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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ivica Kostelić Getting Married, Croatian Cheese & Bears Speaking Croatian....

I came across these 3 interesting pieces this morning, they're kind of short articles so I'll just throw them all into one post. The first one is really not that surprising and has been on the horizon for a while. As for the 2nd article, I've tried Pastir Cheese and it's pretty good, it goes good with wine, cold cuts and that good fresh bread etc. I'm glad that this for the most part unknown outside of Croatia cheese has been getting kudos at those world things over the years, the long kept secret of Pag cheese is out of  box, so I'm throwing that one in here. The last one is not about actual real talking Bears like you may think, but it's still interesting. There are already players on the team with Croatian background but most are from North America and elsewhere in Europe. Some of the examples are not bad, a few are sort of..."no comment". I'll let it slide...this time. However it's better to try than not try at all I say......

Croatian Skiing Champion Ivica Kostelić Tying The Knot In 2014


Good news came from the Croatian Ski Association that has nothing to do with skiing. After the completion of a tough season and a fourth Olympic silver medal, Ivica Kostelić has a different "game" planned it seems. In the month of  May in Zagreb he will finally marry his longtime girlfriend Elin Arnarsdottir, who is also a former ski racer from Iceland.

I'm happy, I'm getting married on May 24th and look forward to expanding our family - says the best Croatian skier, who asked for some respect and privacy. The couple are already expecting their first child and he said he's looking forward to being a father. He revealed no other details for the time being.

The pair met in 2006 and 3 years later she moved into the Kostelić household near Zagreb, becoming especially close friends with Ivica's sister Janica, with whom she goes to ice-cream/pastry shops, movies, cafes and shopping for shoes with. Elin travels with him to all the races during the FIS World Cup ski circuit season and also speaks Croatian fluently.

Croatian Cheese Claims Title at World Cheese Championship in USA



A Croatian cheese from the island of Pag has won a best cheese title at the 2014 World Championship Cheese in Wisconsin, USA…

After rigorous testing, Sirana Gligora Paški sir (Pronounced: pash-kee seer) with pressed olives collected 99.90 points to claim the title as the best cheese in the world in the hard sheep’s milk cheeses category. Sirana Gregora Paški, together with two other cheeses, scored the highest points of the entire competition, which featured more than 2,500 cheeses from 22 countries from around the world in 22 categories.

“We are delighted with the result,” said director of the Pag family business Šime Gligora.

It is not the first award the cheese has won. Last year it beat over 4,200 cheeses to be voted the best sheep milk cheese in the world at the International Cheese Awards held in Nantwich, England.

Zagreb Bears speaking Croatian (sort of)



Medveščak Zagreb players know what to do with sticks and pucks, but watch this video to see how they handle Croatian words.

Zagreb's Bears have no less enthusiasm now that the KHL season is over for them. Throughout the season several of the Bears attended Croatian language courses, and they've decided to show what they've learned in a fun way to once again express their gratitude to their fans for their incredible support throughout the entire season.

See for yourself how much they enjoyed it all...

I'm throwing in this video I came across by chance. This was made after making the play-offs during this first season in the KHL, which is an accomplishment and a successful season, as everyone was expecting them to finish last in the league. I posted previously that if they were to just make the play-offs it would be mission accomplished. Many of the other teams have numerous former NHLers and much bigger pay rolls and team budgets. So job well done.

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