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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New Serbian Hit Pop Song Video Glorifies Bombardment Of Dubrovnik

This one is good, so good and informative that I had to add it. I inadvertently and by chance came across this piece. (Just by chance like I usually do, when doing or looking for something else entirely. Thanks again to Youtube which just keeps on giving and giving..). Basically, this music video was uploaded just last month on Youtube. A music video from the duo "Елитни Одреди" in Serbia (which means something like "Elite squads"), since the video came out it's met lots of approval from Serbian music fans and has become a favorite. (Especially the ones who molest and rape goats obviously)

The song is entitled "Burn the City" and included in the video are scenes from the Serb-Yugoslav army, navy and airforce Siege of Dubrovnik in 1991 against unarmed civilians (and a small handful of Croatian defenders until the Croatian counterattack) the demilitarized and UNESCO town, and it ends with an excerpt from a Serbian film where the Serbian yells : "...This isn't your Dubrovnik!, Your mothers cunt!, I shit on the Stradun so that you'll learn some law and order, this is Serbia!". Lyrics to the song include...burn the city, wear something short, burn the city, order me something short..."  The author of the video most likely uploaded it to provoke, (surprise, surprise, Serbs provoking and instigating?)...Croatian history, Croats and any Non-Serbs who were there and who are in any way connected to the town of Dubrovnik or it's history, and most likely even those who vacation there from the message of the video.

The Youtube profile Blokbratebruklin1 who uploaded the video is also getting lots of approval from Psuedo-Chetniks and Serb Nationalist music fans, and those types of psychotics who only believe in their own brand/version of invented hallucination-history so as to make themselves feel more powerful or special in their own minds etc (many of them are big fans of psuedo-historian Jovan_I._Deretic and his complex filled mind, see my related Serb Chetnik post from the other day HERE also). Bizarre comments below the video include..."We made the city and we will destroy it"..."If I had a large bomb I would explode it in Durbrovnik"..."Burn the city, burn it like Ratko Mladic"..."My Srb brothers, ban comments here from dogs and Croats"..."This is my favorite version of this song"...etc and so on.  I'm sure the reader gets the drift. The video is below some related links.....


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Same actual footage less the Shit srb song.

Staying on the Dubrovnik theme, don't forget to watch Zora Dubrovačka (Dubrovnik Dawn) on NovaTV this season, which actually is themed around the time of the Srb-Yugoslav attack on Dubrovnik. Promo below.

I might as well throw in this stop action video "Dubrovnik Nights" because I like the cool visuals and effects.

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