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petak, 7. ožujka 2014.

Photo Of The Day: Ana Rucner...Leather Jacket...Cello...

This on is not all that important, just thought I'd quckly throw this pic in because it sort of relates to a post I did the other day about Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović. (Post Here) There I briefly touched upon Kolinda's choice of black leather jacket.

Well, Ana Rucner recently posted a pic on her Facebook profile of wearing a black leather jacket. Meaning?..nothing really, it's just a black leather jacket. However, Ana Rucner is an acclaimed and now internationally known cellist and is usually seen in more fancier stuff. It's just kind of a rare photo I guess. More info about Ana Rucner at a previous post Here, or you can hit the links below.


Ana Rucner performs live Vivaldi's Storm at Zagreb's Lake Bundek.

Interview and interesting footage from an intimate outdoor concert on the grounds of Trsat Castle  in the city of Rijeka in 2011.


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