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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Borna Rendulić Becomes First Homegrown Croat In The NHL

This is fantastic news. I wrote not that long ago that I wasn't going to even think about doing another hockey related post until the winter, maybe not even until the Spengler Cup, but this is definitely post-worthy. There have already been players in the NHL of Croatian descent, some of them even among the best to have ever laced up skates, there also are NHLers who have been coming to play in Croatia for the Zagreb Bears (Medveščak Zagreb), but this is the very first 'homegrown Croat' hockey player who actually went through and is a product of the Croatian hockey league system, to make it into the NHL. To me that's Croatian hockey and also sports history. (I used to play organized minor league hockey so that's why I like posting these kinds of stories)

Coincidentally, the Colorado Avalanche is the team that signed him, and is managed by a former player who also just happens to be of Croatian descent, some guy by the name of  Joe Sakic or something. The Avalanche already have a group of top echelon experienced forwards, and free agents might be looking to play for the Avalanche also, so it could be a very tough training camp later this summer. He may start off playing for their AHL farm club for a spell, to get used to the new rink sizes and new systems, but you never know. I will update this story when he officially takes to the ice in an Avalanche uniform in the regular season. Either way, it's an historic moment and success for the Croatian hockey system. I know what probably some of you are thinking..."What the faaaaa? Hockey in Croatia? that must be a typo". But nope, it's true. (Those are usually the same ones who didn't know that it snows or that we ski in Croatia too) Much more information about the history of hockey in Croatia and other Croatian hockey themed posts at the bottom.

(Sidenote - Since this is a fairly new post of this topic and Borna may come across this post, my only advice for when playing in the NHL would be to not do stuff like this. Well, maybe that and to get a good importer/exporter guy to bring in the Croatian food, burek, sarma, štrukle, brudet, various kinds of kobasice, kikiriki, bajadera, etc and so on, because I'm sure it will be pretty hard to find it as often in Denver. Maybe also if Milan Lucic gives you one of his from behind testicle/scrotum stick chops, turn around and hockey stick chop his eye sockets or throat. Oh, and I highly recommend getting a place in the suburbs. I guess that's about it and covers the important stuff)


Zagreb Talent Signs Million Dollar NHL Contract


Fantastic day for Croatian ice hockey with the news that Zagreb’s Borna Rendulić has signed a million dollar deal with NHL club Colorado Avalanche…

Rendulić (22) has penned a 2-year deal with the Colorado side reportedly worth 1.2 million USD. Playing in the best ice hockey league in the world is a dream come true for the former Medveščak player.

Playing for the Zagreb Bears (Medveščak Zagreb) Image: Davor Sajko

“This really is a dream come true, but just the first part of the dream. Throughout the years, I was aware of the continuous Colorado interest and I was in touch with the NHL agents. I have always believed this moment will come and I had no doubts when the opportunity arose. I was overjoyed. Now, there is a difficult summer ahead, I will prepare myself with my personal trainer Jurica Franjković. My goal is to make it to the team and play in the NHL – I do not want to be just another passer-by”, Rendulić, who was the top scorer in Finlands top division last season, told

Some updated footage since the original time of this post, scoring his first goal for the farm team of the Colorodo Avalanche, the AHL Lake Erie Monsters. Source:

Playing for Finnish club SaPKo. Image:

Scoring a shorthanded goal in 2013.

Interview from 2013 while playing in Liiga, the Elite Finnish Hockey League. (English subtitles)

Not the best video video footage, but scoring his first goal for the Zagreb Bears in Zagreb.

Scoring a shootout goal for Finnish club HPK.



















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