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Friday, 11 April 2014

Red Bull Air Race Arrives To Rovinj Croatia This Weekend

This is just an update of the original post Here. (I just had a flashback of some of the dirtiest looking hooker-things, or things that are hookers or hooker-ish, from the downtown ghetto yesterday, ewwww shivers, I had to divert myself with something immediately I tell you) Anyway, not much to add about this for now, there should be a recap highlight video sometime next week. It should be interesting this weekend in the practically unheard of and usually tranquil and laid back hide-away coastal town of Rovinj, as some articles I read are writing that 80,000 people could be expected, as tickets are already almost all sold and going quickly.

I took some time since that post checking out some of the related sites and video footage, and for those who think it will just be airplanes flying around will be disappointed. Combining the danger, challenging courses and obstacles, some of these pilots could very well be categorized as psychotic, it's definitely not a sport for the timid, faint of heart or people who get motion sickness easy. (Did you know that the founder and brains behind Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz has Croatian ancestry?, yep, it's true, his parents were primary school teachers from near the city of Zadar on the Croatia coast, oh also remember that world record space jump in 2012? yep Red Bull again) I checked out some of the other events at the link below, and there are some really cool things going on. I really like the skiing related events, maybe one of these days a Red Bull winter event will come to Zagreb. That would be pretty cool.

Some other Red Bull sponsored events over the years. More at

Anyway, besides the air racing there will also be music, entertainment and other stuff too. The population of the coastal town of Rovinj could grow from 14,000 to approaching 100,000 for this event, and probably even more than that if it was July or August. This is the first time that a Red Bull Air Race will be making a stop in Croatia and it will definitely be a boon to putting Croatia on the map, which will mean more people will know where it is. Depending on where you live, you can watch a live webcast of the racing event at  I added below a couple vids of some behind the scenes preparations and other information.


 (Foto: Joerg Mitter i Andreas Langreiter)

World’s Best Pilots Arrive in Rovinj as at least 50,000 Expected to Watch Red Bull Air Race


Some of the world’s best pilots have arrived in the northern Adriatic seaside town of Rovinj ahead of this weekend’s much-anticipated Red Bull Air Race World Championship…

More than 50,000 spectators are expected to turn out to watch the likes of favourite, Britain’s Paul Bonhomme, Austrian Hannes Arch, Australian Matt Hall, and others battle it out this Saturday and Sunday in Rovinj.

“We have arrived in Croatia and it’s gorgeous!,” pilot Kirby Chambliss said upon arriving this week on the Istrian peninsular.

The race will be broadcast live on Croatian television and will go out all over the world, more great promotion for Croatia’s stunning coast.

Behind the scenes interviews and look at the preparations for this weekends Red Bull Air Race.

Rovinj city profile for the Red Bull Air Race circuit. (in English)

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