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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Annual Swedish Television Series To Film In Croatia

I know absolutely nothing about this television series and never heard of it before. It's not a super huge Hollywood blockbuster production, but seems to be popular in Sweden, so it's interesting enough to throw in here. Don't ask me if there's Christmas Vampires, Zombie Elves, a Brač Witch or if they get chased around the island by a stinky menacing 'Yule Ghoul'. All I know at this point is that the name of the annual holiday series in Swedish means 'Pirate Treasure Secret', (according to Google translate) so there's probably pirates involved in the plot. At the end of the day, a good promotion of the country, I don't know if the new Zagreb IKEA will be a part of the plot, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea. You know, the big round stinky lurking Christmas monster chases them for their map and other goodies, so they all have to hide in a big cardboard box of HÄREN'S or HASSELMUS'S after the lights are turned off, intrigue and nail biting suspense action all the way around. Will the ghoul find them or won't he? etc. Wow. If you can read Swedish then just hit the links below for more...


Hit Swedish TV Series Begins Filming on Brač


The list of international TV production houses selecting Croatia as a filming location has just got bigger with a hit Swedish series beginning filming on the island of Brač this week…

“We decided to shoot in Croatia because of its beautiful and unique landscape. Appropriate locations are crucial to the story and we are happy that we managed to find them right here. Another good reason is that Croatia has a reputation when it comes to working with foreign productions, ” said Nicklas Wiström Nicastro, the producer of the series “Piratskatten hemlighet” (Christmas in the Sun) to Novi List, which is watched by millions of Swedes every December.

The series, which is shown on national TV station SVT, runs from 1 – 24 December, and has been a tradition on television in Sweden since the 1960′s. It is the first time that the series is being filmed outside of Sweden. This December’s series will feature the adventures of two elementary school students who come to the island of Brač for Christmas with their families.

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