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petak, 21. veljače 2014.

Lorde Wins Brit Music Award, Almost Spills Drinks At Table In Celebration

I'm not gonna add much here, the title says it all. I posted about her recent Grammy Award wins Here. Watch her almost knock over her drinks on the table when her name was announced Here. I found it interesting how in the video when she's being introduced, it's mentioned that after David Bowie recently met her, he said that listening to her is like listening to a thousand drops of silvery cinnamon flavored rain falling on the window sill flower garden rose petals. That's pretty weird. They keep playing her tunes on all the local alternative radio stations around here all the time. Besides her music, I really like the way she's the opposite of practically every Srb woman I've come across for the longest time, especially those ones that hang around the coffee shops and malls. (Actually quite a lot of women come to think of it, which is one of the reasons I stay away from the malls and kawfeee shops around here in Calgary, aka the land of no cowgirls, mechanical bulls or skiers but plent o' homegrown terrorism and other homegrown stuff). And since I'm already here, I might as well add that Queens of the Stone Age will be playing Zagreb this summer also, which is also good news for music fans in Croatia.


The major international awards keep rolling in for New Zealand-Croatian teen singer Lorde…

Ella Yelich-O’Connor (17), who won two Grammy Awards last month, has won the award for the Best International Solo Female at the all-star Brit Awards in London last night. The Auckland-born teenager told the crowd that the award was a ‘priceless surprise’ and that she feels like her brain explodes each time she wins an award. Lorde, whose claims Croatian heritage on her mother’s side, is the first New Zealander to ever have a number one hit in the U.S after he tune ‘Royals’ went massive and spent nine weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. (pic: Instagram)

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*Update August 2017.

And here's a couple of interesting related pics, Lorde pictured with her mother and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović at a Government House lunch in Auckland. The Croatian President was on a state visit to Australia and New Zealand and also met the Croatian community with a number of high-profile Australians and New Zealanders of Croatian descent present (aka Kiwi-Croats) including none other than Lorde herself showing up. 


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