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četvrtak, 20. veljače 2014.

Why Croatians Should Support Vojeslav Seselj, Rape & Blow Themselves Up For Love

This post might sound strange to the reader at first, (It's sort of reminiscent of my Why Croatians Should Follow & Support IDF On Twitter post)...but hold on and soak in some background information first. (I'll try to be as brief as possible) In a nutshell, this post is a continuation of this post from last week. A subject I found really strange. So anyway, after following the Blogger directions, I found out just the other day that the blog was deleted, and the reason?  Read for yourselves......

Now, that blog was getting tons of hits and views. Basically it revolved around telling it like it is. Since starting this particular blog, during my internet/blogging activities, I came across plenty of false information, fabrications, deluded stories and outright lies. That's the reason I started that one up. It touched upon some subjects that are already known, but I elaborated on them, adding more information, sources, images, video footage etc. Some of the blatant lies I only by chance came across on Serb nationalistic/chetnik sites and chit chat forums I also decided to comment on. Again, with verified facts, sources, etc. Basically, I slaughtered the lies and misinformation on a variety of topics related to the Serbian history being presented on their sites. I decimated on all fronts with verified sources, images, newspaper clippings, videos, etc.  I proved time and time again that huge amounts of bullshit were emanating from those places. There's already plenty of Croatian, Bosnian, Albanian sites that are out there that focused on the Serb aggressions of the 1990's against Non-Serbs, but some Macedonian, and especially the few Montenegrin sources I used I found to be quite informative and helpful. The role of the Serbian church in supporting in genocide and ethnic cleansing was also elaborated on, a history extending back into early last century at least. (All verified and sourced also) Nothing new really, as there are numerous Non-Serb websites out there that deal with these topics and the facts are well known and easily accessible from world organizations which have been dealing with Serb war criminals over the years. Plenty of world leader and politicians words back up the information I added. I only fine tuned each post. (Known in the aviation industry as "streamlining")

The post croatian-history-101-greater-serbia-propoganda was the first post there. From that point on I focused on specific people and events, from the 19th century all the way up to the present. I would post about and retort with facts any lying fabrications I felt needed to be elaborated on and proven wrong. Proving again that the crap I was coming across was plain ol' bullshit, touching even upon Serbian historians writing that the Romans, Greeks, Jews were Serbs. Nothing but making up history and twisting facts to suit the already written false histories. Some other ones (which I fortunately happen to have added from this blog)...where I decimate with sources and facts and prove the lies wrong again and again were:





I had to show, even for just a sense of personal satisfaction, that the lies and misinformation they were babbling about was groundless and delusional. Not only regarding Croatians or Croatian history either, but as can be seen at the top link just above, about other Non-Serbs as well, Montenegrins, Albanians, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians. That blog was in effect a blog about Non-Serbs and Non-Serb views and lucid retorts to lies. With my fingers and keyboard and reading and writing comprehension I was able, and successful, in allegorically sending strategically pointed and guided information SAM's and SSM's directly to their target eliminating enemy misinformation attacks, subterfuge encroachment and information cleansing attempt. After blogging for about a year and half and coming across all their written junk is when I finally decided to start that one up. Some other topics I decimated them with facts and sources again, were regarding the existence of Croatian literary persons and events, and of Croatian history reaching back not only just to the 19th century as they were writing, but back to the early common era, and especially the early middle ages.....


I showed factually time and time again that unlike the civilized and peaceful Dissolution of the Soviet Union
and the Dissolution of Czechoslovakia, that instead Srb nationalists, paramilitary groups, chetnik extremists along with the Yugoslav army (which was defacto only Serbian by 1991) attempted to instead carve out a so-called "Greater Serbia" using ethnic cleansing, murders and military attacks on civilians, towns and cities and civilian areas. I used NATO, United Nations, Hague War Crimes Tribunal reports and other sources which proved that Serb church leaders were promoting the ethnic cleansing, murders, rapes and attacks on Non-Serbs as well. Serbs can have their beloved Gaddafi too.

If the reader still does not understand my point, then the above image from the 1991 attack on Vukovar (and following Vukovar hospital massacre) by Serb/Yugoslav soldiers, chetniks, paramilitaries and irregular forces from Serbia, may be a visual aid. My sourced posts were factually proving that they were not handing out daisies and bonbons to people like they are stating on their websites.

So now here we are. Someone at Blogger thinks showing the truth somehow is hate. Hmmm? Well, I don't know what their definition of hate is, but who am I to complain? I guess it's now time to spread the "Serbian Love" to rectify my egregious wrongs and erroneous peddling of lies. I must now spread that love to other Non-Serbs so that they in turn can emulate the "Serbian Love" I mistook for other things. My errors must be rectified, it is time to tell the truth. Spread the "Serbian Love" folks, to your neighbors, to your in-laws, at your bingo hall, at your local adult beverage drinking establishment, at your coffee shop etc and so on. Some helpful hints below.....

How To Best Spread "Serbian Love" To Those Around You...

Gather together as many people together so it will be easier to spread the love. Go to your local police station and shoot the cops, take any and all weapons you can find. Be sure to take all the ammunition and throw some grenades around before you leave so as to show people that you were there. Make sure your love guns and weapons are loaded. Proceed to your immediate neighbors and tell them to leave the house. Feel free to rape any and all females you deem in need of the "Serbian Love".  The others you can line up in the roads or take them to a park or building. Shoot some "love bullets" into their heads. (Sometimes before you pull the trigger they will make a funny squealing sound, like a funny sounding pig squealing and complaining/whining) Don't forget to take lots and lots of photos......

Gather your love troops and head to areas outside your town or city, preferably in higher areas or hills. Start shooting the love mortars and shells at your old school, apartment building or local hospital. Don't be afraid to use the "love tanks" or planes to drop the "love bombs" or "love missiles".

A wonderful heartwarming scene from Sarajevo. Now I know that "Serbian Love" scenes like this should be emulated everywhere and at all times possible.

 A fantastic scene of spreading the "Serbian Love" in Kosovo to Albanians. Gouging eyes out and crushing skull is a great cherry on top of the banana split. Love! love! love! the "Serbian Love". (More amazing "Serbian Love" examples at The world appreciated all the "Serbian Love" so much that they decided to send some Serbian Love back at them.

"Serbian Love" was fine and dandy even in 1919, so I don't know what all the complaining Montenegrins were whining about. (Larger view Here)

Set up some "love snipers" behind rocks, buildings, trees etc, and spread the love into the head of those kids at the school, old people in need of love, well, anybody actually. Be sure to get nice and drunk, drinking any kind of alcohol while going around spreading the love is a good way to get drunk, you may miss some targets using the love bullets, but you'll be nice and drunk and that's the main thing. It will help later when giving some "Serbian Love" to the ladies afterwards.

Things go better with "Serbian Love". (Just like Coca-Cola)

Get some of your "love troops" to go house to house from town to town. Tell the people to leave their homes and lay around on the streets, then shoot some "love bullets" into their back and heads. It always hurts more for the person receiving the Serbian Love than the one spreading the Serbian Love you must remember. If the people don't want it, well too bad for them. It's what they want and need and are always looking for, Serbian Love is for their own good.

 You gotta kick some of the older squirming ones after giving the "Serb Love", to make sure they've gone to Serbian Heaven.

Nothing wrong with a little "Serb Lovefest".

Get your local priest or bishop and get him to talk to your politicians to gather more "love troops". The more "love troops" there are the better. Ask his holiness to bless some of the "love troops" and even the shells, mortars and bullets.

Don't forget to tell your pastor to bring along the "Serbian Love Stick" for blessings. (Sometimes also called the "Golden Serbian Fun Wand" or the "Golden Serbian Dildo Man From Alba Bulgarica) Get your pastors to summon and bless more "Love Troops" to spread "Serb Love" into other countries.

"Serbian Love Bread" goes down good just before mortaring markets and school grounds and makes a nice light snack after forcing your dick down some Non-Serb holes.

After your "Serbian Love" tips have been put into action, then it's time to celebrate. Memorize these lyrics and melody for the next time you're at your local watering hole for some lip smacking good carbonated alcoholic beverages and "Serb Love Songs". (Also remember to suck on a dogs ass first, so as to have dogs ass breath just like them)

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Anonimno kaže...

Your website is trash I've never seen such a poorly factuated and biased site in my life

HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS kaže...

I have better things to do than play with confused people with complexes and who live in their own personal made-up fantasy worlds. Just go here then and admire your heroes.

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