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Monday, 14 April 2014

Croatian MiG's Returning From Ukraine & Croatian MOD Receive 212 MRAP Armoured Vehicles

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Well, I didn't really feel like doing a military related post, but decided I should update the Croatian MiG-21 fleet story, since as probably most readers are aware, has been a complicated situation over the last month especially. From yesterday's Red Bull plane story to this plane story. For those not in the know, in a nutshell, a decision was made by the Croatian Ministry of Defence last September to upgrade 5 and purchase 7 more MiG' 21's from Ukraine before the new year. (All the background information at the previous post links below) The upgrade project fell behind schedule for various reasons, mainly the upgrades to newer radar systems which were being done by the Czechs, but then the unforeseen current Crimea-Ukraine-Russia situation happened just after the Olympics, this complicated the overall situation immensely.

For a while there it wasn't clear what was going to happen, would the MiG's be marooned and stuck in Ukraine indefinitely because of the situation in the Crimea and Ukraine? Would the situation extend to western Ukraine where the Croatian MiG's were being upgraded? Long story short, the MiG's have been completely upgraded and successfully tested and are on their way back finally. (Just in time too, as even just today the situation in eastern Ukraine is making the news again) This first MiGs arrived yesterday, and as I'm writing this 3 more have been successfully tested and are in the process of being disassembled and then trucked and should arrive later next week. The remaining 7 newly bought MiGs will shortly follow after upgrade testing. All 12 of the fighters were originally planned to have been back in Croatia in February, but better late then never with the current Ukraine-Russia situation. Each plane will then be reassembled in Croatia, completely tested again by pilots and technicians and then officially handed over to the Croatian Ministry of Defence. Then the Ukrainian company will get paid according to the originally signed contract agreements.

The planes were originally supposed to be flown back, but because of the complicated situation and air space factors, it was decided that trucking them back was the best option. Now, a number of other European NATO members also still use various MiG's, (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria) and this recent upgrade will give the Croatian Air Force a breathing space of about 6 years before deciding on who will replace and supply our next jet fighter fleet. I'll update this particular story when it comes to a conclusion and the planes are all back and operating in Croatian skies again, complete with upgrade info and specs and hopefully good video footage.

The second story I decided to add because I'm glad to see we're getting some kind of fringe benefits for the years of Croatian soldiers doing duties in Afghanistan, better the vehicles than a bunch of used clothes, cd's or old mattresses. I'm sort of disappointed though that the MRAX armoured vehicles aren't equipped with ultra-rapid fire large caliber guns or maybe some variable yield SSM's, 0.3 kiloton missiles would be fine and good enough I think. If the U.S. wants to send some free squadrons of jet fighters, tanks, missile systems, those exploding or poisonous gas Binaca breath freshener sprays (I've seen what those can do from 20 ft. away) or even those remote-controlled nuclear powered and tipped killer bats, by all means we'll take those too. Afterall, we're protecting freedom and civilization in that part of Europe like we have been for centuries. We're good like that. (Shit, we could even use them around here to clean up the downtown area of all the cumwads and scumfucks) Getting a brand new Deathstar would not be a bad idea either.

(I probably should add some extra interesting related information. The email address for this blog received some very strange emails since the Crimea situation started. I filter the emails thoroughly and don't even look at what's in the spam folder, however a few weeks ago I went in their to double check and take a quick look. Typical usual spam, you know, tons of 419 scams, long lost relatives, all kinds of religious crap. But lo and behold, some had the subject line including the words Croatian MiGs. Well, it seems the Greater Serb chetnik types were all joyous and bubbling with happiness and effervescent at the news at the time. "Ha ha, Croatia lost their MiG's..."Croatia has no air force now"...."Croatia is next bla bla bla"..."No MiGs for you!.lol..etc, along with broken English stuff. I think it's that old complex of theirs showing up again. You know, how all the European nations and countries stole all the Serbian lands. They probably all looked gleeful and macho proud like they did it, it could very well one of these people also. But it's always funny until you have an upgraded and modernized fully armed MiG flying down your fucking greater pointless serbo-throat, am I wrong? I just thought I'd add that related interesting information for the benefit of the readers)

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During the overhaul Croatian Air Force MiG-21 are painted in the low-visibility grey paint-scheme. Here one of the Fishbeds at Odesa on 29 November 2013 (Image © Ministarstvo obrane RH)

Croatian MiGs back from Ukraine



The first Croatian Air Force (Hrvatsko ratno zrakoplovstvo i protuzračna obrana) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 BIS-D has returned home after its overhaul in Odesa in Ukraine.

The fighter jet arrived at Zagreb-Pleso Airbase divided over two trucks in the afternoon of 12 April 2014. A team of 11 Ukrainian technicians will start reassembling the aircraft together with Croatian staff on 15 April.

A second overhauled MiG-21 BIS is expected back from Ukraine somewhere in the middle of this week, while three more Fishbeds – as NATO calls them – are being prepared for transport.

The first overhauled Croatian Air Force MiG-21 BIS arrives by truck at Zagreb-Pleso AB on 12 April 2014 (Image © Ministarstvo obrane RH)

Test flights on the first MiG-21 UMD two-seater were completed last week. This aircraft will now first go to the paint shop for its high-visibility red and white special paint scheme the type has sported before in Croatian service.

Croatia is letting 12 of its MiG-21s be overhauled in Odesa. The recent crisis between Ukraine and Russia caused some debate whether Zagreb was going to get back its fighter aircraft. But with five of the dozen either home or on their way to Croatia there seems to be less reason to worry.

Source: Ministarstvo obrane RH (Croatian MoD) with additional reporting by AIRheads’ editor Marcel Burger

The first Croatian MiG-21's arrived in Zagreb on 2 trucks, 3 more have been successfully upgrade tested and are getting ready to be disassembled and transported. The remaining new upgrade completed MiG's will be trucked back every few days.

A few sneak peeks of the first two MiGs to have arrived. Images: MORH/ T. Brandt.

A few updated images from August 2014. The Ukraine-Russia situation has escalated and is still slowing down completion of the contract, however Croatia has so far received nine overhauled MIGs, of which five have been put into combat service; the remaining 4 are in the process of being reassembled and tested a final time, the tenth is due by mid-September, and the rest of the aircraft by the end of the year respectively. Source:

An extra bonus pic, a view of the only Croatian Air Force MiG-21UMD in the new unique traditional and promotional paint scheme. Below that are the previous version paint jobs, this particular MiG-21 is affectionately called "Kockica" (Dice)

Great image released by the Croatian Ministry of Defence of a MiG-21 BIS in its old green-grey paint scheme taking off from Zagreb-Pleso Airbase (Image © Ministarstvo obrane RH)

U.S Donate Army Vehicles to Croatia



30 Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Vehicles (the MRAP MaxxPro for logistic use), donated by the U.S. Government to the Republic of Croatia, were officially taken over in the “Croatia” Barracks in Zagreb on 7 April 2014…

The official ceremony was attended by the Assistant Defence Minister of the Republic of Croatia for Material Resources, Viktor Koprivnjak as Envoy of the Defence Minister, the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, General Drago Lovrić and the U. S. Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia, Kenneth Merten.

The U.S. Government decided on donating 212 MRAP vehicles, of which 162 MRAP M-ATV vehicles (combat terrain vehicle), 29 MRAP HAGA vehicles (for medical purposes) and 30 MAXXPRO vehicles.

General Lovrić extended the appreciation to the U.S. Government for the valuable donation, stating that hte takeover of the MRAP vehicles was one of its numerous instances of assistance and donations to the Republic of Croatia and its Armed Forces.

“It is another confirmation of the United States of America being the foremost strategic defence partner of the Republic of Croatia”, stressed General Lovrić.

“The MRAP vehicles will provide the ballistic and counter mine protection to the members of the Croatian Armed forces, thereby enhancing operational safety and security of task performance and upgrading the existing capabilities, and thus enable the Croatian Armed Forces respond to new challenges and threats of the unforeseeable future”, concluded General Lovrić.

The U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia, Kenneth Merten gave the priority to the fact that the U.S. and Croatia made a part of the same team over the material value of the donation itself.

“We have been training our soldiers and officers together, participated in operations side-by-side and will now use the same type of equipment”, said the Ambassador.

Sergeant First Class Ivica Gogić shared his experience with operating the MRAP vehicle in ISAF, commending their performance and the utmost protection level ensured to escorted convoy passengers.

The vehicles have been assigned to the Croatian Army, Support Command and Special Operations Battalion respectively, and are intended for combat operations of smaller scale, in urban and restricted environments including patrolling, convoy securing, recce, MEDEVAC, transportation of personnel and cargo and command vehicle.

The MRAP vehicles weigh cca 1 tons, and their length is 6. 8 m, the width 2.7 m and the height 3.3 m respectively, and the average consumption totals 50 l/100 km. (MORH)

A few updated images after the Croatian Army paint scheme was applied. Images: and

Lastly, it's never a bad time for a stroll down memory lane, to 1995 and just after the defeat of Serb terrorists and the liberation of previously ethnically cleansed and occupied Croatia.

And here's a cool updated version.

And an interesting collage themed around the Croatian Military and Special Forces.

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