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subota, 22. ožujka 2014.

Serbia Erased In Ukrainian Map & Replaced By An Expanded Croatia

The newer version Croatia ('Hrvatska' in Croatian) is written in Ukrainian as 'Хорватія' (Horvatia). Image: Youtube screenshot.

I like this one, I really, really like this one boys and girls. This one is so much more interesting than my Croatia map fail post from a couple of years ago (See post Here), which was just one of the numerous television fail maps out there to quickly post about. Unless you don't watch television or surf the net at all, then by now you should be well aware of the current Ukraine-Crimea-Russia crisis.

I'm not going to get too depth into the situation here, but I am going to add a few observations and thoughts about this map. Firstly, like I said, this map story way outdoes the fail Croatia map post I did before. That was just Fox News. One can come across numerous similar fail maps these days on television. But this map, this is really interesting for a few reasons. Was it on purpose? Who's to say? I'm sure the Ukrainian Prime Minister seen in the video is well aware of the recent support of Russian actions by Serbian politicians and weirdo Chetnik and Serb extremist/ultra-nationalist groups.....and pretty well only them. (I touched upon this topic at a post Here with a little more background information)

 A typical Serb SERB comment at the Youtube video. He's an avid reader of Serbian history books.

(Regarding some of the misinformation and uneducated comments at the video, let me tell you a little something. Some of these Serby types as seen above are commenting and babbling all over the place as expected. You see, these types are the ones who babble about some Serbia-Russia connection because they desperately NEED a big boy in their corner, this explains why Serb politicians, extremist and chetnik groups etc, are always playing this card. (Not that long ago it was Muammar al Gaddafi because he was a big pro-terrorist and anti-Europe guy) Now they're volunteering in Crimea on the Russian side (see link just before the article)..babbling around saying that the recent protests in Kiev that booted out the corrupt and incompetent government are Nazi's, Ukrainian terrorist Nazi's backed by Europe...bla bla bla. (These types think Serbia is the Russia of Europe. LOL) These types of close minded provocateurs are specifically saying this because it supports their agendas and politics. They blame non-existent "European backed conspiratorial Nazi protesters" for the troubles, which is the total opposite of the facts. The Ukrainian government was still corrupt, filled with ex-Soviet era apparatchiks, ruling with bribery, intimidation, corrupt officials controlling the police, lining their pockets with state funds etc. The protesters had enough and stood up for that reason. It was not backed by anybody but the people who want accountability, rule of law, no bribes and secret deals behind every law and major financial agreement. To call them Nazi's for that reason shows just how ignorant and misleading they are. The protests in Kiev were not the problem, but only the result of the real problems...large scale corruption within a system still ruling like a spruced up and watered down Soviet era system, (Soviet-lite)...with rigged elections for eye candy...etc. The protesters didn't show up to want change to a system that was working great with a booming economy and prestigious politicians. How can Orthodox and Cyrillic Slavs now possibly be a part of the Serb blood drinking conspiracy led by the Satanic Papal-Euro cuntwhores and their Masonic clean-undied Nazi Euro-Beelzebubs? Are these types going to go and revive the Warsaw Pact again? Perhaps a Belgrade Pact which would include all the Srb countries from Portugal to Kazakhstan and Iran to Libya?)

I'm sure the Ukrainian Prime Minister is probably familiar also with those same extremist ultra-nationalist types from over the years, from the 90's Serb land grab attempts. On that note, I think the map is just just simply that, a tit for tat, the people behind the map may like-wise now think Croatia should annex Serbia, and theoretically some other independent counties as well, to point out a parallel situation vis-a-vis Serbian aspirations in the past and even now. Various ulta-nationalistic, extremist and Serb Chetnik organizations over the last century have been putting out numerous bizzare Serb version maps like the above, which is part of the reason for their attacks, ethnic cleansing and genocidal war campaigns of the 90's in the first place.  It could also be a case of being a Ukrainian message to Serbia, as in "Don't think we'll forget this, and btw, perhaps Croatia should like-wise annex you."  But...(and this is a BIG BUT)...this Croatia map is now a part of the most important news item in the world today, it is now a part of the biggest Russia-West crisis since the end of the cold war, since the invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia. This Croatia map in the commercial is history, and not just a fly by night and mostly unnoticed television news map.

A reply to the Youtube video from Montenegro.

Yes it's just a map, but it's also a statement. A map statement worth putting here anyway. A message that Serbs may be overstepping their own boundaries with provocative words and actions that doesn't concern usual, and it has not gone unnoticed. (I've seen and heard it around here many times as well, it's an ingrained narcissistic overcompensation mentality, a complex) I don't need to elaborate anymore, unless like I said, you've been detached from the goings on in the world for a while.

 On this side of the pond, the most vocal supporter of annexing even more Ukrainian territory is strangely coming from Hollywoodland. The most famous SERBIAN actor/model and political activist, Emir Kusturica, has been strongly in favor of current events in media reports. He's also been a supporter over the years of past Serbian ethnic cleansing, genocide and war crimes, especially against Kosovo Albanians. He sees it as an opportunity for Serbs to do the same again. (and perhaps get more movie roles as a crazed cannibal janitor or hobo) Yeah I know, I've never seen any of his movies either, he's no Goran Višnjić. (He's also an avid reader of the Serbian history books that the previously shown Serb reads)  See article at

The English text translation from the Ukrainian commercial are below the video. However notice something else, notice when he speaks his last sentence while nodding..."And so it will be!" ("I tak bude", *in Croatian we can also say "I tako bude" for the same words*) Interestingly one is left wondering, is he referring to his mentioned previous points and the topic of Ukraine and the European Union?...or is he referring and acceding to a future fait accompli that he may just quite possibly be referring to......?

(For some other interesting information for the boys and girls out there that you probably didn't know about, find out more about early Croatian history and how it is connected to early Ukrainian, and Russian history at and

Kiev erased Serbia from the map of Europe and annexed it to Croatia





Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseni Yatsenyuk is seen in the video explaining why he believes that Ukraine should become a part of the European Union. Also seen in the video is a map of the former states of the former-Yugoslavia are also attached to Croatia.

In the promotional video, he explains why Kiev and Ukraine should become a part of the EU, and behind him appears a map on which all the states of the former-Yugoslavia are annexed to Croatia.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseni Yatsenyuk is in the video explaining why he believes that Ukraine should become part of the European Union.

He mentions that Serbia has just opened negotiations with the EU, but it appears for the Ukrainian Prime Minister, knowingly or unknowingly, that in the map behind him Serbia obviously does not exist. Serbian ultra-nationalistic apparatchiks in Belgrade speculate that it was a bloody provocation against Serbs given the close relations between Serbian Chetniks and extremist politicians and Russia, as well as the vocal Serb support for annexing Crimea and other areas of Ukraine.

The television commercial was emitted on Ukrainian state television and has since caused a diplomatic scandal.

Translated video text in English:

What is the agreement with the European Union for each of you?
It is salaries and pensions which are 5 times higher than in Ukraine.
It is access to the best European universities and European education in Ukraine.
It is modern medicine, which is expensive for everyone, and lifespans 15 years longer than today.
It is an honest and fair proposition to be governed by the rule of law, and not by bribes and rules made over the telephone.
It is newer technology, significant investment, bigger markets, lower-cost loans and jobs.
It is the right of every Ukrainian to travel freely in Europe without visas and borders.
It is an agreement - a plan to make Europe include Ukraine.
It is beneficial to each of you.
Ukraine is in Europe, and Europe - in Ukraine.
And so it will be !

Update: March 24

 Serbian Foreign Minister Requesting Explanation Of Map Without Serbia


Foreign Minister of Serbia.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic has invited the Ukrainian Embassy charge d'affaires to a meeting to discuss the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk's promotional video about Ukraine and the EU that featured a map of Europe without Serbia. It constitutes an offence to Serbia and Mrkic will request a meeting so he could inform the Ukrainian official about Serbia's view regarding the incident, the Foreign Ministry has stated.

The video shows Ukraine's interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk explaining why Ukraine should become a member of the EU. The map in the video shows the EU countries, but all of the countries of the former Yugoslavia are erased and the entire territory is labeled Croatia. Although Serbia is mentioned in relation to the start of the accession talks with the EU, for the Ukrainian Prime Minister, it is not on the map of Europe.

I decided to add this footage again from my previous post, it shows that lots of people wouldn't have noticed this or many other map scenarios, as well as that many people probably don't know where Ukraine, the Crimea or probably even where Europe is.

Update: March 26, 2014.


Well, it didn't take long before bizarro world in Serbia took the next bizarro step. A Facebook page has been started up in Serbia which in a short time has hit over 20,000 Likes. Almost like at the previous example of Support for Muammar al Gaddafi from the people of Serbia, this new Facebook is specifcially asking Putin to annex Serbia and even other areas, just so that Serbia can become a part of Russia. Hmmm?  Complete with pro-911, Nazi-Ukrainian Euro-Satan photos and other bizarro photos and comments. It seems they're losing their identity now amidst all the conspiracies going through their noggins and want Russia to annex them, after they do some annexing of their own vis-a-vis Montenegro, Kosovo and in Bosnia of course.

They actually prefer to be Russians than Serbs? (This is totally understandable, if I was Serbian I would want to be almost anything else too, anything else than a Serb) Sort of living vicariously through Russia, imagining that Russia is Serbia? Pfff, they wish.  It's almost like they think it's the year 1817.  Whether it's tongue in cheek or 100% serious, which it seems to be, would Russia in all probability even want or need them? Anyway, now you too can pretend that you are a Serb pretending that they are Russian kicking Nazi Euro-Ukrainian ass and the Ukrainophile Slavic Devil Nazi's. Bring out the identity crisis medicines. This makes me proud to be Croatian particularly, because we at least have not reached the point where we want to be annexed and become another people, nor ever will. Croats have not become nuts asking to be annexed and become a part of another country. Their retarded Facebook page is atФБ Референдум - Путине, прикључи и Србију ФБ Референдум - Путине, прикључи и Србију and below is a sneak peek.

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