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četvrtak, 13. veljače 2014.

How To Verify Your Blog As A Non-Spam Blog

Well, I've had this blog about 4 1/2 years now and this was a first for me. It seems Google has robots that go around locking up blogs that it thinks may be spam blogs. No need to worry though, if you have been trying to read there, I did not delete it or have it deleted by hackers. I found it sort of funny however, because it's full of pertinent information, verified interesting historical facts, NATO statistics and media (even Bill Clinton footage, Margaret Thatcher and Madeleine Albright footage) that give a very much clearer view of a part of Croatian and Non-Serb history vis-a-vis Serb history, archived proofs and evidences of Serbian genocide and ethnic cleansing programs over the last century with serb church approval and guidance, (with plenty of footage, newspaper clippings and images of the Serb Chetnik-Nazi history many don't know about)...why many Serbs have been supporters of Muammar Gaddafi and even the Taliban since 911 and a lot more.

I even posted verified information and newspaper reports about the numerous instances where Serbs slaughtered Montenegrins (From Montenegrin websites)..Albanians, Macedonians and even against other Serbs in Serbia too, killing them because they weren't Serbian enough. (Again special thanks to Montenegrin verified sources and other world newspaper reports, dates, times, names and places, even Youtube) I've come across plenty of blogs on Blogger over the years that focus on extremist views, that support taliban-esque philosophies, promoting vaginal circumcisions, promoting extremist Jihads, all sorts of porn subjects (and I mean all sorts if you know what I mean) how to get away with throwing acid in faces, why even rap songs and videos about shooting cops during drive-bys and then a whole bunch of really twisted crap actually.  I can understand if I was always posting about the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Crack Scandal and accompanying meltdowns (perhaps even the related tattoo fad may be cause for concern of the mental status of people)..Dennis Rodman and his meltdowns in North Korea, Bieber teet-licking photos and gossip, Miley Cyrus tongue photos all the time, etc and so on. Stuff like that I would consider spam without a doubt. Anyway, If you have a blog and come across the same situation, below is what you'll see and it's pretty easy to follow the instructions to let them know that you don't have a spam blog. (In the meantime enjoy some serbo music at the bottom)

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