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Friday, 7 February 2014

2014 Winter Olympics Officially Underway In Sochi

I almost forgot, the 2014 Olympics are just around the corner, as in the opening ceremonies about to start up almost within minutes actually. I'm not going to touch upon the Croatian team representatives at all though. I live in Canada which is a country full of Canadians, all sorts of Canadians. (Cheese eaters and non-cheese eaters and everything in between) So I'm just going to include here a couple random Canadian related videos I came across, to wish the national team and all the athletes good luck. Probably the music would be ideal as a pre-event pep songs before the sporting competition. Anyway, I have some other things cooking and will be back shortly with my regular stuff soon. (I hope the athletes didn't forget to pack in their suitcases some swell tasting aged and scrumptious Canadian cheese for good luck, because I'm telling you, cheese is a very underrated source of calcium. I highly recommend cheese) Go Canada!

Btw, I chose the above photo I found of t.A.T.u promoting the Olympic games because they actually will be performing at the opening ceremonies. Contrary to circulating rumors over the years, they didn't die and then become cyrogenically frozen in 2009 after plastic surgery operations, and then revived just last week. They've were alive the whole time!  (Btw, footage of them performing live at the opening ceremonies will be very hard to come by for some time, so the promo-teaser at the very bottom will have to do) .

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