her boyfriend and, as a result, had to play the ME in a cat suit. The real winner? Every single one of us. Congrats on number one, Tatjana. Don’t ever change,” wrote instash.

Tatjana is not the poker player featured in this post from yesterday.

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