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subota, 8. ožujka 2014.

Serbs Spreading Serbian Church & Pig Culture In Ukraine Hoping To......What Exactly & For Whom?

I'm going to comment on this very recent news piece because I would be crazy not too. Another great story that I wasn't even looking for. (Tip of the hat for the Youtube vids, Youtube just keeps on giving and giving) Actually, I just barely touched upon this topic a few days ago in my Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović post. (However, now I have video proof to share). So, what are these cultish quasi-religioso Serb ultra-nationalists doing in Ukraine anyway? Hmmm? I seriously doubt that even they know why. It basically gets most of them a chance to exchange shit covered rubber boots and pitchforks to put on hats and uniforms with all kinds of "oooh scary, look our hands and trigger fingers are shaking" patches and pins and flags. Hit the links below for more background about these mentally unbalanced people with the hats, stupid looking faces and very low I.Q.'s.

Serb Chetniks walking in the destroyed town of Vukovar along with Serb Yugoslav and Serb church paramilitary soldiers in 1991. See also from a Russian perspective.

These are the same types who were flooding into Croatia in the early 1990's from Serbia, with Serb church blessings and many times at their urging, to rape, kill, shoot, get drunk, loot and ethnically cleanse Non-Serbs in Croatia and elsewhere.  Hobos with guns in uniforms who think they are special in their own heads, Super-Serbs with the ability to shoot and kill unarmed Non-Serb civilians like a powerful locomotive able to jump over a tall building. (These types have even been coming over to Canada over the years, many people don't know that they aren't even Slavic many times. They are many times a hodge podge patchwork of various ethnic background losers living in Serbia who have no ethnic identity or life to speak of except the "Serb" identity that the serb cult/church gives them, the church's mythomania allows them to grow beards and wave flags and kill indiscriminately wherever they are directed to go. Many Srbs are actually Turkish, Gypsy, (Romani) Afghani, Moors, Kurds or Iranians and descendents of other arriving nomadic people who changed their names during the Ottoman occupation of Serbia and then they just use the same tactics as their Turkish Jihad overlords before them. In effect it is only a 'Serb church' that exists, sort of like calling Jehova's Witnesses or Mormons an ethnicity. Most Serbs are actually not even remotely close to Slavic, yet they laughingly and bizarrely prefer to think of many Slavic people as serbs. Mythomania, cultish religioso-ultranationalism and waving flags is their sole reason to exist) What good will their arrivals in Ukraine do? What is their angle and purpose exactly? What will Ukrainians think about these examples of the most patriotic pathetic of Serbs sticking their snot filled noses where they don't belong again?  Why of all places and times they even decide to take sides between 2 Slavic Orthodox nations as well. What's going on in their noggins? Well, that's not the purpose of this post. I'm not a psychoanalyst or some kind of cult guru shaman, I'm just being the messenger. I can tell you one thing though...Since I currently have some free time on my hands, I'm also tempted to go to Ukraine now, specifically just to get a chance to come across these Chetnik scum that are pictured below. And I'll tell you, I would not need a weapon with a full magazine either. Nope, regarding the bottom photo, just 9 bullets would do and I'd probably come back with a nice souvenir too, a paperweight of some kind if you know what I mean. (Yep just 9, take your hands and hold up 9 fingers, now put them in front of your face. Do you see the number of fingers? that's how many bullets I or any real soldier would need. It's a simple math. On a good day and if I'm not too rusty, maybe 8 or even just 7 bullets)

Extremist Muslim superimposed with a Serb chetnik psychopath ultranationalist. Both of their jihads have more in common than meets the eye. 

Serb Chetniks are basically dirty smelling armed hobos with delusions of grandeur. Armed hobos with no life or purpose, so killing, raping and trying to intimidate senior citizens, unarmed old people and other unarmed people makes them feel tough and smart and superior. When the people get arms to defend themselves, or at least a partial equal playing field in terms of weaponry, they scurry away. Scurry away like cockroaches in some putrid and dingy gas station washroom, so when you put on the lights they scurry away down the scummy sink. They head straight down the black soot and goo fulled drain to get away to their cockroach family in the sewers somewhere down the pipework to sing and proclaim proclamations. (That's when you get out your rapid-fire machine gun and spray the whole washroom to disintegrated smithereens, pour gasoline all over the place and then light a match before going out for dinner and drinks)

Anyway, these Serb Chetniks transported into Ukraine from the 20th century have some explaining to do. Is their arrival and presence a positive thing? Their religioso-serbo creed of "Wherever a Serb shits in the forest or in his pants is now Serbian lands" just ain't gonna cut it with the Ukrainians. Will Serbian-Jesus beat the crap out of Ukrainian-Jesus then join Russian-Jesus to take Poland and Latvia next to take more shits in the forest? What kind of "experience", as the the guy in the one video says, will or could they possibly pass onto Russian soldiers? I guess he must be referring to being able to unzip his fly while drinking from a bottle with his other hand while having his boot on the throat of some granny before and after some looting. How can these Serbian-Taliban types who just crawled out of the backwater areas of Serbia and who have on their resume murderous ethnic cleansing of defenceless Non-Serbs in the 1990's, portray themselves as some kind of morality soldiers?, who even Russia abandoned during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia because of their bizarre policies and genocidal ways. Not only do they have no business there, they have no business meddling anywhere outside the borders of their country Serbia frankly, and in this instance they're basically inciting aggression against Ukrainians when you get right down to it. (This same organization of Chetniks also fought Bulgaria early last century, committed crimes against Non-Serbs in Serbia and then later even started bloodying Montenegro in 1919) If anything, this bizarre news piece and situation and now their presence in Ukraine just goes to show even more the bizarreness and delusional mental state of themselves. Welcome to the 21st century fuckos! (actually even the 20th century)

 "We are little Russians, and the Russians are big Srbs'" claimed Tsar Lazar Guard members who in the 90s left Serbia and committed war crimes and ethnic cleansing in Croatia and Bosnia and Kosovo with Serb church approval and support. (You would think if anything that Ukrainians would be saying such things instead of these pidgin speaking bastard hobos who aren't even Slavic or European) Bizarre and historically untrue statements such as that it is actually "the European Union who are invading Ukraine" are part of this Srb Chetnik cultish religioso-extremist mythomania mantra and self-aggrandizing process. The Serb orthodox church actually is orthodox in name only, because they include numerous customs and beliefs that are not a part of other orthodox religion countries, which makes it a cult. And the Serb church has been behind numerous campaigns against Non-Serbs over the last 100 years especially, even claiming that orthodox believers in other countries over the centuries as being Serbs where there were none and are none. This is the true face of the Serb Jihads, Serb church fuelled jihads against Non-Serbs even in Ukraine today. This in turn eventually gets them into Srbian heaven. (Shouldn't Non-Serbs be shooting these types freely so as to get them into Srbian heaven faster for their own good?) Photo: Srđan Vrančić / Cropix. (Update 2017The Serbian nationalist extremist Chetnik movement and paramilitary group leader seen above was recently declared an undesirable subversive in Romania and barred entry for at least 15 years. According to the Romanian Counterintelligence General Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, during 2017 he went to Romania several times in order to carry out information gathering activities which, according to the legal framework in the field, constitute risks and threats to Romanian national security, undertaking preparatory acts procuring and transmitting state secrets to a foreign power or organization, or their agents, and establishing information networks on Romanian territory. The Romanian Intelligence Service showed that he was part of the Serbian chetnik organization which was described as a paramilitary with extremist nationalist-chauvinist orientations, and that he traveled several times to Romania to carry out information gathering missions on critical infrastructure and national and allied military objectives in south-east Romania, including spying and espionage activities near Romania's Black Sea radar military bases, with intent to transmit classified information "to a foreign power or organization". Good to know. Full report at

(Sidenote info: I really don't what point the kook in the below video is babbling about, regarding make believe close ties with Russia and how they think they are Russians and bla bla bla, because facts tell otherwise. The only similarity is they both use Cyrillic script, both their flags originate from the Byzantine Empire, (See Here, except the Serbs then even went on to rip off the Byzantine Palaiologos dynasty flag also into their later official coat of arms)...they even have separate Orthodox churches complete with separate saints and traditions/beliefs. Serbs are the same as Russians as about Iranians. Believing whatever suits your fancy or agenda doesn't make it true. (I've come across numerous Serb websites and chit-chat forums where even they themselves admit that the original arriving Serbs into Europe were the Iranians, Pashtuns and Sarban Afghanis). On the other hand, I can tell you factually that on the other hand Croats really do have a very long history with both Ukraine and Russia, a history that reaches back to well over a thousand years ago, long before those countries even existed and that Serbs don't have that same continuity and history, theirs was a continuity of having Bulgarian overlords. Did you know that the Goths inhabited the Crimea before even the later named Slavs? (See Crimean Goths and

Regardless though, you won't be seeing any Croatians volunteering to babble crap and making fools of themselves to complicate matters even worse and meddling in foreign affairs with delusional statements and whimsical beliefs. It's very strange that numerous Serb political leaders in Serbia are congratulating Putin and and supporting Crimea being attached to Russia. The Serb political leadership in Bosnia are especially ecstatic and sending congratulations, they believe this is a signal for them to now secede from Bosnia again and attach themselves to Serbia. I'm telling you, having Serb political support in their corner doesn't help the Russian case at all and is nothing to be thankful for. No other country in Europe has gone so far. But then again....remember?

On this side of the pond, the most vocal supporter of annexing even more Ukrainian territory is strangely coming from Hollywoodland. The most famous SERBIAN actor/model/specimen and political activist, Emir Kusturica, has been strongly in favor of current Ukraine events in media reports. He's also been a supporter over the years of past Serbian ethnic cleansing, genocide and war crimes, especially against Kosovo Albanians. He sees it as an opportunity for Serbs to do the same again or to prove that the moon is Serbian. (and perhaps get more movie roles as a crazed cannibal janitor or hobo, Yeah I know, I've never seen any of his movies either, he's no Goran Višnjić that's fore sure). I find it strange how he makes his living in Hollywood but regularly visits Serbia to make media statements that are anti-West, anti-Europe, Pro-Gaddafi, Pro-ethnic cleansing, Pro-anti-progress, anti-democracy, anti-fashion, anti-reading, anti-bathing etc). See article at

There isn't a large minority of Ukrainians of Croatia, but some were seen today protesting in Zagreb, which is their right. Croatians will though be taking part with other European nations in OSCE missions over the next while, helping keep an eye on events. Now back to the traveling raping/killing hobos with self-identity issues).

An interesting excerpt from an article Here....

".....A Serb commander belonging to the Chetnik movement, controlling a checkpoint between Sevastopol and Simferpol and supporting the occupation, says — without a hint of irony — “it would be better to resolve this issue internally.” He sees himself and the Russians as part of this “internal” solution. (It should be noted that the Chetniks have a well documented history of involvement in ethnic cleansing, mass murder and other war crimes against Non-Serbs). If a Serb, having traveled hundreds of miles to Crimea, identifies himself as part of an "internal" solution, this begs the question: how would he define "external"?..."

Even a Russian truck driver going through one of the Serb checkpoints had this to say..."Who are they helping? I don't understand that. I don't need any help, no one is bothering me here," said Denis, a driver from Simferopol. "The (Serbs) are occupiers, genuine occupiers. I have no other names for them," said Asan, another driver.

Other interesting information from an article Here basically shows that these Serbs think it's ok to travel all the way to Crimea and get involved in foreign affairs because Ukrainians are not Slavs, and because Serb chetniks are special because.....".. their units committed atrocities against non-Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, a former Serbian province dominated by ethnic Albanians which won independence in 2008...".  So I guess they would see no problem at all with the same happening to Ukrainians. What kind of spiders weaving webs and dried rat bones do these guys have shaking around in their echoing craniums? Where do they get their history lessons from?

These Serbs and their supporters need to use more soap and water and learn some history before they start blabbering to media about some kind of non-existent similar situation regarding Crimea vis-a-vis Kosovo or anywhere else. Kosovo to the current Crimea situation is not even apples and oranges, it's more like apples and bricks. Same goes for their other wars. Looking at it from a hypothetical 3rd party objective point of view (as Croatians have no history in Kosovo or have anything to do with it, culturally, politically or historically), Kosovo was stripped of it's autonomy in the late 80's by the later Serb-Yugo President and initiator of later Serb instigated wars...Slobodan Milosevic. Kosovar Albanians were immediately forbidden to exercise their previous rights to their language, newspapers, positions in politics, schools and employment, all this despite the fact that Serbs only made up about 10% of the population of Kosovo, compared to 90% Albanian. Just a few years later the situation reached a point where Serb ethnic cleansing and genocide against Albanians had started, just like against Croatia and B-H earlier. Keeping this in mind, in Crimea these Serb Chetniks should instead be joining the minority Ukrainians of Crimea and start genocidal ethnic cleansing against majority Russians if there is to any kind of similarity. To make it a mirror image situation as these Serb Chetniks profess, they should then join Ukrainians in entering Russia, committing genocide and ethnically cleansing Russians (and any Non-Ukrainians) wherever there are Ukrainian minorities or even no Ukrainians minority at all, this would then naturally extend to other internationally recognized countries nearby and then ethnically cleanse Non-Ukrainians there too so as to make it Ukrainian clay. (How is the Serbian and Crimea situations the same again? Serbs were a minority in every country they waged their wars in, and especially in Kosovo, they were even non-existent in many of those areas until only recently. Immediately before their attacks against other civilians they had guaranteed rights just as other minorities. They are the only people in the history of Europe who went on to wage 4 consecutive lost wars (not successful) with the aim of the Serb minority in other nations to usurp claiming the areas just for themselves. These kinds of extremist-nationalist Serbs also always like to say "Kosovo is Serbia" since Serbia defeated NATO, especially these types involved in Crimea right now. Is it really?...or was it ever?.........


"Kosovo is Serbia", "Ask any historian" read the unlikely placards, waved by angry Serb demonstrators in Brussels on Sunday. This is rather flattering for historians: we don't often get asked to adjudicate. It does not, however, follow that any historian would agree, not least because historians do not use this sort of eternal present tense. History, for the Serbs, started in the early 7th century, when they settled in the Balkans. However their power base was north outside Kosovo, which they fully conquered only in the early 13th century, so the claim that Kosovo was the "cradle" of the Serbs is completely untrue. What is true is that they ruled Kosovo for less than 100 years and built monasteries there in the 14th century, until the final Ottoman takeover soon afterwards in the mid-15th century. Churches and monasteries remain from that period, but there is no more continuity between the medieval Serbian state and today's Serbia than there is between the Byzantine Empire and Greece or between the Roman Empire and Italy.  Kosovo remained Ottoman territory until it was "conquered" by Serbian forces in 1912. Serbs would say "liberated" (the remaining villages and huts); but even their own estimates put the Orthodox Serb population at less than 20% at the time. The majority population was Albanian, and they did not welcome any new Serb rule, so "conquered" seems the right word.

But legally, Kosovo was still not incorporated into the Serbian kingdom in 1912; it remained occupied territory until some time after 1918. Then, finally, it was incorporated, not into a Serbian state, but into a Yugoslav one. (along with other historically Non-Serb lands) And with one big interruption (the second world war) it remained part of some sort of dysfunctional quasi-Yugoslav state until June 2006. Until the destruction of the old federal Yugoslavia by Milosevic, Kosovo had a dual status. It was called a part of Serbia; but it was also called a separate unit of the federation. In all practical ways, the latter sense prevailed: Kosovo had its own parliament and government, and was directly represented at the federal level, alongside Serbia. It was, in fact, one of the eight units of the federal system. Almost all the other separate units have now become independent states. Historically, the independence of Kosovo just completes that process. Therefore, Kosovo has become an ex-Yugoslav state, as any historian could tell you.

Serb Chetnik ultra-nationalists in Ukraine are going to spread the gospel of Serbian-Jesus and leave Serbian poop in the fields. (The anti-Europe stupido wearing a Harley Davidson top is more stupid than I thought. Get it right dum-dum. Harley Davidson is about freedom, breaking down barriers and extremism, breaking down road blocks and being free to ride, not building barriers and road blocks and then occupying, killing and stealing in the name of Serbdom or the Serb cult church. He really should be wearing a Yugo t-shirt)


Serbian volunteers presenting themselves as the members of the “Serbian Chetnik movement” have arrived in Sevastopol...“to support Russian people” amid ongoing tensions in Ukraine, Itar – Tass news agency reported on March 5 2014.

“We represent the ‘Serbian Chetnik movement’ and you may compare us to Cossacks,” Milutin Malisic, “Wolves Chetnik guard commander” was quoted as saying by the Russian agency.

“Our objective is to "support" the Russian people on behalf of the "Serbian people". At this moment, everything resembles here the situation we had in Serbia. The West and Europe are financing the opposition and they say they want European and freedom perspective, but this is all a lie,” the Malisic said.

More Serbs chetniks and mercenaries in Ukraine in their typical "Serbs can do whatever we want" pose, it's seen many times during Serb Jihads. It may all be directed related to the Serb complex of attempting to portray their illusionary Serb machismo. You see, after defeat in Croatia, stopped in BIH and then losing Kosovo, new attempts must then be made to show to the world their actual superiority, victory and envied all across the world victorious machismo compared to puny nobody Non-Serbs. Article: www.dw

Serb chetnik and militias doing their part to make Ukraine a better place. Notice how one of their philistine leaders typically texted "Today our squad killed 23 soldiers criminal army Ukraine". Serb Jihadic armies have no problem with ethnic cleansing in any country. What next? "criminal army Poles, Slovaks, Czechs? etc" Image and article source:

Straight from the horse's mouth or pen in many instances, when the facts and reality show otherwise then just spread bullshit and invented groundless fiction to prove anything (see also Jovan I. Deretic for more inspiring pseudohistory/detached from reality examples). This politician, writer, and political theorist-fiction writer was very popular in Serbia in the 90s and even today because of his belief that Serbs were always the victims in every war they ever waged, and the were the only victims from the 90's. 

This Serb victim in Ukraine is highlighting his fancy "1903" fancy patch for the camera. (The 1903 commemorates the killing of the Serb king, family and supporters in 1903, (not to be confused with the assassination of their Serbian prince in 1868 which is a whole other assassination in Serbia by other Serbs, and importantly not part of Croatian history I should add), so what does that tell you about these kinds of specimens? Even killing your very own royal family is a heroic glorious act and something special, well whoopty-doo and la-de-da for the rest of us, we are in awe and give you glorious salutations). These types don't seem like any sort of soldiers to me actually but much more like Walmart People in uniforms deserving of being included in photogalleries without a doubt, see also

This image is of a happy Serb sniper currently in Ukraine. According to the article at Russia Insider, this Serb volunteering to shoot Ukrainians" is somehow payback" to NATO for bombing Serbia in 1999 after their ethnic cleansing campaigns in Kosovo. One small problem though, Ukraine wasn't then and isn't part of NATO even now. Ukraine just like Croatia played no part whatsoever in 1999 NATO military action to stop Serb ethnic cleansing and killing in Kosovo. (Ukraine was one of the very first countries in Europe to recognize Croatian independence in 1991 though however). Perhaps this has something to do with his hiding behind bushes and buildings shooting other Non-Serbs far away from his country? Because the Ukrainians are not true Serb orthodox which is an unpardonable sin against Serbs and so therefore they are European Non-Serb zombie-satan scum, like the Macedonian and Montenegrin Orthodox troublemakers and others who don't do as they say or want, see also

Here's some bonus supplementary information, above is a photo of a member from the very popular Serb rock band Рибља Чорба (Pronounced like Riblya Chorba). The band's songs and outspoken views during the early 90's were very supportive of all the Serb attacks, massacres and bombings of Croatian civilian towns and cities, especially the complete destruction of the Baroque town of Vukovar which made them even more popular in Serbia. Well, during the attacks in Ukraine with help from the Serb chetnik nationalist volunteers, they and the band's frontman Бора Ђорђевић seen above were very supportive of that too, and their popularity grew even more. Wow Serbian rock bands and music are just so cool, they must sell lots of albums in Ukraine. (Do you think the 2 Serbs above party together when not singing or shooting?...probably, see also would-you-travel-to-serbia-to-sex-goats-sheep-dogs-cats-geese)

The same Serb from the previous photo, ("the inferior irrelevant Non-Serb drone has been eradicated"), he is also a part-time comic between sniping at Non-Serb Ukrainians heads behind bushes and buildings. (He's single and available ladies, don't push or shove or cause a stampede, he's coming back from Ukraine with 350 Euros, (He doesn't accept Roubles though, only Euros or other western currencies), good quality stolen vodka and plenty of love to spread around. Coming to a smelly tavern/shithole drinking emporium near you). Special thanks to the photographer for the pics.

In 1991 and just before the Vukovar massacre, indicted war criminal Vojeslav Seselj and members of his Serb Jihad chetnik and ultra-nationalist paramilitary forces, were instrumental in numerous genocidal ethnic cleansing and raping campaigns. It's not a good thing for Ukrainians when these scumbag riff-raff specimens decide to poke their nose in where it doesn't belong. These types (cream of the crop) are also still considered holy heroes by numerous supporters in Serbia, go figure. 

As already shown and explained earlier, here we have an example of the typical publicity/propaganda pic between the killings and cleansing. Just pose with various icons, flags and Serb church/cult talk and symbology (in Ukraine) and all is well and you are always in the right, you are actually the good guys killing them Ukrainian scum criminal occupiers who should go to hell, see also

Self-explanatory absurdity, see also from a Russian perspective.

These Serbian church and religion types, that can truthfully be described as a Serbian Taliban, were doing similar things all over the place in the 1990's. Above and below some examples where their Serb religion patriarchs/gurus bless the war criminals to go forth and commit genocide, ethnically cleanse and rape to their hearts content. (sometimes with the blessed and kissed Serbian bread  crumbled in their underwear and in their anuses according to some sources, so as to feel the Holy Serbian bread at all times and know that it is there in their ass crack and that they are the Serbian). Notice the fundamentalist zeal during the kissing of the Serbian bread. Notice also the trance-like state of the extremist spectators/supporters in the background. They are detached from reality because the Serbian bread has become a symbolic tool to kill and cleanse Non-Serbs, (Non-Serbs who don't even really exist according their doctrines and agendas, hence the "people who don't exist can't and must not have lands" viewpoint), bready mystical nourishment, the crumbly bread has become holy Serbian cereal that was made with the crushed powdery bones of Non-Serbs instead of flour, Serbian water then binds the bread loaf to make it easier to kiss, add flags and various water sprinkling and chants and the Serb jihads become a holy Serb jihad. Both Serb bread kissers are now being tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity, war crimes, organized mass murders and ethnic cleansing and yet are still Serb heroes/saints/martyrs even today. If they could they would be in Ukraine also. (since already on the topic of bread, check out a Croatian bread/baked goods Mlinar bakery post HERE)

The Seal of the Serbian Parliament in 1805, representing Serbs and Triballians, hence the great holy Triballian pig motif.

Below are guaranteed Non-Serb women. How do I know?...because they're rooting for the Ukrainian soccer team at Euro 2012 in Ukraine instead of vacationing in Serbia eating the Serbian bread shown earlier, that's a fact.

These Ukrainian cheerleaders and soldiers I'm putting here strictly for contrast to the previously mentioned progressive loveable Serb jihad humanitarian ninja turtles and bread kissers etc. How will they feel about the armed Serbs coming to tell them how and where to live and who they are? can rest assured not too supportive at all. (Although who knows? they may be waiting in line to go on a date with the previous Serb sniper guy with the Euros and drone remains. It is a pretty cool shiny looking drone you have to admit, and he does have a very debonair sexy smile too). Also, ironically it's actually the Croats who have the recorded history with early Kievan Rus' and not the Serbs, so shouldn't it be the Croatians who can rightfully cleanse and tell people where to live and who they are in Ukraine instead? It should instead rightfully be Croats in Ukraine sniping at people and that's the truth.

Remember this? Of course you wouldn't. That's because this information and lots more information over the past 125 years is constantly trying to be censored and gotten rid of by these types. Stuff they don't want people to know or replace it with other fabricated and made up stuff. Just because a Serb poops in a forest, it doesn't make the forest Serbian, and just because the Non-Serb has Serbian poop on the soles of his or her shoes it doesn't mean that they now have the right to rape or slaughter you or anybody or call your stuff as his stuff. It's still only the poop that is Serbian. That's science and facts and reality. These Serb Jihads against Non-Serbs in the early 20th century are not well known by the average person. See also from a Russian perspective.











Serbian Chetniks are now arriving in Ukraine to fight...for something. To hopefully cleanse Ukrainians for Slavic unity or something is the message from the Serb below. There are many thousands like him roaming the streets and alleyways of Serbian towns and villages, ready to scrape the cowshit from their boots at a moments notice to battle their demons with freshly made patches and flags to prove their machohood, let the Serb Jihads commence.

OVERCOMPENSATE: excessive compensation, especially the exertion of effort in excess of that needed to compensate for a physical or psychological characteristic or defect.

KLEPTO: a person who has a compulsion to steal.

DELUSIONAL DISORDER: is a specific psychiatric condition in which patients have disruptive delusions and fixed false beliefs. Symptoms include being emotionally over-invested in the idea and it overwhelms other elements of their psyche, as well as bad hygiene, talking pidgin languages, stuttering, scratching, seeing Non-Serb shadow people.

The recent situation in Ukraine and the volunteer Serbian Chetniks and paramilitaries is reminiscent to what Croatia experienced in the 90's. Above are just a few of the Serb Chetniks and volunteer extremists that travelled to Croatia to likewise attack, kill and ethnically cleanse Non-Serb civilians. Declaring themselves as the elite highest echelon and truest representative culture bearers of the Serbian nation and it's ideals, the underlying reasoning for their actions is that they believe Serb culture, society and people are superior to Non-Serbs and their cultures, customs and societies. (Croats and even other Slavic languages speaking nations also fall into this group). The Serbian church which by the standard definition falls into the category of a cult, has for many years disseminated these ideals and especially played a major role in the 90's while being in collusion with the remaining Ex-Yugoslav communist political leadership and their military strategies and goals. In a nutshell they are really just bad liars, criminals and psychotics living in their own self-contained reality and parallel hallucination-universe, they've lost the compass to real space and time. See also from a Russian perspective.

Like I said, just really bad liars, criminals and psychotics living in their own self-contained reality, history and parallel hallucination-universe, see also

COMPLEX: a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas, feelings, memories, and impulses that is usually repressed and that gives rise to abnormal or pathological behavior, alternate fiction based realities and then more complexes. 

In times of war, Serb Chetniks like to exchange fucking goats, farmer's rubber boots and pitchforks for military boots and free liquor, as well as hopefully getting a chance at some European smegma free pussy. Because most of them are illiterate, they only know how to play with their beards and hold flags usually. They last made a large scale appearance in the early 1990's when thousands arrived from Serbia with Serb church blessings and support to partake of ethnic cleansing, raping, getting drunk, looting and shooting women and children in Croatia. (Sometimes also fucking Croatian goats and/or cows). Classy brave fellows and chaps who are the winning formula with lotsa smarts for guys who were popped out of their majka's rancid cunts (or shat out perhaps probably) and then left on peoples doorsteps.

"Why are they even there? Their whole existence has always been as ultranationalist occupiers and represent losers, they are the ISIS and Taliban of the Orthodox world"....Evgeni, Saint Petersburg.

The above quote from the Russian news source I came across (translated from Russian Cyrillic) brings up an interesting point, one that most probably don't put much thought into but something that is very obvious. Namely, these self-proclaimed elite highest echelon and truest representative culture bearers of the Serbian nation and it's ideals, and their supporters and sympathizers also, constantly attempt to remind or at least portray that they are somehow bizarrely equal to Russia in being some sort of superlative examples of some sort of so-called "Slavdom" and so-called "Slavic Unity."  On top of that also portraying themselves as the elite of and perfect examples of their so-called "Orthodox Unity", as the only true Orthodox and Cyrillic script alphabet nations culture bearers of the former Byzantium and the former Constantinople, which is ridiculous and absurd. 

If this is the case then where is this supposed "Slavic Unity" in Ukraine going on exactly? Where was it during the 1st and 2nd Balkan Wars at the beginning of the 20th century. (Which were the only actual real so-called Balkan Wars btw and didn't involve Croatia and isn't a part of Croatian historiography at all, even just geographically speaking Croatia from border to border is much closer to Austria and even the Swiss Alps are much closer than to the Balkan mountains, about half the distance actually). Are Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Belarus in agreement and supporters of these Ukraine unity and mother-brotherhood events and actions? I highly doubt it. If Russia is their true mother-brotherland and the best example of Slavic, Cyrillic and Orthodox Brotherhood Unity as they proclaim, then why the heck do they always emigrate to anywhere else, and especially towards the inferior and corrupted Central and Western European Non-Cyrillic and Non-Orthodox countries and nations? (which Croatians have been a part of historically and civilizationally for well over a thousand years before there even was any Serbia)...that doesn't make any sense in the least because it's the opposite direction and civilization, they should have been running in droves during the mighty Bolshevik-Soviet times especially. Those countries and nations are the other way down that other road. What's wrong with rightfully emigrating to mother-brother Russia or even the other neighboring Orthodox Cyrillic nations, wouldn't that make much more sense? How about just a long overland bridge over Romania and Ukraine straight to Russia, makes sense to me. Why go swimming in the enemy inferior civilization Non-Orthodox-Cyrillic European waters? it just makes no sense at all. Somebody should really get them a map and compass and some history books to read. I sure hope Poland and the rest don't likewise get any similar Slavic unity and mother-brotherhood experiences. (Poles already have their own vodka anyway and have for centuries, it's written right there on their vodka bottle labels, the world's first written mention of the drink and of the word "vodka" was in 1405 in Poland, so they don't need any of this superior Cyrillic and Orthodox Mother-Brotherhood Unity vodka that the Serbs are drinking in Ukraine, do they?)

But you see, this is where it all basically boils down again to the Serb church cult, whose leadership and patriarchs have been the inventors and promoters of these fabricated ideals and ideologies, invoking preposterous dreams and historically false views and claims that the Serbs can also someday have lands that never belonged to them ever and become a mini-Russia. This is also why the Serbian Orthodox church (Serbian; Српска православна цркваis) is in constant church politics friction with their neighboring Romanian, Bulgarian Orthodox churches (inside the country as well as outside) and downright spitting on the Macedonian and Montenegrin Orthodox churches historical rights with political power games, condemnation and schism accusations and unfounded hocus pocus mumbo jumbo Orthodox supremacy rights voodoo which doesn't exist. (the self-styled Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church even to this day also refuses to acknowledge and recognize the Montenegrin Orthodox Church and the Macedonian Orthodox Church declared autocephaly and independence status, (Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric, declared independent and autocephalous in 1967 with an Archbishopric history dating to 1019 which is 200 years before the formation of a Serb orthodox church, that's 2 centuries before, on top of that it was formed out of the aftermath of the preceding First Bulgarian Empire and their already independent Bulgarian Orthodox Church) as today the Serbian Orthodox Church regards itself as the only and preeminent Orthodox institution in all those regions (even where Serbs are a very small minority or even not present) and has instead denounced their decisions, condemned their churches, historical/cultural heritage rights and especially their clergy as errant and schismatic, and the self-styled Holy Serb Synod constantly and insultingly tries to block their wish for autocephaly status and a national independent church at every opportunity. Particularly insulting because just like Ukraine they're independent countries and nations with their own personal histories on top of it all.)

Basically, they laughably want to be a big mighty Non-European Serbian Russia in that part of the continent someday, or at least hope that Russia will give it to them a magical place in a magical land somewhere over the Serb orthodox cyrillic rainbow. (Nevermind though that Belgrade used to be called Alba Bulgarica and was part of the First Bulgarian Empire in the early 9th century, and then part of Hungary, and Byzantium and back and forth around and around), and that Sofia Bulgaria was never at any time called Alba Serba ever, because that wouldn't fit in with Serb church cult ideological aspirational dreams and revisionist history of them as the only superior Orthodox Cyrillic country in that part of the continent and that only they should have the power of granting independent church status (not granting actually) to people who aren't Serbs and never were. It's not part of the equation lest the Bulgarians rightfully take back their city and lands back that rightfully belonged to them. Their demented Serb church dreams mumbo jumbo would be far more realistic and probable if they hoped for Warsaw, Prague, Budapest or even Stockholm being the next Serb capital city. (I should remind the reader that all these previously mentioned facts has absolutely nothing to do with Croatians or Croatian history or culture, but it's definitely still good information to know for the benefit of the reader)

Serbs and flags, always ready to make the other European and Non-Serb lands a better place and the Non-Serbs will like it or else, and what's not to like and aspire to anyway? just admit it you want to be Serbian like these guys.

The classic and common Serb Chetnik appearance. (Woe unto you who take a whiff of their beards or underwear). Usually speaking in a jibberish pidgin because most of them are illiterate and are usually just farm hands who think they beat NATO in 1999, they profess that they stand for Serbian Jesus, anti-Europe (anti anything after the year 1900 actually) and are for shooting unarmed people wherever they are found near liquor stores and/or elementary schools.

A related video of Serb Chetniks singing one of their favorite songs about killing and raping. (If you want to stop watching/listening after about 5 seconds I absolutely concur and wouldn't hold it against you)

*Updated 2017

Serbs In Serbia Hoping For Slobo Streets & Giant Statue To Honor Warmongering Dictator Slobodan Milosevic? Yep.

This is an interesting updated piece of news I came across by total chance and accident just the other day and thought it would be a good interesting supplementary current events addition here, (because trust me this isn't the kind of interesting stuff I look for as regular readers already know, I was just Googling around about statues and stuff and you know how the results pages sometimes adds unrelated and other topics pics). I'm not going to delve into it too much either but just put the basic nuts and bolts and my very brief observational opinion.

In a nutshell according to the articles I came across, numerous supporters of the former President of Serbia from 1989 to 1997 and then last President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000, (as well as charged by the International Criminal Tribunal with war crimes including being the brains behind the genocide and crimes against humanity in connection to the Serb wars against Non-Serbs in Bosnia, Croatia, and later in Kosovo), have already for years but are now redoubling efforts again lately to honor the former dictator in various ways.

They have plans and hopes to name many new streets, parks and erect monuments, as well as a giant monument in the very center of Belgrade. That's about it, below are just a few recent pics I came across of some of the supporters at his grave in Belgrade, where he was also given high honors and a special ceremonial burial by the Serbian Church patriarchs and leaders, who were also big supporters of him and his expansionist policies/accomplices during his time as Serbian and remaining Yugoslav President (the very last still officially communist state in Europe also btw), so no surprise there. (he's also especially very popular with the radical politicians and political organizations in Serbia these days and even their current leaders, it's also without a doubt these types that recently got involved with the nefarious schemes in Montenegro, but that's another topic)

However what do I think about this news though? I say go for it, he's all their's like the saying goes and they'd be crazy not to. A true national hero and even lead saint of his other accomplices saints/heroes. They just have to make sure they erect the statues there in Serbia and keep them there. (as in no exporting little souvenir size statues to other countries, just a hunch but probably they wouldn't be all that popular anyway and would just gather dust on the store shelves, I'm pretty sure they would sell just about as much as the Kim Jong statues which isn't really all that many). Heck I even say do the whole Kim Jong thing, make the statues huge like even 300 feet high like some of those giant Buddha statues you see around on the internet, heck even all over the place, as in every town and city too. Besides nobody will try to stop them either, it's not like any countries will send their militaries in to stop them from erecting the monuments or a giant statue, that would be ridiculous. I personally couldn't care less really and would probably do a post about it.

Anyway that's about it, that's the scoop, what the giant monument statues will look like I don't know, just multiply his below gravesite statue by a hundred or so. Perhaps it will even look all epic like on a giant horse or bull looking down across the lands looking all epic and stuff. Wow, that will be really something and spectacular, practically a tourist attraction probably. The Belgrade grave statue seen below is already a popular place for selfies according to the articles, so the other ones will be hugely popular for various selfie pics, holiday and family photos. Best of luck with that, I'll update this story when more information becomes available.

Images of warmongering ultranationalist commie guru and former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic statue in Belgrade are in no particular order.

The Serbian Church Metropolitan Amfilohij seen in the golden hat below, gave the tearful moving and inspiring eulogy for the dead scumbag usurping czar wannabee who was responsible for initiating years of nationalistic terror against Non-Serbs. Interestingly also, in 1996 he published a best selling book titled  "The Lamb of God and the Beast from the Abyss" (wow, sounds real interesting and probably full of lots of cool interesting facts) where he likewise treats Slobo's other genocidal ethnic-cleansing psychopal Radovan Karadzic as another heroic Serb saint, as well as other similar war criminal/saint-hero types including of course Vojeslav Seselj (who has become a popular Serb politician and especially known for various glorious flag burning sprees lately with his promises of future explosions and attacks against Non-Serbs and a greater something again, as well as promising to ride into Zagreb on a tank with his new army and other greater psychobabble that his many supporters always agree and clap afterwards enthusiastically) as well as the greater Serbian pigshit-cunt "Arkan" (another Serbian  church saint-hero who eventually got his just rewards blessings ironically also thanks to his very own Serb people). On the other hand the Serbian Church Metropolitan Amfilohij has also been for years numerous times quoted for vehemently denouncing Nato outright by calling it just a "militaristic, totalitarian, terrorist, international organization", (well I can't argue with that because it must be true if he says so, which is probably why Montenegro just joined Nato also to obviously help the surrounding totalitarian terrorist militaries of Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania export their various terrorist hair styling  products, bread plates and greater expansionist cakes and hams into Kosovo). 

The artwork lettering under the photograph in the Serbian alphabet "Xepoj" means "Hero" btw, as in he was or is the Serbian hero/he is our Serbian hero/he is the heroic Serb, something like that. (Hence the Serb church patriarchs and priests blessings etc). Like I said, they've lost the compass to space and time and reality, besides where's the "1903 patch sticker" on the photo ignorant bitch,? no bread for you.

It's ironic that some countries and people want to erect various sized monuments and statues to megalomaniacal genocidal warmongering commie dictators, and some countries and people, such as Ukraine as just one example, want to tear them all down. These people are the winning formula for the future you have to admit.

Here's just a couple bonus pics I came across and again just by chance. (and I kid you not there's no photoshop or fake news involved). They're both from the burial of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000 which was also attended at the time by supporters and political party leaders in Serbia, and guess what? Two of the guys in the first pic went on to become Serbian Presidents and Prime Ministers, the guy on the left Александар Вучић (Aleksandar Vucic) is actually even the President of Serbia right now as I'm writing this. And the 3rd stooge seen at the same burial in the second pic is the Serbian Foreign Minister also today, meaning right now at this very moment, I kid you not. Besides being big supporters of the former Serbian Yugoslavia President and his henchmen and their war crimes policies, I know these 3 dirtbag cocksuckers are also big fans of Serbian delusional-history writer Jovan I Deretić, who is also a big Slobo fan and full of hallucination-history books, because I've come across some really absurd bullshit in articles over the years from their pointless bullshit lip-flapping. Well, there's not much more for me to say about this topic except that it's obviously time to build the monuments and especially the giant statue in Belgrade. It's time to build the giant statue already without a doubt. (the Serbian dinar currency, postal stamps and mugs and tees can be done later). Also giant statues for his comerade brother in arms psychotic lackeys Mladic, Karadzic, Seselj and those others at the Serbian wing of the Hauge, and probably Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein also naturally.

With the provacative ungrounded bullshit lies, alternate histories and delusionary comments this current Serbian foreign affairs minister Ивица Дачић, (Ivica Sacic) and the above Serb prime minister Александар Вучић (Aleksandar Vucic) flap their lips about in their Serbian government run propaganda media, especially lately, I'm really surprised some Kosovar Albanian and even Ukrainian hasn't yet rightfully put some bullets up their asses to blow out their brains, and then their craniums. (then the heroes above could make an even newer cooler looking "2018 patch" instead of that boring "1903 patch", it only makes perfect sense and they would be crazy not to).

And lastly here's an example of one of those Kim Jong statues I was talking about before, this one is located in Pyongyang. Some more examples here of other epic giant monument statues options they should browse through.

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