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srijeda, 5. veljače 2014.

The News: Check Your Facts & Get It Right

Now then, this probably seems like a strange post title to some, but like I've said before, if it's Croatia related in any way at all, it's fair game on this blog. So anyway, I was flipping the channels around the other day and this story briefly came up on the news. It was just a quick mention, like some drunken hobo who passed out in a coffee shop washroom story and then quickly on to Beiber's teet-licking, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's drunken crack and violence filled tirades and routine weekly meltdown, some new local flavor of soup made with real bits of beef, some dog that was left in a car at the Walmart parking lot, some other stabbings and shootings...bla bla bla etc and so on. (But then again, the television channel supports old ladies getting duped of their grocery money by still regularly broadcasting Peter Popoff programmes and are mostly known for somehow accidentally broadcasting hard-core gay porn a few years ago, self-explanatory)

Then I noticed the story also popped up in some Croatian news portals, which were from other sources. However, their versions had more background information. Well, this missing person was soon found alive and well and it turned out to be just another one of those typical missing teen stories, but guess what. Here's what local news people didn't tell you. (I love doing this, bringing out non-Bieber teet-licking information to people who have no clue about certain things that may affect them, giving a clearer overall picture that is more informative and interesting) Well, it seems this temporary missing person has quite the family background that was mentioned by all the other news sources.  It turns out that her her father is an incarcerated former Srb soldier who took part in the killings and ethnic cleansing against Non-Serbs in the 1990's. However not only that, it gets better.... he was also convicted of assassinating a former Serbian president and prime minister, and behind another major political assassination plot. And not only that, her godfather was a renown Srb war criminal who led forces in raping and ethnic cleansing campaigns across Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. A godfather who was closest pals and accomplices of world renown war criminals that are being tried at the Hague right now, accomplices to events like Vukovar massacre during the attack on Vukovar and numerous other towns and cities. (pics below will refresh some memories of this jolly-melody singing crowd)  Well, you may be thinking to yourself..."Golly gee, that was then and now is the time to put some extra butter on the popcorn and turn the channel, my toes are cold, where is that that darn warm comfy tv blanket?"

Well, this is where being "Golly gee remote control channel flipper" would be a mistake. Why you may ask?  Look at it this way, her father partook of the raping and killing campaigns against Non-Serbs in the early 1990's for one thing, and he is also a convicted assassin of even Serbian head of state. Her godfather, before her got assassinated, These people are all closey-closey and kissy-rapey-bullet to heady-serby. (examples all throughout here)  Practically almost every Serb has family members that did the same btw. There are guys like her dad and godfather that managed to immigrate to other countries with b.s stories and faked accounts of what they were doing and where they were doing it in the 90's. They all go to the same Srb cultural and/or Srb church functions even. They sing those rape and killing Non-Serbs songs, (just one video example at bottom), they wear those Srb pointy shoes and wave their 3 fingers about how they have the best raping fingers of them all and bla bla bla. Genocidal war criminals are their heroes. Some people on this side of the pond sponsor them to come and live here. This has been well proven and is all part and parcel of the whole lying and scamming "serbo-culture". These people are psychopaths who have no grip on reality, real history and the world outside of fake "serbo-brain" syndrome. They make up their own church saints, make war criminals into heroes/saints and believe their own mythomania histories. Everything they touch tor fart on they think is Srbian. "You gotta tell it like it is" is what I always say.

I think the general public should be warned, or at least a very close eye should be watching this formerly "missing person". The police, RCMP and government spy agencies should be watching her every move, listening in on her phone calls, tracking her internet usage. This of course would include monitoring her mother. They only live about an half hour from where I'm at, and believe me, we have enough shootings, stabbings and raping going on around here. We are not talking Jaywalkers or people who cheat on their taxes in this situation.. We don't need more Serbs like her father or his pals coming here. We already have plenty of people to get in touch with for guns and weapons, plenty.  We've got kooks and criminals here aplenty already coming from all over the world, and then more than enough shitfucks and local fuckos to begin with anyway. (Her godfather, father and his extended Srb dog-shit breathed pals dragged unarmed men, women and children civilians out of their homes and mowed them down, and they are now Serbian heroes) I don't know why they didn't just move to Libya. Also, guys should be warned that girls like her (I've mentioned this before, all about the don't let the smile fool you thing, Arkan was smiling all the time too)..may try to get their new man to go to those Srb functions, to sing those Srb Chetnik songs about raping and slitting throats and fucking face punched Non-Serb girls and women. It's not cool no matter how cool they tell you it is or even if they give you a free pair of pointy Srb shoes or a Seselj tshirt. If you really fuck up and tie the knot with these types, like I said, get ready to meet plenty of future in-laws and new family members who have some raping, killing and ethnic cleansing on their resumes. This previous post also adds more important information.  Now, perhaps the reader will find Srbian pointy toe opanci macho, maybe they will get taken in by the act and think they will enjoy Srb songs, Srb chetnik raping/killing merry melodies and the Srb church heroes. If that's the case then all I can say is too bad your mom wasn't around in occupied Croatia, Bosnia or Kosovo because she sure missed out on a bunch of swell Srbian fun times I'll tell you. Have fun and don't forget to kiss the serb cross and sharpen your knife. (The words  "I'm bringing along some family visiting from Srbia" will take on a whole new meaning)

Well, that's about it. If this story would have included all this very relevant to the readers information like the other sources in the first place, I probably wouldn't even have posted about it.  However people need to be aware of the behind the scenes stuff, the overall informative and interesting picture. Like I said, all this info was all over various Srb news sites but here it's bla bla...hows the weather look? Will it be any different 10 minutes from now or from an educated guess?  If some offspring of even just some locally well known mediocre serial killer who also had a locally renown serial killer for a "godfather" was reported missing, you can be pretty sure that fact would at least be mentioned too, not to sensationalize but as part of being the news.  It's the news. (You think having a Paul Bernardo or killer type possibly moving in next door is not good for your daughter? Pfff, some of these guys would be Paul Bernardo/killer type x100 and even x1000. Paul Bernardo was a big grinny innocent looking type too btw, very pretty hair, teeth and complexion with nice suits and funny jokes)  Also, news people on tv should tell the whole story instead of just reading the scripts in front of the blue screen and nodding and verbal diarrhea-ing all the time, there's lots of games shows and talk shows to watch for that. Get better information gathering reporters and sources. Cut down the personal bantering on live tv because nobody really gives a shit about your vacation plans or opinions. Just stick to talk radio. Think about it, if it was a direct relative of Osama Bin Laden, Gaddafi, John Wayne Gacy etc, you can bet that would not be left out of the news.

(That's why I usually get my news from other news sites, the BBC, Reuters and Euronews is good for a wide range of news topics also) The viewers deserve better and need to know the whole truth or facts that may be relevant to the story. Anyway below is the same story from another source.......





After the Canadian police searched for Nikolija Lukovic, the 15 year-old daughter of Milorad Ulemek who went missing Friday, she was eventually found last night around 7 pm local time

According to the local police and confirmed by the Serbian news site Blic, Nikolija was found at a friend's place after a sleep over and she did not want to talk to her family .

Police found her thanks to the list of calls registered to her phone, she was last heard from while with her friend and she then turned off her phone . The search went on as police waited for court approval to print the content of phone calls and text messages .

Nikolija Lukovic is the daughter of  Milorad Ulemek (pictured above), a former commander of the Red Berets who for the murder of former Serbian President Ivan Stambolić, Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic and including his own wife Maja Lukovic, is serving a sentence of 40 years in prison. Milorad "Legija" Ulemek and Maja met in Erdut, ( when it was attacked and occupied by Srb paramilitaries in 1992, and they were married two years later.

Her godparents were the Srb mass killer and ethnic cleansing/genocide hero Zeljko Raznatovic (aka Arkan) and friend Sanda. Nikolija is Milorad Ulemek's (aka Milorad Lukovic) oldest child and was born in 1998. She goes to school in Toronto and lives with her mother.

*Note -  Shortly after the assassination of the Serb Prime Minister by Milorad Ulemek Lukovic, then the Swedish politician Anna Lindh, was assassinated by Swedish Srb Mijailo Mijailovic.

"godfather Arkan" was great pals with Radovan Karadzic

"Arkan" was also great pals with Ratko Mladic

"Arkan" was practically bedfellows with Vojeslav Seselj, I could go on and on and on with examples of many other Srb heroes. Lucky you might have one of her godfathers pals in the back moving in next door to you, lucky you. (They sing great songs)

"Arkan" with none other than the "Butcher from Belgrade" Slobodan Milosevic, all great heroic Srb church heroes and the epitome of Srbo-culture to many Srbs.  He's also a personal favorite of Bill Clinton.

More pics of her godfather's and father's pals above Sarajevo. (It's very important to bless the mortars and shells before tossing them at apartment buildings, schools and hospitals, and to also bless the snipers of course)

"Arkan" on his wedding day at Srbian church before he got snuffed out by another Srb. Notice the tiny Srb cross that he was very proud of, he really should have gone with a bigger one. Arkan is a very popular figure with Srb church clergy. (JFYI, if you've been a regular reader of this blog, then you'll know that srb crosses mean fuck all to me)

Oh, just some guys who were close pals with Arkan on a poster somewhere talking about some stuff.

Some of her godfathers pals and co-workers doing stuff in Bosnia in the 90's. Arkan and his pals were vacationing all over the place in the 1990's. More of Arkan's pals vacation pics Here and Here.

Some guy dropping off some names in some video somewhere about something.

Serbs singing some favorite Arkan songs

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