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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

It's That Time Of Year Again For Those Croatian Soccer Commercials.....

I'll just classify this under quaint, humor, current events or something like that. I've come across other Croatian soccer related commercials (aka: reklama) over the years which were also amusing, but it's a shame nobody uploaded them to Youtube. This recent one is sponsored by the ice-cream and frozen foods company 'Ledo' and includes the behind the scenes filming of it. Most of the time it's the beer companies that specialize in these soccer themed commercials come around major soccer championships time like clockwork. So on that note, I also threw in a few other one's from over the years that I found, some are tacky, some are funny, make of it what you will. You'll probably have to understand Croatian to get the humor in a few of them.

(If you have your own home-made spoof Croatian soccer related commercial that you'd like to have included here, by all means feel free to do so. Just make sure it includes no gratuitous lacklustre tongue images or shaking flabby and hairy butts and stuff like that. (Unless you are really, really, really into those kind of things) You can include flags and jerseys of course, or beer, as well as Croatian food, bikini babes, wine, choice of background music and locations, clowns (klaunovi), fireworks, canned air horns, streamers, flares or even special effects and sounds etc, (you can even include accordions if you want), but it must be themed around soccer and the upcoming World Cup and of course be only 30 seconds long)

Young Modrić, Ćorluka and Kovač Impress Their Lookalikes


Last month one of the main sponsors of the Croatian national team went on the search for kids who were ‘spitting images’ of a young Luka Modrić, Vederan Ćorluka and Niko Kovač, for a TV advert to be played in the build up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil which kicks off in June..

Ice cream brand Ledo recently shot the advert, which shows Luka Modrić, Vederan Ćorluka and Robert Kovač watching the kids and commenting on the resemblance of the young stars. Ćorluka jokes in the advert how the young Modrić lookalike is a dead ringer for the Real Madrid star, just the little kid knows how to find the back of the net, while Modrić jibes how the dark-haired youngster playing looks like Ćorluka, only the kid is technically better. Watch the making of advert below.

A commercial for the upcoming World Cup that came out shortly after originally making this post. (English version)

A few other amusing soccer related commercials from over the years....

A 'Serbian Beer' commercial as an added bonus, the most popular beer brand among Serbs. (It's also called "Goat Urine Beer", "Rape Elixer" and "The Beer that is best to rape with and drink after shooting kids" Drinking just 1 beer and a goat becomes an option to fuck 4 beers later, and it tastes just like a freshly raped goat and is the preferred brand among famous Serbs)

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