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nedjelja, 30. ožujka 2014.

Photo Of The Day: ''Game Of Thrones" Cast In Croatia

Not much to add here, just a photo of the day showing the awful time that the cast are having when not filming the series. This season they also filmed in the city of Split as well as Dubrovnik. There are rumors they may start filming another HBO series in the near future... 'Serbian Mighty Powerful Thrones' - "The Rape of the Mutant Virgin Goats of Smederevo".

Although, the guy in the front and center. "Hey, you're in Croatia, not at some retirement lodge in Florida like Seinfeld's dad".  Nobody in Croatia wears shirts like that, not even hobos, seriously. (When I was in Croatia the last time I even saw some hobos wearing Diesel and Guess t-shirts, true story), they don't even sell shirts like that in any of the stores and he's just gonna have "tourist" written all over him from a mile away. Shirts like that in Croatia will just advertise that you're most certainly a tourist and most definitely from out of the country, it will probably attract any scammers to try to pull off some kind of scam on you (scammers are everywhere these days) and that's the last thing you want...and again, it will just be a big blinking sign that practically spells out "Hey, look at me, I'm in your country and can't speak your language, but look at me." Some of the local people might even say, "Pa joj, gle to sirotinja, jadan covjek", thinking the poor guy can't afford real clothes and is now just accepting foreign donated clothes), that's my tip. Anyway, some previous 'Game of Thrones' related posts below...

Never wear a"Stanley"shirt when vacationing in Croatia, it's not right and is just plain wrong.

The Cast of 'Game of Thrones' Enjoys Some Fun in the Croatian Sun


The cast that plays together, stays together. At least that's what it looks like the philosophy is for the cast of Game of Thrones, who all took a break from filming and enjoyed a little fun in the Croatian sun.

Thanks to a Reddit user and their bravery, a lot of the cast posed for the picture that oozes how much fun these actors and actresses have every single day.

In case the glasses throw you off, the cast members pictured, from left to right, are: Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand), Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell), Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister), Conleth Hill (Varys), and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister).

If you're a fan of the show, you'll notice that the group is limited to the cast who play characters that reside in King's Landing on the show. Thrones films in several locations across the world, most of which aren't near easily accessible beaches.

Sorry Kit Harrington, you'll have to keep getting naked in the freezing cold, snow-drenched locations of Iceland

Some behind the scenes during filming of season 4 of 'Game of Thrones'.

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subota, 29. ožujka 2014.

Croatian Seafood Recipe...Brudet (Croatian Seafood Stew)

I've been getting lots of views at some of my Croatian food posts over the last while. Well I thought, then it's time to maybe do another Croatian food post. Something different though. I've covered just a few of the basic and well known ones, but then I realized I've done mostly continental Croatia dishes. Time to do a seafood post.

Hmmm? Then I came across the below blog and immediately thought it was perfect. (and it was already written out for me)

Brudet has it all, well almost all. Below is one traditional and popular version. If you like you can also throw in some lignje (squid) or battered squid (pohane lignje) as a side dish. Heck, I don't care, you can throw in crab or a lobster tail too if you want. It's all about the blending of the spices, herbs and flavors of the different seafood to make a great tasting final cooked dish. Maybe even throw in some rice if you want to thicken up the tasty broth. The coastal regions of Croatia are known for many types of seafood dishes...for obvious reasons. Back in the day centuries ago, neighbors or families would probably all get together and cook a huge pot of brudet in one of those big kettles over an open fire, like in medieval times. It's surprisingly easy to make and simple. (pssst, chilli flakes/tabasco)

The recipe below has chilli flakes as an option, I would definitely throw them in and then some tabasco sauce or hot sauce just to be safe. Maybe a bunch of big mushrooms near the end of the cooking. I like the mushrooms. Another good side to have with it would be palenta (žganci, pura) which is made from corn meal and is also very easy to make. Brudet is one of those seafood dishes you can have fun while eating, you are actually allowed to get your fingers saucy and messy while eating, which is expected and part of the culinary tradition of eating brudet. Brudet can also get interesting when you start throwing in pasta options in various ways.

A few personal inside tips...Definitely add the chilli flakes/tabasco sauce, never, ever, ever forget to add the garlic and wine into the brudet, and multiply all the below ingredients by 4 or 5 just to make sure you make enough. Some previous Croatian food posts at the bottom with more recipes and links......


My family comes from a part of Croatia called Dalmatia. It’s the costal part of the country so seafood is a massive part of people’s diet in this part of Croatia.

Growing up I always ate fish. And I’m not talking about fish fingers or battered and fried. The most typical way to cook and eat fish in Dalmatia is to cook it whole and on the bone. Whether it’s in a soup, a stew or grilled over coals and slathered with olive oil, garlic and parsley, it’s always whole, never filleted. In fact a lot of people adore sucking the eyeballs out of fish. I’ve done it, though I don’t particularly like it. It’s intensely fishy and mucousy as you can imagine!

Ok, if you’re still reading and I haven’t put you off…

This dish called “Brudet” is Croatia’s version of Brodetto or Bouillabaisse. It’s basically a mixture of any seafood, cooked in tomato wine and garlic. Lots of garlic. 20 cloves to be exact! Don’t be alarmed, for some reason, it’s not that garlicy when you eat it. It’s a real luxury and not something that you would necessarily cook every day, but it’s very impressive as a dinner party dish. It looks so lavish in the centre of the dinner table and everyone just serves themselves. I think it goes really well with soft polenta, which is what I served it alongside last Friday when I cooked this.

Choose any seafood you like. I chose rock cod which I had my fishmonger cut into cutlets (bone and skin incuded) as it’s a very firm fleshed fish that can stand to be cooked for a long time without falling apart. I also had prawns, scampi and mussels that I prepared before hand by removing the legs for easy peeling, but keeping the shells and heads on for flavour, and debearding the mussels. You could totally use pippys, clams, balmain bugs, lobster tails, blue eye travella, eel, coral trout – whatever you like.


500g-1kg rock cod, cut into cutlets
500g fresh kozice (prawns), head and shell intact
500g škampi, shell intact
500g mussels, debearded
20 cloves garlic, crushed
1 bunch parsley, finely chopped
juice 1 lemon
100ml extra virgin olive oil
1 large onion, finely chopped
1 can chopped Italian tomatoes
1 teaspoon dried chilli flakes (optional, and certainly not traditional, I just love my chilli)
100ml white wine
500ml fish stock or water
1 punnet cherry tomatoes


Combine the chopped garlic, chopped parsley, lemon juice and olive oil. The easiest way is to wizz it all up in a food processor, but chopping stirring together by hand is ok too. (Reserve a tablespoon of garlic and a little chopped parsley for the sauce later)

In a large bowl, mix with the prepared seafood, tossing together so that every piece is covered with the marinade. Cover with clingwrap and put in the fridge for up to 4 hours for the flavours to mingle and penetrate the seafood.

When you’re ready to put it together, add a little olive oil to a hot, wide and large pan or pot. You could even use a wok if you didn’t have a very big frying pan like I do. Add the finely chopped onion and the reserved garlic and fry for a couple of minutes until fragrant and translucent. Add the can of chopped tomatoes and the 100ml white wine. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes until reduced by half.

Add the fish cutlets to the pan along with the fish stock, salt, pepper and chilli (if using) and bring to the boil. Boil rapidly for 10 minutes without stirring but shaking the pan every now and then to prevent the fish from breaking up and to help emulsify the sauce. Then add the prawns, scampi, mussels and cherry tomatoes and cook for a further 5-7 minutes on the high rapid boil, continuing to shake the pan when necessary. Magically the oil and garlic in the marinade emulsify with the liquid and thicken the sauce.

To server simply sprinkle with the reserved chopped parsley on top of some oozy soft polenta (directions are on the packet).

Do you eat a lot of seafood? Why or why not? Also, what do you think about my Croatian recipes, would you like to see more?

A local variation from the island of Hvar which shows you what to expect in the kitchen.

You can also use any kind of fish you prefer to make a fish only version of Brudet. More info:

I found a version of making a simple 'hobitnica brudet. (octopus brudet) I've tried this and it's really good after all the flavors cook together. I'd also recommend the already mentioned 'pura/palenta' to have with it.

I might as well throw in a couple David videos, he has lots of episodes on his Youtube channel from his travels in Croatia. If you ever spend time along the Croatian coast sometime, you will notice there are lots of fish markets with the seafood on your plate coming directly out of the Adriatic just hours previously, so many kinds of seafood and recipe combinations I don't even know what they all are . You'll also realize that you don't have to eat at fancier more expensive restaurants to enjoy the quality offerings. I'll let David explain...

This one is from the opposite end of the Croatian coast in the town of Dubrovnik at the Ragusa 2 restaurant, one of the more fancier type places. This place is also well known for it's various seafood dishes as you will see.

Lastly, in the northern coastal Istra region town of Umag one can find the restaurant Konoba Nono. It just opened up about 6 years ago but has already become especially well known and popular for their daily freshly caught seafood dishes. (as well as their petting zoo for the kids)

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utorak, 25. ožujka 2014.

Ivica Kostelić Getting Married, Croatian Cheese & Bears Speaking Croatian....

I came across these 3 interesting pieces this morning, they're kind of short articles so I'll just throw them all into one post. The first one is really not that surprising and has been on the horizon for a while. As for the 2nd article, I've tried Pastir Cheese and it's pretty good, it goes good with wine, cold cuts and that good fresh bread etc. I'm glad that this for the most part unknown outside of Croatia cheese has been getting kudos at those world things over the years, the long kept secret of Pag cheese is out of  box, so I'm throwing that one in here. The last one is not about actual real talking Bears like you may think, but it's still interesting. There are already players on the team with Croatian background but most are from North America and elsewhere in Europe. Some of the examples are not bad, a few are sort of..."no comment". I'll let it slide...this time. However it's better to try than not try at all I say......

Croatian Skiing Champion Ivica Kostelić Tying The Knot In 2014


Good news came from the Croatian Ski Association that has nothing to do with skiing. After the completion of a tough season and a fourth Olympic silver medal, Ivica Kostelić has a different "game" planned it seems. In the month of  May in Zagreb he will finally marry his longtime girlfriend Elin Arnarsdottir, who is also a former ski racer from Iceland.

I'm happy, I'm getting married on May 24th and look forward to expanding our family - says the best Croatian skier, who asked for some respect and privacy. The couple are already expecting their first child and he said he's looking forward to being a father. He revealed no other details for the time being.

The pair met in 2006 and 3 years later she moved into the Kostelić household near Zagreb, becoming especially close friends with Ivica's sister Janica, with whom she goes to ice-cream/pastry shops, movies, cafes and shopping for shoes with. Elin travels with him to all the races during the FIS World Cup ski circuit season and also speaks Croatian fluently.

Croatian Cheese Claims Title at World Cheese Championship in USA



A Croatian cheese from the island of Pag has won a best cheese title at the 2014 World Championship Cheese in Wisconsin, USA…

After rigorous testing, Sirana Gligora Paški sir (Pronounced: pash-kee seer) with pressed olives collected 99.90 points to claim the title as the best cheese in the world in the hard sheep’s milk cheeses category. Sirana Gregora Paški, together with two other cheeses, scored the highest points of the entire competition, which featured more than 2,500 cheeses from 22 countries from around the world in 22 categories.

“We are delighted with the result,” said director of the Pag family business Šime Gligora.

It is not the first award the cheese has won. Last year it beat over 4,200 cheeses to be voted the best sheep milk cheese in the world at the International Cheese Awards held in Nantwich, England.

Zagreb Bears speaking Croatian (sort of)



Medveščak Zagreb players know what to do with sticks and pucks, but watch this video to see how they handle Croatian words.

Zagreb's Bears have no less enthusiasm now that the KHL season is over for them. Throughout the season several of the Bears attended Croatian language courses, and they've decided to show what they've learned in a fun way to once again express their gratitude to their fans for their incredible support throughout the entire season.

See for yourself how much they enjoyed it all...

I'm throwing in this video I came across by chance. This was made after making the play-offs during this first season in the KHL, which is an accomplishment and a successful season, as everyone was expecting them to finish last in the league. I posted previously that if they were to just make the play-offs it would be mission accomplished. Many of the other teams have numerous former NHLers and much bigger pay rolls and team budgets. So job well done.

ponedjeljak, 24. ožujka 2014.

First Croatian Fashion Industry Documentary Film

I was going to touch upon another one of those recent Toronto Mayor Rob Ford scandal stories, and tie it into some kind of Croatian post about celebs, but then I thought naaah, he's pathetically pointless and boring as fuck now. So on that note, I'm not some kind of fashionista at all or follow all or any of the goings on in the fashion industry, but I do post Croatian fashion related topics once in a while because, well....I find it interesting.

I've never been to one of these events, but I plan to sometime down the road. I'm going to bring popcorn though like at the movies, maybe even a large soft drink and sit in the front row. Actually one of those huge "We're #1" foam hands with the big finger sticking up might be an option. When people watch highlights of the catwalk section people can say. "Hey look at that guy!  What does he think he's at the movies or a baseball game or something?" I might even go chicken wings or nachos and cheese, a canned air horn might not be a bad idea either, especially for when/if a model wipes out because she wasn't walking in heels properly. Some of these events would probably actually be more entertaining than a lot of the Hollywood movies these days. The trailer video clip below is from the behind the scenes documentary....













First Documentary About the Croatian Fashion Industry


Filming is currently underway for the first Croatian documentary film about the local fashion industry in Croatia…

‘The Label’, which is a project by Svjetlana Matić, Suzana Arslani and Jure Perišić, takes a close look at the Croatian fashion scene, featuring some of Croatia’s most well-known designers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, and others involved in the fashion world in the country. The trio will give viewers a chance to see what goes on behind closed doors in organising a review, the atmosphere behind the runway and what is needed to be successful in the modern industry in Croatia. The documentary is expected to be popular in Croatia when it is released later this year. Check out the trailer below.

You know this is a non-scripted unedited behind the scenes documentary at the 23 second mark. (Get someone Croatian to translate it for you)

Extra bonus footage. You'll be glad you had some popcorn, nachos or an air horn and oversized foam hands to wave at some of these. (Just don't let strangers take a sip of your pop, it's unhygienic)

Croatian Developed Video Game "The Red Solstice" Available On Kickstarter

I don't play video games these days, but I did a post last year about a new Croatian made video game 'Legends of Dawn' which I thought was cool. (Post Here). This is another one that will be available soon. The first video explains more with words from the developers. Click onto their links below for more information...

Croatian video game The Red Solstice started well on Kickstarter

Zagreb based studio Ironward launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final phase for development of their video game 'The Red Solstice' and they included even more content and fine-tuned game.

On their first day on Kickstarter they already collected more than $ 5,000 towards the planned goal of $50,000. The game is real time with a top-down perspective and features randomized map features (items, missions, monsters) allowing for good replayability for every mission playthrough which may last up to an hour or less depending on your team's capabilities.

This is a tactical game that involves a lot of action and shooting at the same time but tread carefully, ammunition and medical supplies are not unlimited and lacking either will get you killed quickly, so you must constantly manage you resources and scavenge more if you have long term survival plans.

As you play through your mission, the enemy swarms will get larger and harder to the point where you will be overwhelmed if you don’t deal with them. You must constantly be on the move looking to accomplish your main and side objectives, as doing so successfully will reward you with ranks and medals.

Besides the 8-player coop core campaign in TRS we currently do have fundamental development and setup done for narrative focused single player campaign as well. It will definetly be a part of the game but we do need more funds to develop it as we originally intended, with enough details, emotion and flavor. If we manage to hit the needed stretch goals we will have enough to invest into developing a rich and epic story based single player campaign with great cutscenes.

The Red Solstice is currently expected to release on Windows, PC with future possibilities of being developed for Mac, Linux, tablets or even consoles.

Trailer and behind the scenes making of 'The Red Solstice'.

In the year 2060 the Earth was ravaged by a virus pandemic of a magnitude greater than the Bubonic plague. The virus spread quickly, those who were infected became something less human, willing carriers of the modern-day plague. Government action came too late, and as the chaos escalated corporate agencies rushed space programs in a desperate bid to evacuate the planet, since a cure could not be found. The fledgling colonies of Mars became humanity's last bastion, and since no traces of the virus was found among the lucky few who boarded the space vessels bound for the Red Planet, it was believed the danger had been averted.

It is now the year 117 AE (After Earth) terraforming is well under way, however during an exceptionally violent storm dubbed The Red Solstice, communication lines between Tharsis, the colony referred to as The Capital and the remaining human settlements of Mars are disrupted. The Elysium Corporation deploys its elite marine task force to investigate what happened to the colony.

The Red Solstice, a top-down, tactical, squad-based survival shooter set in mid twenty-third century Mars, developed by an independent Croatian game development team.


The games need to evolve and new things need to be presented to players.

Company Overview

We are a small indie team from Croatia, trying to create something new and unique that has not been presented to the market at all.

The Red Solstice has been in produciton for few years now, and we developed an entire new engine just for this game

subota, 22. ožujka 2014.

Serbia Erased In Ukrainian Map & Replaced By An Expanded Croatia

The newer version Croatia ('Hrvatska' in Croatian) is written in Ukrainian as 'Хорватія' (Horvatia). Image: Youtube screenshot.

I like this one, I really, really like this one boys and girls. This one is so much more interesting than my Croatia map fail post from a couple of years ago (See post Here), which was just one of the numerous television fail maps out there to quickly post about. Unless you don't watch television or surf the net at all, then by now you should be well aware of the current Ukraine-Crimea-Russia crisis.

I'm not going to get too depth into the situation here, but I am going to add a few observations and thoughts about this map. Firstly, like I said, this map story way outdoes the fail Croatia map post I did before. That was just Fox News. One can come across numerous similar fail maps these days on television. But this map, this is really interesting for a few reasons. Was it on purpose? Who's to say? I'm sure the Ukrainian Prime Minister seen in the video is well aware of the recent support of Russian actions by Serbian politicians and weirdo Chetnik and Serb extremist/ultra-nationalist groups.....and pretty well only them. (I touched upon this topic at a post Here with a little more background information)

 A typical Serb SERB comment at the Youtube video. He's an avid reader of Serbian history books.

(Regarding some of the misinformation and uneducated comments at the video, let me tell you a little something. Some of these Serby types as seen above are commenting and babbling all over the place as expected. You see, these types are the ones who babble about some Serbia-Russia connection because they desperately NEED a big boy in their corner, this explains why Serb politicians, extremist and chetnik groups etc, are always playing this card. (Not that long ago it was Muammar al Gaddafi because he was a big pro-terrorist and anti-Europe guy) Now they're volunteering in Crimea on the Russian side (see link just before the article)..babbling around saying that the recent protests in Kiev that booted out the corrupt and incompetent government are Nazi's, Ukrainian terrorist Nazi's backed by Europe...bla bla bla. (These types think Serbia is the Russia of Europe. LOL) These types of close minded provocateurs are specifically saying this because it supports their agendas and politics. They blame non-existent "European backed conspiratorial Nazi protesters" for the troubles, which is the total opposite of the facts. The Ukrainian government was still corrupt, filled with ex-Soviet era apparatchiks, ruling with bribery, intimidation, corrupt officials controlling the police, lining their pockets with state funds etc. The protesters had enough and stood up for that reason. It was not backed by anybody but the people who want accountability, rule of law, no bribes and secret deals behind every law and major financial agreement. To call them Nazi's for that reason shows just how ignorant and misleading they are. The protests in Kiev were not the problem, but only the result of the real problems...large scale corruption within a system still ruling like a spruced up and watered down Soviet era system, (Soviet-lite)...with rigged elections for eye candy...etc. The protesters didn't show up to want change to a system that was working great with a booming economy and prestigious politicians. How can Orthodox and Cyrillic Slavs now possibly be a part of the Serb blood drinking conspiracy led by the Satanic Papal-Euro cuntwhores and their Masonic clean-undied Nazi Euro-Beelzebubs? Are these types going to go and revive the Warsaw Pact again? Perhaps a Belgrade Pact which would include all the Srb countries from Portugal to Kazakhstan and Iran to Libya?)

I'm sure the Ukrainian Prime Minister is probably familiar also with those same extremist ultra-nationalist types from over the years, from the 90's Serb land grab attempts. On that note, I think the map is just just simply that, a tit for tat, the people behind the map may like-wise now think Croatia should annex Serbia, and theoretically some other independent counties as well, to point out a parallel situation vis-a-vis Serbian aspirations in the past and even now. Various ulta-nationalistic, extremist and Serb Chetnik organizations over the last century have been putting out numerous bizzare Serb version maps like the above, which is part of the reason for their attacks, ethnic cleansing and genocidal war campaigns of the 90's in the first place.  It could also be a case of being a Ukrainian message to Serbia, as in "Don't think we'll forget this, and btw, perhaps Croatia should like-wise annex you."  But...(and this is a BIG BUT)...this Croatia map is now a part of the most important news item in the world today, it is now a part of the biggest Russia-West crisis since the end of the cold war, since the invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia. This Croatia map in the commercial is history, and not just a fly by night and mostly unnoticed television news map.

A reply to the Youtube video from Montenegro.

Yes it's just a map, but it's also a statement. A map statement worth putting here anyway. A message that Serbs may be overstepping their own boundaries with provocative words and actions that doesn't concern usual, and it has not gone unnoticed. (I've seen and heard it around here many times as well, it's an ingrained narcissistic overcompensation mentality, a complex) I don't need to elaborate anymore, unless like I said, you've been detached from the goings on in the world for a while.

 On this side of the pond, the most vocal supporter of annexing even more Ukrainian territory is strangely coming from Hollywoodland. The most famous SERBIAN actor/model and political activist, Emir Kusturica, has been strongly in favor of current events in media reports. He's also been a supporter over the years of past Serbian ethnic cleansing, genocide and war crimes, especially against Kosovo Albanians. He sees it as an opportunity for Serbs to do the same again. (and perhaps get more movie roles as a crazed cannibal janitor or hobo) Yeah I know, I've never seen any of his movies either, he's no Goran Višnjić. (He's also an avid reader of the Serbian history books that the previously shown Serb reads)  See article at

The English text translation from the Ukrainian commercial are below the video. However notice something else, notice when he speaks his last sentence while nodding..."And so it will be!" ("I tak bude", *in Croatian we can also say "I tako bude" for the same words*) Interestingly one is left wondering, is he referring to his mentioned previous points and the topic of Ukraine and the European Union?...or is he referring and acceding to a future fait accompli that he may just quite possibly be referring to......?

(For some other interesting information for the boys and girls out there that you probably didn't know about, find out more about early Croatian history and how it is connected to early Ukrainian, and Russian history at and

Kiev erased Serbia from the map of Europe and annexed it to Croatia





Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseni Yatsenyuk is seen in the video explaining why he believes that Ukraine should become a part of the European Union. Also seen in the video is a map of the former states of the former-Yugoslavia are also attached to Croatia.

In the promotional video, he explains why Kiev and Ukraine should become a part of the EU, and behind him appears a map on which all the states of the former-Yugoslavia are annexed to Croatia.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseni Yatsenyuk is in the video explaining why he believes that Ukraine should become part of the European Union.

He mentions that Serbia has just opened negotiations with the EU, but it appears for the Ukrainian Prime Minister, knowingly or unknowingly, that in the map behind him Serbia obviously does not exist. Serbian ultra-nationalistic apparatchiks in Belgrade speculate that it was a bloody provocation against Serbs given the close relations between Serbian Chetniks and extremist politicians and Russia, as well as the vocal Serb support for annexing Crimea and other areas of Ukraine.

The television commercial was emitted on Ukrainian state television and has since caused a diplomatic scandal.

Translated video text in English:

What is the agreement with the European Union for each of you?
It is salaries and pensions which are 5 times higher than in Ukraine.
It is access to the best European universities and European education in Ukraine.
It is modern medicine, which is expensive for everyone, and lifespans 15 years longer than today.
It is an honest and fair proposition to be governed by the rule of law, and not by bribes and rules made over the telephone.
It is newer technology, significant investment, bigger markets, lower-cost loans and jobs.
It is the right of every Ukrainian to travel freely in Europe without visas and borders.
It is an agreement - a plan to make Europe include Ukraine.
It is beneficial to each of you.
Ukraine is in Europe, and Europe - in Ukraine.
And so it will be !

Update: March 24

 Serbian Foreign Minister Requesting Explanation Of Map Without Serbia


Foreign Minister of Serbia.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic has invited the Ukrainian Embassy charge d'affaires to a meeting to discuss the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk's promotional video about Ukraine and the EU that featured a map of Europe without Serbia. It constitutes an offence to Serbia and Mrkic will request a meeting so he could inform the Ukrainian official about Serbia's view regarding the incident, the Foreign Ministry has stated.

The video shows Ukraine's interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk explaining why Ukraine should become a member of the EU. The map in the video shows the EU countries, but all of the countries of the former Yugoslavia are erased and the entire territory is labeled Croatia. Although Serbia is mentioned in relation to the start of the accession talks with the EU, for the Ukrainian Prime Minister, it is not on the map of Europe.

I decided to add this footage again from my previous post, it shows that lots of people wouldn't have noticed this or many other map scenarios, as well as that many people probably don't know where Ukraine, the Crimea or probably even where Europe is.

Update: March 26, 2014.


Well, it didn't take long before bizarro world in Serbia took the next bizarro step. A Facebook page has been started up in Serbia which in a short time has hit over 20,000 Likes. Almost like at the previous example of Support for Muammar al Gaddafi from the people of Serbia, this new Facebook is specifcially asking Putin to annex Serbia and even other areas, just so that Serbia can become a part of Russia. Hmmm?  Complete with pro-911, Nazi-Ukrainian Euro-Satan photos and other bizarro photos and comments. It seems they're losing their identity now amidst all the conspiracies going through their noggins and want Russia to annex them, after they do some annexing of their own vis-a-vis Montenegro, Kosovo and in Bosnia of course.

They actually prefer to be Russians than Serbs? (This is totally understandable, if I was Serbian I would want to be almost anything else too, anything else than a Serb) Sort of living vicariously through Russia, imagining that Russia is Serbia? Pfff, they wish.  It's almost like they think it's the year 1817.  Whether it's tongue in cheek or 100% serious, which it seems to be, would Russia in all probability even want or need them? Anyway, now you too can pretend that you are a Serb pretending that they are Russian kicking Nazi Euro-Ukrainian ass and the Ukrainophile Slavic Devil Nazi's. Bring out the identity crisis medicines. This makes me proud to be Croatian particularly, because we at least have not reached the point where we want to be annexed and become another people, nor ever will. Croats have not become nuts asking to be annexed and become a part of another country. Their retarded Facebook page is atФБ Референдум - Путине, прикључи и Србију ФБ Референдум - Путине, прикључи и Србију and below is a sneak peek.

petak, 21. ožujka 2014.

Aquapark Poreč Opening Summer 2014

This isn't particularly of interest to me, just felt like posting something. There has been plans for a waterpark in Croatia, especially along the coast, for a few years (like Solaris AquaPark Dalmatia near Šibenik) but investor hurdles and permits keep pushing the date back)... However this is supposed to be the largest aquapark in the area. This water park is opening this summer in the coastal town of Poreč, in the Croatian Istra region (a region shared between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy) Personally speaking, I find the nearby beaches and activities more my style, but that's just me. This project has been in on the shelf for quite some time as an option to take a share of the lucrative waterparks industry, such as etc. 

However, these waterparks are popular with some types, especially kids, so I guess if the demand or popularity of slides, splashing, balloons and bigger waves to go along with your tanning and water frolicking exists, you gotta build it. I checked out the prices of admission and they're actually not expensive at all. There's already been a waterpark operating at this location for some time ( but much simpler and missing the more popular slides etc, and a couple more in nearby Fažana and Umag. I've been to wavepools/waterparks a few times when I was younger and had a good time, it definitely will give you an appetite. Bring lots of snacks. Don't be blaming me now if your kids bug you for months to take you to a waterpark. Anyway, more info also at


Poreč Aquapark Ready for Summer Opening

Istria, located on the north-western coast, will soon be able to offer tourists another attraction with news that one the largest aquaparks in Europe will open there in summer. Work is well underway at Poreč Aquapark, worth a reported 25 million euros, in the town carrying the same name, with the doors expected to open in the summer. The water park will have 13 adrenalin rides on its 7.5 hectare space, and will be able to handle more than 5,000 visitors per day. More info at

'Aquapark Istralandia' just outside of Novi Grad is also set to open this summer. More info at

The car park has been completed, and now work is focused on the big swimming pool, slides and the large wave pool. “This is one quality tourist project, which will undoubtedly raise the attraction of the town of Poreč,” said Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin after visiting the site this week. (HRT)


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Amnesia Curse Of The New Serb Prime Minister....Or Just Another Lying Fucko & Mental Case Guru (Editorial)

I really didn't feel like doing anything politically themed at all, but this was too sweet to pass up, yet it is solely for the benefit of the reader.  (I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Youtube, the gift that just keeps on giving and giving, love the magics of them Youtubes). Anyway, in a nushell, the brand spanking new Serbian Prime Minister who was elected a few days ago is Aleksandar Vucic. Not particularly interesting....but wait. This is where Croatian readers will especially be interested.

Well, it seems this new Srb leader P.M. has a very short memory and basically is just like the others they've been electing recently. As in, all just former palaroonies of Serb war criminals, indicted war criminals and people who are on trial at the Hauge for genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity etc. What happened? Well some recently found footage of the new Serb P.M shows him in the Croatian town of Glina in 1995. What was he doing in Glina in 1995? Why, talking to crowds about how Glina and other areas captured (and ethnically cleansed by Serb forces and Yugo-backed Serb paramilitaries, extemist chetniks etc) are now Serbian lands. He also is filmed stating that the town of Glina and the rest of occupied Croatian territory will never be a part of Croatia ever again. Yep, right there on Youtube. The funny thing is though (which is in the Youtube video footage) that recently he's been telling media and people in interviews that he was never even in occupied Croatia during the 1990's at any time at all, quite adamant that he was never there.

If you're a regular reader of this blog and read some of my related posts, is all this really surprising? It's obvious to everybody by now that in Serbia they like to elect to office chronic and habitual liars as well as people with elective short memories who are associated with war crimes, genocide and war criminals, it's in their occupation and ethnic cleansing genes and why they wear tunnel vision glasses. Denying saying something is bad enough, but then denying even being present at the location or area really is some kind of  "television interview selective amnesia".  I ask myself, why the hell would he even want to leave Greater Serbia to possibly in the future perfom Serb P.M. official duties in Croatia? Isn't it strange that the Greater Serbia over the past 20 years can't seem to elect one prime minister or president that isn't directly tied to extremist chetnik and ultra-nationalist organizations, and even complicit with war crimes and ethnic cleansing? I find it shameful that he can even think about showing his face in Croatia, when he was involved with people who after ethnically cleansing areas of Croatia, replaced Croatian signs and plaques with Serbian Cyrillic and then joyously celebrated their finest hour and "victory". His words and presence is right there on Youtube.

This piece is almost a continuation of this post about the current Srb President, who also seems to have the same short term memory and his group of Serb pals. They're all one big family of chronic liars and Serbian cross kissers who are just mental stooges with amnesia it seems, intent only with occupying land that is not theirs and has never been theirs. The following article below sums it up basically. Just another case of old dog new tricks, bad lying examples, chronic lying examples and examples of kleptoism, mental complexesPseudologia fantastica and overcompensating. I've come across tons of Serbs over the years, even especially lately, that have these above same overcompensating and lying mental issues. He may wake up tomorrow and have amnesia again, so he better make sure someone films him while he's still the Srb P.M. before he forgets that he's in Serbia. I strongly encourage for him and his fellow Serbian cross kissers to brush up on their history, would be an ideal place to start and learn about themselves I think.

I'm telling you, if Croatia wasn't successful in defeating the Serb ethnic cleansing/raping forces and liberating Croatian territory and stopping these Greater Serboids, well, then instead of seeing images you see throughout this post you would instead today be seeing images of the "Serbian & Chetnik Kangaroo Nutsack Eating Festival" and the "Serbian Sweaty Belly & Cross Kissing Trumpet Festival". Can you imagine how appealing that would be for tourists? Like does this guy think that people are so stupid to believe him and just carry on as if he only lied about the how many fish he caught during his day at the lake?

(Note - If the reader seems perturbed or even dismayed with the title of this post, you must remember, I tells it like it is. This is the day and age of them freedom of speeches afterall, and if something stinks then I'll tell you why it stinks and even give you stink examples that give an overall clearer and lucid explanation of the stinkocity topics. Anything less would be uncivilized and uncouth on my part. It's quite evident the Serb P.M. is a lying scumbag, someone who was in all probability partying with the other Serb war criminal pictured below (among others), was probably getting moral support and guidance from his Serb-shit cult church, kissing Serb-Shit crosses, was associating many other ultra-nationalistic, chetnik and extremist rapers and attending many, many more events where he could tell the same speeches. A person obviously satisfied with the aggression against Non-Serbs and it's results and a high point in his illustrious career as a Serb political representative).

(*see updated related post serb-chetniks-in-ukraine-hoping-to for more about people who weren't anywhere)

Youtube screenshot of the new Serb P.M. in the Croatian town of Glina, ethnically cleansed and occupied by Serb forces in March of 1995.....

....The camera then pans to the attentive and in agreement Serb listeners in attendance. (Note that there are no Non-Serbs present for some strange reason, they may all be on vacation or having barbeques somewhere probably)......

...Camera pans back to other prominent Srbs speechers at the speech table of honor...but wait! Hold on! Who is that majestic serboid individual to the far right in those glasses?.....

...Why it's just one of your local friendly neighbourhood Serb genocidal maniacs and psycho-extremist war criminals...Vojeslav Seselj, who's currently on trial at the Hague for ordering  numerous war crimes and genocidal acts, where he is catching up on his reading of Serbian history books. The same guy who was in the media even advocating a chemical attack on the city of Zagreb. Never in Glina or Croatia in the 90's eh? It will never be Croatian again eh? It's gonna be part of some kind of cleansed Greater Serbia forever and ever eh?











What was the new Serb Prime Minister saying in occupied Glina, Croatia in 1995?


Aleksandar Vucic, the new Serbian prime minister already in the last two years has been shaking hands in the political scene Srbia, in Croatia he's known as just another Srb politician who actively advocated for the creation of Greater Serbia in the 1990's.

The footage is from March 1995. Vucic in a fiery and hate fuelled speech in the ethnically cleansed and occupied Croatian town of Glina, promised to the crowd in attendance that Glina and the surrounding area will be attached to Serbian Krajina, and that the clay will never again be a part of Croatia or have anything to do with being ruled by the Croatian government.

He promises to the crowd that if the Serbian Radical Party defeats Slobodan Milosevic, that they will live in a Greater Serbia and a single unified Serbian state.

Today Vucic is president of the Serbian Progressive Party, mouthing a pro-European policy to cameras and media about solving the problems of Serbia and Kosovo. He and the current Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, have long been loyal committed henchmen and supporters of Vojislav Seselj, leader of the Serbian Radical Party currently being tried as a war criminal with numerous charges at the Hague .

The Serb Radical Party in Serbia during the war had numerous paramilitary groups in Croatia in which they sowed death, destruction, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Vucic, Seselj and Nikolic were often seen visiting their Non-Serb cleansed occupied territories and spreading numerous hate filled speeches against Croats and Non-Serbs in general, against anything west of Belgrade actually.  (These are also some of the same charges Vojeslav Seselj is on trial for at the Hague right now)

Vucic and Nikolic became closer in the Serbian Radical Party because of their previous same extremist ambitions, however after Radical Party president and their mentor Seselj was taken into custody to the Hague, they weren't able to get into power as the government. They then quit the party in 2008 and then just founded it under a new name...the Serbian Progressive Party, which then just took all the previous Radical Party members along with them.

This new Srb Prime Minister and former member of the Serbian Radical Party is seen at a speech in occupied Croatia declaring that the land will never be a part of Croatia ever again and will become a part of the new future Greater Serbia. He's also seen below during the recent television interview in Belgrade stating that he was never in Glina or in the occupied areas of Croatia at all at any time, or even know about any ethnic cleansing or war crimes that went on there or elsewhere. (The very Serbian war crimes and criminals he was supporting in his speech and seated at the table!). He states that he can't figure out why the Croatian media today should be interested in his political life or why on earth any Croatian anywhere would be against or have issues with any of his formal visits to Croatia. (duhhhh, I don't know we stupid no ears or eyes that's why). Video footage from Croatian television

After reading this post, I think the reader should sit back a moment and really soak in again what this character was saying....and denying. Really think about it. He wasn't speeching a speech somewhere about tariffs, about low-income housing, about the importance of milk and agriculture subsidies, about green technologies. No, none of those things, and we know for a fact where we highly advise the new forgetful fucko serb Prime Minister to get police protection everytime should he come to Croatia in the future for any possible official business or even to buy cheese, magazines, crossword puzzle books or breath freshener etc, this is because....well, let's just say because it would be better for his health and face etc, just like your local ghetto shit-fuck punk. This could also probably apply to his comerade fucko Serb President Tomislav Nikolic, both of whom can now be referred to being as one of the Serb fucko-brothers. Also just in case you were too lazy to click onto the above definition links:

OVERCOMPENSATE: excessive compensation, especially the exertion of effort in excess of that needed to compensate for a physical or psychological characteristic or defect. 

KLEPTO: a person who has a compulsion to steal. 

PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA: a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying and may manifest itself over a period of years or even a lifetime eventually becoming a lifestyle.

COMPLEX: a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas, feelings, memories, and impulses that is usually repressed and that gives rise to abnormal or pathological behavior, delusions and further complexes.

The current Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic with a ’Ratko Mladic Boulevard’ sticker back in 2007.

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Daruvar Croatia, Tourism Website Award, Czechs & Beer.....

I'm throwing this one in here not because I have a thing for website tourism awards, boring news actually. However, after reading the article and then checking out the website, and then browsing some more interesting topics, I decided to to do it. Tie in all the information I came across together. Daruvar is just a small town located about halfway between the capital city of Zagreb and the eastern border, drive by on the D5 main highway and blink and you'll probably miss it. But like I said, after finding out more about the town's previous and current history than I knew before, it was worth posting about. (I repeat: This is not a tourism post)

Daruvar actually is a not too shabby a place to be at it seems. The interesting history, historical landmarks, castles, manors, the food, wine and beer, biking trails, river rafting etc. It's just a quaint small town but even has an outdoor water park and indoor swimming facilities, (one of several in the area), all kinds of modern and other music festivals, food festivals and events all year round, spas and wellness centers, gorgeous natural scenery and  is also known for having the largest concentration of the Czech minority in Croatia. (from the days that the Croatian lands and the Czechs were a part of the Habsburg Empire and Austria-Hungary). That's why I decided to do this post and elaborate on this less well known topic that most probably have no clue about. The Czechs are not a very large minority in Croatia, but they have left their mark in Croatia since first arriving into the area in the early 1800's. The starting up of a brewery was a very good idea, you can never have too many breweries I say. I don't drink all that much beer or alcohol, but a great invention nonetheless. (See post days-of-first-croatian-beer-osijecka) Of course there is also a Croatian minority in the Czech Republic, more about that at and  Anyway, first a little more background information below about the town before the actual post. More information about Daruvar at the links.......

Daruvar (Croatian: Daruvar, Czech: Daruvar, German: Daruwar, Hungarian: Daruvár, Latin: Aqua Balissae, is a town in central Croatia, population 9,815 (2001), total municipality population 13,243 (2001). Daruvar is a spa town, located in the western part of the Croatian plains, on the foothills of the fruitful Papuk mountain, with a wine tradition stretching back more than 2200 years, and along the fertile Toplica river. It is the main political and cultural centre of the Czech national minority in Croatia.

The Area is rich in monuments. Historic Kistalovac, Pavlovina, Sirač, Bagenovać, Dobra Kuća, Stupčanica are examples of numerous local castles belonging to the Croatian nobility of the times passed by. In 1837 Daruvar was declared a free city by decree of king Ferdinand I. Lands still empty were soon repopulated by people skilled in crafts, trade, agriculture from around Croatia and also beyond from other parts of the Habsburg Empire. Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Italians, (around so called Little Italy) and other. Before the Croatian War of Independence, Daruvar's municipality had a Croatian majority. Daruvar was briefly captured after Croatian independence by armed extremist Serb militants and nationalist paramilitaries during their creation of Serbian Autonomous Oblast of Western Slavonia during the war, but was reintegrated after the successful Croatian military "Operation Flash" counter-offensive in 1995. Life has been safe again for Croatians and any other Non-Serbs ever since.

According to the census of 2011, the population of the Daruvar municipality (township) was 11,633. the majority being Croats with a Czech minority of around, 2,400 or 21.36%. The Czech population is of significant size having its own newspaper, schools, societies and clubs, (Česká beseda or Czech word, Jednota - Unity in Czech language), publishing company. The entire area, (Veliki Zdenci, Grubišno Polje, Končanica), is actually bilingual with Czech being the second official language. Since mixed, there are numerous local ethnic festivities celebrating important points in different cultures — youth, harvest etc, with most interesting and picturesque that of the Czech minority. The food is reflecting full range of tastes, from sarma (stuffed cabbage rolls) to stuffed peppers, mlinci, knedlichke and kolach(i)y biscuits in both Croatian and Czech language. (Many words of Croatian and Czech are very similar, this is not surprising as it was from modern day Czech Republic and other surrounding areas where a part of the early Croatian migrations south happened about 1500 years ago. See for fuller explanation)...Croatian food mixed with Czech gastronomical traditions. The Daruvar Brewery has also been making Staro Češko pivo (Old Czech beer) since 1840. The town's website is

(Come to think of it, they naturally play accordions as part of some of the music events, so you'll probably want to check out my post from yesterday...grammies-lorde-krist-novoselic-accordions, you'll like it)


     Masterweb Award Best Tourism Websites for 2014


Daruvar-Papuk Tourist Board, Apartmani Hrvatska and the Korčula Tourist Board were celebrating on Friday after their respective websites jointly picked up the award for the Best Tourism Website at the 2014 Masterweb Weboo 100% Tourism Conference on Friday in Zagreb…

The expert jury selected the winners from more than 40 tourism websites in Croatia. The Masterweb Weboo 100% Tourism Conference bought together web marketing and tourism industry experts with more than 10 speakers on the day. One of the winners, Daruvar-Papuk Tourist Board’s Visit Daruvar, located in central Croatia, launched their new website design in 2013, introducing prospective tourists to Daruvar’s recognizable attractions such as its thermal pools, multiculturalism and its gastronomic diversity.


The diversity of various manifestations which take place throughout the year in the Daruvar area, an oasis of multiculturalism, will thrill any visitor. If you like music concerts or theatre plays, folklore tradition, gastronomy, wine or beer manifestations, sport events, come to Daruvar and choose content in which you want to enjoy and participate.

VINCEKOVO – Celebration of Saint Vincent's day by blessing the vineyards

A long and winding road to the quality of every drop of wine starts with the hard work in the vineyard. Blessing of the vine on the feast of St. Vincent is a tradition in Daruvar which is extremely popular and cherished by all winegrowers. The Central County celebration of St. Vincent and the blessing and experimental pruning of grapevines is organized every year in another vineyard in Daruvar. A folk and church blessing of the vines takes place, along with a sample cutting, hanging sausages on vines and sprinkling pruned vines with wine for a better crop. Sausages and bacon are baked on long poles above the fire; people dance, sing songs and drink mulled wine. On Saint Vincent’s day, winegrowers march through the estates of domestic growers and winemakers to celebrate the beginning of the works in the vineyards. More information:


The most famous carnival among members of the Czech minority in this area, where the largest number of Czechs in Croatia reside, is the one in Končanica. They have been passing through the village since 1932 and they are characteristic for their constant number of masks, 13 of them, which walk through the village, from its beginning to the end. In the house of the hosts the Laufer comes in white and he shoots a whip. There is a Turk in red with three dancers and musicians, along with a chimney sweep who can make a mess in the house. The Srb travels at night and he stealing the eggs and chickens to make a meal for the Turk. A colourful Jewish couple sells rabbits; men from Lika come with a bear - with the special task of pro-birth. During the crazy carnival the point is to chase the winter away and invite spring or the nature to the renewal of life. More information:


Ten days of astronomy is a festival organized by the Astronomical Society "Kumova slama" from Daruvar. The program of the event is designed to satisfy everybody; during ten days workshops for all ages are held, the daytime and night sky is observed with telescopes, a large number of lectures are organized and given by renowned lecturers, scientists and astronomers such as Antonio Radonić, Vladimir Paar, Korado Korlević, Josip Prević, Marino Tumpić, Mark Šimac, Vedran Vrhovac. Also, within ten days of astronomy in Daruvar, exhibitions of astrophotography by astronomers from all parts of Croatia are organized. The festival became international because astronomers from Slovenia and elsewhere were involved in the exhibition and every year there are more than 200 astrophotographs. This unique event attracts many visitors from across the region, at all lectures extra chairs are required, hanging out with astronomers lasts long into the night and we can say that, at the time of the event, Daruvar is the center of the Universe. Ten days of astronomy in Daruvar are held under the patronage of the President of the Republic Croatia mr. Ivo Josipović, who is also an honorary member of the Astronomical Society "Kumova slama". More information:


Darfest is one of the few original songs festivals, a competition of young talented amateur singers from all over Croatia and abroad. The festival is held on the main square, King Tomislav Square, and along with the large audience the program follows the selection committee, which has the task to select and reward the best. More information:

VINODAR – International wine exhibit and fair of traditional products of Bjelovar – bilogora County

Good wine connoisseurs know that Daruvar has for a long time been known for its excellent varieties of grapes and fine wines. Growing grapes in this region has a centuries-old tradition, because sweet and sunny slopes of Papuk provide ideal conditions for growing. Vinodar – International wine exhibit is the most significant event of the town of Daruvar and its vintners. The first part of the week consists of various lectures, field workshops, professional evaluations of wines, round tables devoted to the cultivation of vines, wine production and conservation, as well as harmonization with EU legislation. The event lasts seven days, and the last three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) are held on the main town square through the fair, which offers visitors rich cuisine, cheese, honey and honey products, Slavonian ham, sausage, kulen sausgae and a wide range of local wines, spirits and various liqueurs. Also there is a demonstration of traditional crafts, souvenirs and handcrafts. Saturday is reserved for the Vinodar parade which presents a long tradition of wine growing and wine production in Daruvar, it shows all work in the vineyards, ancient tools and modern machinery and it's all imbued with folklore music and dancing. For adventurers there is an aero picnic on which a paintball tournament is held, flights of paragliders, kites and airplanes, and various entertainment. Evening hours are reserved for concerts by famous Croatian musicians and restaurants are open 24 hours. For the youngest visitors the entertainment is provided at amusement parks.
More information:


The event in which the Czech minority displays their traditional and contemporary culture through theatre screenings, exhibitions, presentations of old crafts, Staročeško fair on King Tomislav Square, where books, handcrafts, Czech pastries and other products of Czech's beseda (Czech's society) and schools are presented. A traditional concert and rich folklore program hold place and in the evening a Garden party is organised at the playground of the Czech primary school J. A. Komensky.

More information:


The Harvest Festival or Dožínky is the oldest, largest and most massive manifestation of the Czech minority in Croatia, whose tradition is still preserved since 1925 when the first harvest celebrations were held in Daruvar. Due to the large number of participants and guests, and long-lasting organization, it is held every other year in another town. In 2012 the host of the Festival was town Daruvar. The event is held in the second half of July, it lasts two days and gathers more than 1000 participants from 29 Czech besedas in Croatia and their guests from the Czech Republic and Croatian cultural societies. Various events, exhibitions and a rich cultural program. Daruvar-Papuk Tourist Board, Apartmani Hrvatska and the Korčula Tourist Board were celebrating on Friday after their respective websites jointly picked up the award for the Best Tourism Website at the 2014 Masterweb Weboo 100% Tourism Conference on Friday in Zagreb…

A local pool to cool off in the summer.

The expert jury selected the winners from more than 40 tourism websites in Croatia. The Masterweb Weboo 100% Tourism Conference bought together web marketing and tourism industry experts with more than 10 speakers on the day. One of the winners, Daruvar-Papuk Tourist Board’s Visit Daruvar, located in central Croatia, launched their new website design in 2013, introducing prospective tourists to Daruvar’s recognisable attractions such as its thermal pools, multiculturalism and its gastronomic diversity. Dožinky - Harvest Festival is an event which, in addition to the symbolic presentation of successfully harvested crops, shows what the Czech minority in Croatia has made in cultural, educational and social life. The biggest attraction of Dožinky is the harvest parade with more than a thousand participants, dozens of allegorical chariots decorated with wheat, which show all the harvest work, from planting to making bread, and there are also many minority groups dressed in traditional costumes. On the main square, the Staročeško fair takes place and its aim is to show the forgotten crafts, rich gastronomy, ethnographic and cultural richness of the Czechs in Croatia. More information:


The tradition of brass bands is related to the development of thermal springs in Daruvar. In old records we find that since the Czechs start moving to this area, brass bands began to play their music. Salon orchestras entertained the visitors during their stay at the Spa by playing brass music in Julije’s park at the Pavilion, and these concerts were well attended. In the Daruvar orchestra musicians from the Czech Republic also played, including the famous musician and composer Karel Koleta and Vaclav Riha."Town brass band Daruvar 1922", which was founded 90 years ago, continues this tradition and it has been enriched by the organization of the International Festival of Brass music “FLIG DARUVAR.

“FLIG DARUVAR” is a unique event in Croatia, a three-day festival held in the central square, where orchestras from Croatia and neighbouring countries perform accompanied with dancing of its band majorettes.


Brewery Daruvar is surely one of the most important symbols of this town and its rich tradition. It was founded back in 1840 on the estate of the Croatian Count Antun Janković and because it has been on the same place since its foundation, it is considered to be the oldest brewery in Croatia, and unique because of its method of brewing – using traditional Czech technology. To close its range of products to the consumers, the last weekend in August is reserved for the Days of beer in Daruvar. Under the big tent in two days of the event, the center of event is surely beer and breweries, cultural and artistic programs, concerts of local and guest bands with a variety of gastro offer. In those days all the local and visiting fans can enjoy the fun in rock and ethno sounds and refreshing sparkling nectar made with a long tradition and experience. More information:

As previously mentioned, Daruvarska Pivovara (Daruvar Brewery) in the town of Daruvar has been producing beer officially since 1840 and today it brews mainly popular regional beers. It makes Daruvarsko beer but its most well known popular brand is Staročeško beer (Old Czech Beer) It was named after Czech immigrants to the Daruvar town region and has been produced under this name since 1893, it is also the only Croatian beer using a traditional Czech recipe. In addition to light beer, under the same name the Daruvar brewery makes Staročeško red, Staročeško winter, Staročeško 10 (slightly less alcohol) and Staročeško limun (lemon radler) More interesting background information about this less well known Daruvar Brewery and their beers at, but it's in Croatian though.

Downtown Daruvar entertainment during Vinodar 2012.


Days of the plums and schnapps (brandy) in Sirač, a municipality 9 kilometers away from Daruvar, is a unique agricultural, cultural and tourist event. The main part of this event is the evaluation and exhibition of local schnapps (brandy) and a thematic lecture devoted to the cultivation and processing of plums. The tendency is to show, with professional training to all visitors and participants, the benefits of planting large quantities of plums, due to the increasing demand for plum products. In addition to hanging out in "Siračko dvorište" visitors can taste the schnapps which are evaluated at the exhibition, and a variety of homemade cakes with plums and plum jam, dumplings with plums, pancakes and other delicacies. Also, the traditional way of baking schnapps (brandy) and cooking jam is shown. The event is completed with various plum games and with rich folklore programmes.
More information:

Local Croatian folk dancers during the festivities.


The mask is a theater festival which in three days offers several (usually six) extremely high quality performances for children of preschool, lower and higher primary school. Theater groups, drama studios and professional theaters appear in the festival. Apart from performances, a program with street jugglers, drummers, dancers and entertainers is organized.
More information:

Harkening back in time to 18th-19th century Daruvar.

A "Daruvar Vinodar" announcement commercial for 2012.

Just for some contrast, some scenes from the very popular "српски сербодар" (Serbian Serbodar) in Serbia from a few years ago.

An image from the famous Serbian bread kissing contest portion and of course the hugely popular "Sprinkling of the Serb Saints" festivities, seems really cool and like lots of fun.


The celebration of St. Martin’s day is an ancient folk custom of blessing young wine and, according to the Roman Catholic calendar, it is honoured on the 11th of November. Because this feast has always been all about enjoying young wine, across Europe the tradition of baptizing young wine accompanied by a rich gastro was created. In Croatia, it is most common in winegrowing regions in the north-west. Vintners and winegrowers in Daruvar organize the central baptizing ceremony at the main town square. During the main ceremony on the town square a rich gastro-eno offer from Daruvar's vintners, Daruvar wine road and others is presented. Also the program is enriched with a cultural-artistic program with folklore societies. More information:

In and around Daruvar.

View Daruvar in a larger map

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