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petak, 21. ožujka 2014.

Aquapark Poreč Opening Summer 2014

This isn't particularly of interest to me, just felt like posting something. There has been plans for a waterpark in Croatia, especially along the coast, for a few years (like Dugopolje Aquapark near Split, but investor hurdles and permits keep pushing the date back)... However this is supposed to be the largest auquapark in the area. This water park is opening this summer in the coastal town of Poreč, in the Croatian Istra region (a region shared between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy) Personally speaking, I find the nearby beaches and activities more my style, but that's just me. This project has been in on the shelf for quite some time as an option to take a share of the lucrative waterparks industry, such as etc. 

However, these waterparks are popular with some types, especially kids, so I guess if the demand or popularity of slides, splashing, balloons and bigger waves to go along with your tanning and water frolicking exists, you gotta build it. I checked out the prices of admission and they're actually not expensive at all. There's already been a waterpark operating at this location for some time ( but much simpler and missing the more popular slides etc, and a couple more in nearby Fažana and Umag. I've been to wavepools/waterparks a few times when I was younger and had a good time, it definitely will give you an appetite. Bring lots of snacks. Don't be blaming me now if your kids bug you for months to take you to a waterpark. Anyway, more info also at


Poreč Aquapark Ready for Summer Opening

Istria, located on the north-western coast, will soon be able to offer tourists another attraction with news that one the largest aquaparks in Europe will open there in summer. Work is well underway at Poreč Aquapark, worth a reported 25 million euros, in the town carrying the same name, with the doors expected to open in the summer. The water park will have 13 adrenalin rides on its 7.5 hectare space, and will be able to handle more than 5,000 visitors per day. More info at

'Aquapark Istralandia' just outside of Novi Grad is also set to open this summer. More info at

The car park has been completed, and now work is focused on the big swimming pool, slides and the large wave pool. “This is one quality tourist project, which will undoubtedly raise the attraction of the town of Poreč,” said Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin after visiting the site this week. (HRT)


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