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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Frano Živković: 9 Year Old Guitarist, Violinist, Pianist & A Really Good Hide N' Seeker...

I came across this interesting piece a few days ago, then just now again, so I better throw it in here before I forget. (It's sort of an opposite post from my Serbian pop song video post I did earlier today). This opposite post is an amazing short piece about 9 year old musician Frano Živković from the city of Rijeka. A multi-talented musician and not only guitarist. (The guitar is just his favorite instrument, but he also plays violin and piano.) Who knows what other instruments he'll pick up before he's done....

I also decided what the hell and threw in an old pic of me when I was around 4 or 5 years old, as you can see I also had the guitar bug back then also. It was the 70's, (pre-digital cameras and smartphones obviously) and I had just heard some songs on a local radio station and was immediately hooked. I was playing The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and music from a bunch of other bands that I can't recall right now. I do remember though that as soon as I got it I was playing it like a guitar wizard, it was really weird, I could play it never missing a note, smoke would actually rise from my fingertips and the guitar neck when I played it, people all down the street watched in amazement and they couldn't believe it. It was weird and uncanny, like I had taken guitar lessons for years already. I was also able to sing for the guitar gods at the same time, just like magic. At the time that the above photo was taken I was playing "Love Her Madly." I was even able to easily do Robbie Kreiger long version guitar solos like it was nothing. I had to move on and leave the guitar and future fame for various reasons though, but mainly because when we were moving some jackass stole it from a box on the front lawn, but still. (it could have been the weird old lady that lived next door, because she really was odd and did and said some weird things). Anyway, I threw in a few vids of his that you can to check out, at his Youtube link there are more vids of him playing when he was even younger. At the source link there's also related interesting stories and videos from in and around the city of Rijeka.....

Around The Corner: Frano Živković



Nine-year old Frano Živković is not unknown to the public. In many ways he's just an ordinary boy who likes to play, yet among his many talents it is music which stands out the most.  He received his first guitar from his grandfather for his third birthday, and this started his musical life. He is the youngest member of the Croatian Musicians Union and the youngest artist in the world to have performed a classical guitar concert when he was only five years old. At the age of eight he played a Vivaldi concerto in D major.

Professor solfeggio Maša Legac began collaborating with Frano three years ago. During this time Frano finished his elementary music schooling, which normally lasts six years. Unfortunately, he was too young to be enrolled in a secondary music school, so Frano continues his music training as individual learning. In his free time he likes to spend time with his friends, reading comics and books or watching Harry Potter movies, and for part of the day he likes to play with his pets.

He says that when he grows up he would like to be a composer.

Interesting related footage of Frano and OGŠ "Aleksandra Jug Matić", the elementary music and performing arts school he attended.

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