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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Photos Of The Day.....2nd Annual Tattoo Convention In Zagreb, Croatia

I did some 'Photos of the Day' yesterday, so I might as well continue the theme after coming across these. This I found interesting as soon as I saw it at the news portal, some images from the 2nd annual 'Zagreb Tattoo Convention' that's taking place this weekend at the Zagreb Student Center in Zagreb. As you know, many people have tattoos, but you would never know it, that tattoos are underneath that suit or long sleeved shirt or dress. (Look this subject up regarding Japan, where many men and women even have full body tattoos, bankers, lawyers, assassins, office types etc.Those types who are involved with Sony, Seiko, Honda, Toyota, Nikon etc )

Even if one doesn't have any tattoos, it would probably be cool to go and look around and see the amazing artwork that is taking place, there's plenty of cafes and bars nearby where one can go after to oooh and aaaah about their brand new tattoo (I have tattoos also btw). At my previous tattoo related post, at the link below, I delve a little more into this topic with more information, images, some personal observations, my own personal 'getting a tattoo in Croatia' experience when I got one in Rijeka, tips, plenty more links and I also touch upon the history of tattoos. (A very fascinating subject and history). Now, I'm not trying to twist your arm, telling you to get or not get a tattoo, what to get as a tattoo, where to get it or where to put it on your body. I'm not even telling anyone what hairstyle, brand of jeans or what kind of shirt to wear, I'm just saying. There's also video footage of this years tattoo convention at the source link below.

Images source/video:

Images source:

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For those (not) in the know who Salvador Dali is.

I thought I'd add this amusing tattoo I came across also, this and similar tattoos of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have been popular around here lately. (Don't ask me why, they just are) Right now I'm in the middle of recommending to Ivanka Trump to take a quick Croatian vacation to help her migraines, but I'll look into this particular tattoo phenomena topic later.

Links to some Tattoo shops in Croatia; Tattoo Image, Osijek

Anubis Tattoo/Piercing, Osijek

Tattoo and Piercing Studio “Zagreb”


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