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ponedjeljak, 10. ožujka 2014.

Slaven Bilić Leaves Question Period During Television Interview

I liked this one as soon as I saw it on a Croatian portal, it made my morning. (I've done the same before and probably will again, why argue or waste your breath trying to explain the obvious or answer fatuitious inane questions. I also occasionally do it when in a long line up at a coffee shop, Wal-Mart, fast food place, post office, when approached by an ugly hooker, when some crackhead pulls a knife out and says "gimme yer wallet", when at the grocery or vitamins store etc, for a variety of reasons, except I usually say "pfff/as if...." first or afterwards)  I was fortunate enough to find an English text article so I didn't have to translate this one. I just found this one funny and entertaining.

Anyway, Slaven Bilić, the former pro footballer, Croatian national team player and team manager as well, is now at the helm of Turkish team Beşiktaş. His team currently sits 3rd in the standings just 5 points behind the league leaders. During question period he decided to leave when asked again about non-called penalties for his team which were called for a competing league team, a point he's already made clear in the press there a few times already. Basically it looks to me like he left as if the waiter just brought him a plate of pasta with extra anchovies in a red sauce, but he specifically explained to the waiter he wanted butter and garlic pan fried shrimp and penne in a cream sauce. (with sprinkled mushrooms on top) Did he overreact by going crazy? Act unaccordingly with not proper television etiquette? Well, read and see for yourselves....I will let you know if footage shows up of him throwing baklava at people in the streets, chasing people with a machete or is seen hanging out with Kim Jong-un etc.

(On a related note, this news piece is another good reason that can be added to my Croatian Countdown to World Cup post. There I go through various scenarios to show that there may be lots of distractions and strange situations for the Croatian national team this summer)


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Beşiktaş coach Slaven Bilic stormed out of a press conference following his team’s last-minute victory over Eskişehirspor in the Spor Toto Super League on March 9 in protest at recent refereeing decisions.

An 89th-minute goal from defender Ersan Gülüm gave Beşiktaş a hard-fought 1-0 win over Es-Es, meaning the Black Eagles continued their chase of rivals Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray.

“All I want is for my team to receive the same treatment and we are not getting it,” the Croatian coach said in the press conference before storming out of the room. “But anyway we’re going to fight until the end for the championship.”

Beşiktaş had a penalty appeal waved off by the referee during the game and it caused a rift between Bilic and former German referee and Lig TV pundit Markus Merk.

The German said the referee was right to not make the call and Bilic said, “But it was a penalty for Fenerbahçe last week … Come on man, give me a break,” before leaving the interview.

I had to update with different footage of the video interview because the original long version video was deleted. In summary, the back and forth questions and remarks from the studio and interviewer excrutiatingly went on for almost a minute and a half. I'm surprised that at this point he didn't already start puking blood.

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