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Monday, 24 March 2014

First Croatian Fashion Industry Documentary Film

I was going to touch upon another one of those recent Toronto Mayor Rob Ford scandal stories, and tie it into some kind of Croatian post about celebs, but then I thought naaah, he's pathetically pointless and boring as fuck now. So on that note, I'm not some kind of fashionista at all or follow all or any of the goings on in the fashion industry, but I do post Croatian fashion related topics once in a while because, well....I find it interesting.

I've never been to one of these events, but I plan to sometime down the road. I'm going to bring popcorn though like at the movies, maybe even a large soft drink and sit in the front row. Actually one of those huge "We're #1" foam hands with the big finger sticking up might be an option. When people watch highlights of the catwalk section people can say. "Hey look at that guy!  What does he think he's at the movies or a baseball game or something?" I might even go chicken wings or nachos and cheese, a canned air horn might not be a bad idea either, especially for when/if a model wipes out because she wasn't walking in heels properly. Some of these events would probably actually be more entertaining than a lot of the Hollywood movies these days. The trailer video clip below is from the behind the scenes documentary....













First Documentary About the Croatian Fashion Industry


Filming is currently underway for the first Croatian documentary film about the local fashion industry in Croatia…

‘The Label’, which is a project by Svjetlana Matić, Suzana Arslani and Jure Perišić, takes a close look at the Croatian fashion scene, featuring some of Croatia’s most well-known designers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, and others involved in the fashion world in the country. The trio will give viewers a chance to see what goes on behind closed doors in organising a review, the atmosphere behind the runway and what is needed to be successful in the modern industry in Croatia. The documentary is expected to be popular in Croatia when it is released later this year. Check out the trailer below.

You know this is a non-scripted unedited behind the scenes documentary at the 23 second mark. (Get someone Croatian to translate it for you)

Extra bonus footage. You'll be glad you had some popcorn, nachos or an air horn and oversized foam hands to wave at some of these. (Just don't let strangers take a sip of your pop, it's unhygienic)

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