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četvrtak, 20. ožujka 2014.

Amnesia Curse Of The New Serb Prime Minister....Or Just Another Lying Fucko & Mental Case Guru (Editorial)

I really didn't feel like doing anything politically themed at all, but this was too sweet to pass up, yet it is solely for the benefit of the reader.  (I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Youtube, the gift that just keeps on giving and giving, love the magics of them Youtubes). Anyway, in a nushell, the brand spanking new Serbian Prime Minister who was elected a few days ago is Aleksandar Vucic. Not particularly interesting....but wait. This is where Croatian readers will especially be interested.

Well, it seems this new Srb leader P.M. has a very short memory and basically is just like the others they've been electing recently. As in, all just former palaroonies of Serb war criminals, indicted war criminals and people who are on trial at the Hauge for genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity etc. What happened? Well some recently found footage of the new Serb P.M shows him in the Croatian town of Glina in 1995. What was he doing in Glina in 1995? Why, talking to crowds about how Glina and other areas captured (and ethnically cleansed by Serb forces and Yugo-backed Serb paramilitaries, extemist chetniks etc) are now Serbian lands. He also is filmed stating that the town of Glina and the rest of occupied Croatian territory will never be a part of Croatia ever again. Yep, right there on Youtube. The funny thing is though (which is in the Youtube video footage) that recently he's been telling media and people in interviews that he was never even in occupied Croatia during the 1990's at any time at all, quite adamant that he was never there.

If you're a regular reader of this blog and read some of my related posts, is all this really surprising? It's obvious to everybody by now that in Serbia they like to elect to office chronic and habitual liars as well as people with elective short memories who are associated with war crimes, genocide and war criminals, it's in their occupation and ethnic cleansing genes and why they wear tunnel vision glasses. Denying saying something is bad enough, but then denying even being present at the location or area really is some kind of  "television interview selective amnesia".  I ask myself, why the hell would he even want to leave Greater Serbia to possibly in the future perfom Serb P.M. official duties in Croatia? Isn't it strange that the Greater Serbia over the past 20 years can't seem to elect one prime minister or president that isn't directly tied to extremist chetnik and ultra-nationalist organizations, and even complicit with war crimes and ethnic cleansing? I find it shameful that he can even think about showing his face in Croatia, when he was involved with people who after ethnically cleansing areas of Croatia, replaced Croatian signs and plaques with Serbian Cyrillic and then joyously celebrated their finest hour and "victory". His words and presence is right there on Youtube.

This piece is almost a continuation of this post about the current Srb President, who also seems to have the same short term memory and his group of Serb pals. They're all one big family of chronic liars and Serbian cross kissers who are just mental stooges with amnesia it seems, intent only with occupying land that is not theirs and has never been theirs. The following article below sums it up basically. Just another case of old dog new tricks, bad lying examples, chronic lying examples and examples of kleptoism, mental complexesPseudologia fantastica and overcompensating. I've come across tons of Serbs over the years, even especially lately, that have these above same overcompensating and lying mental issues. He may wake up tomorrow and have amnesia again, so he better make sure someone films him while he's still the Srb P.M. before he forgets that he's in Serbia. I strongly encourage for him and his fellow Serbian cross kissers to brush up on their history, would be an ideal place to start and learn about themselves I think.

I'm telling you, if Croatia wasn't successful in defeating the Serb ethnic cleansing/raping forces and liberating Croatian territory and stopping these Greater Serboids, well, then instead of seeing images you see throughout this post you would instead today be seeing images of the "Serbian & Chetnik Kangaroo Nutsack Eating Festival" and the "Serbian Sweaty Belly & Cross Kissing Trumpet Festival". Can you imagine how appealing that would be for tourists? Like does this guy think that people are so stupid to believe him and just carry on as if he only lied about the how many fish he caught during his day at the lake?

(Note - If the reader seems perturbed or even dismayed with the title of this post, you must remember, I tells it like it is. This is the day and age of them freedom of speeches afterall, and if something stinks then I'll tell you why it stinks and even give you stink examples that give an overall clearer and lucid explanation of the stinkocity topics. Anything less would be uncivilized and uncouth on my part. It's quite evident the Serb P.M. is a lying scumbag, someone who was in all probability partying with the other Serb war criminal pictured below (among others), was probably getting moral support and guidance from his Serb-shit cult church, kissing Serb-Shit crosses, was associating many other ultra-nationalistic, chetnik and extremist rapers and attending many, many more events where he could tell the same speeches. A person obviously satisfied with the aggression against Non-Serbs and it's results and a high point in his illustrious career as a Serb political representative).

(*see updated related post serb-chetniks-in-ukraine-hoping-to for more about people who weren't anywhere)

Youtube screenshot of the new Serb P.M. in the Croatian town of Glina, ethnically cleansed and occupied by Serb forces in March of 1995.....

....The camera then pans to the attentive and in agreement Serb listeners in attendance. (Note that there are no Non-Serbs present for some strange reason, they may all be on vacation or having barbeques somewhere probably)......

...Camera pans back to other prominent Srbs speechers at the speech table of honor...but wait! Hold on! Who is that majestic serboid individual to the far right in those glasses?.....

...Why it's just one of your local friendly neighbourhood Serb genocidal maniacs and psycho-extremist war criminals...Vojeslav Seselj, who's currently on trial at the Hague for ordering  numerous war crimes and genocidal acts, where he is catching up on his reading of Serbian history books. The same guy who was in the media even advocating a chemical attack on the city of Zagreb. Never in Glina or Croatia in the 90's eh? It will never be Croatian again eh? It's gonna be part of some kind of cleansed Greater Serbia forever and ever eh?











What was the new Serb Prime Minister saying in occupied Glina, Croatia in 1995?


Aleksandar Vucic, the new Serbian prime minister already in the last two years has been shaking hands in the political scene Srbia, in Croatia he's known as just another Srb politician who actively advocated for the creation of Greater Serbia in the 1990's.

The footage is from March 1995. Vucic in a fiery and hate fuelled speech in the ethnically cleansed and occupied Croatian town of Glina, promised to the crowd in attendance that Glina and the surrounding area will be attached to Serbian Krajina, and that the clay will never again be a part of Croatia or have anything to do with being ruled by the Croatian government.

He promises to the crowd that if the Serbian Radical Party defeats Slobodan Milosevic, that they will live in a Greater Serbia and a single unified Serbian state.

Today Vucic is president of the Serbian Progressive Party, mouthing a pro-European policy to cameras and media about solving the problems of Serbia and Kosovo. He and the current Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, have long been loyal committed henchmen and supporters of Vojislav Seselj, leader of the Serbian Radical Party currently being tried as a war criminal with numerous charges at the Hague .

The Serb Radical Party in Serbia during the war had numerous paramilitary groups in Croatia in which they sowed death, destruction, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Vucic, Seselj and Nikolic were often seen visiting their Non-Serb cleansed occupied territories and spreading numerous hate filled speeches against Croats and Non-Serbs in general, against anything west of Belgrade actually.  (These are also some of the same charges Vojeslav Seselj is on trial for at the Hague right now)

Vucic and Nikolic became closer in the Serbian Radical Party because of their previous same extremist ambitions, however after Radical Party president and their mentor Seselj was taken into custody to the Hague, they weren't able to get into power as the government. They then quit the party in 2008 and then just founded it under a new name...the Serbian Progressive Party, which then just took all the previous Radical Party members along with them.

This new Srb Prime Minister and former member of the Serbian Radical Party is seen at a speech in occupied Croatia declaring that the land will never be a part of Croatia ever again and will become a part of the new future Greater Serbia. He's also seen below during the recent television interview in Belgrade stating that he was never in Glina or in the occupied areas of Croatia at all at any time, or even know about any ethnic cleansing or war crimes that went on there or elsewhere. (The very Serbian war crimes and criminals he was supporting in his speech and seated at the table!). He states that he can't figure out why the Croatian media today should be interested in his political life or why on earth any Croatian anywhere would be against or have issues with any of his formal visits to Croatia. (duhhhh, I don't know we stupid no ears or eyes that's why). Video footage from Croatian television

After reading this post, I think the reader should sit back a moment and really soak in again what this character was saying....and denying. Really think about it. He wasn't speeching a speech somewhere about tariffs, about low-income housing, about the importance of milk and agriculture subsidies, about green technologies. No, none of those things, and we know for a fact where we highly advise the new forgetful fucko serb Prime Minister to get police protection everytime should he come to Croatia in the future for any possible official business or even to buy cheese, magazines, crossword puzzle books or breath freshener etc, this is because....well, let's just say because it would be better for his health and face etc, just like your local ghetto shit-fuck punk. This could also probably apply to his comerade fucko Serb President Tomislav Nikolic, both of whom can now be referred to being as one of the Serb fucko-brothers. Also just in case you were too lazy to click onto the above definition links:

OVERCOMPENSATE: excessive compensation, especially the exertion of effort in excess of that needed to compensate for a physical or psychological characteristic or defect. 

KLEPTO: a person who has a compulsion to steal. 

PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA: a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying and may manifest itself over a period of years or even a lifetime eventually becoming a lifestyle.

COMPLEX: a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas, feelings, memories, and impulses that is usually repressed and that gives rise to abnormal or pathological behavior, delusions and further complexes.

The current Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic with a ’Ratko Mladic Boulevard’ sticker back in 2007.

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