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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Photos Of The Day: Rijeka Soccer Fans Depart For Zagreb

These below photos are nothing too extraordinary, no bikinis or fashion models, no mouth watering food, no art, music, history, entertainment or other news. (It also has absolutely nothing to do with Rob Ford either, so that's good)  Just some recent images of some Rijeka soccer fans boarding trains and buses to head over to Zagreb for a regular season football match. That's about it, no dissecting or commenting on the soccer match, who played, who was sitting out or even team and league standings at all. I'm not even gonna tell you the score. However after coming across the images it reminded me of a few things. See, these trains below are the more classic ones that are still traveling Croatian railroads, and not the new ones. (See previous post link below)

I still have a soft spot for these trains, I remember taking even older ones that were similar when I spent a couple summers in Rijeka as a tween. Anyway, these below trains are the ones I took back in '09 from Split to Zagreb. It was the night train, so that I could grab some sleep before pulling into Zagreb at about 6 in the morning. Also, these trains are great because if you take the night trains, the chances are better of lucking out and getting a whole suite just to yourself. You can lay back and sleep just like in a bed. (Do you remember the train scene from the movie '9th Gate' with Johnny Depp?..well, let's just say my trip was interesting also in a similar scenario, she lived in Zagreb, have you ever heard of the Order of the Hyperborean Dragon?, well, enough said, I'll leave it at that)

You still see these kinds of trains in other parts of Europe as well.  Especially in the movies, you know, like those movies they've been making lately where the traveling naive and invincible Americans are excited and pompous, (oh, and they all look like models remember), before they get to their destination and turn into vampires, werewolves or dismembered while at the hostel. These trains are great for sightseeing when traveling across Croatia too. HNK Rijeka won the match 1-0 btw. Yep, seeing these trains brought back some good memories.....


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