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Friday, 2 May 2014

Photos Of The Day...'Larie' Fashion Designs By Marina Lacković

Well, I've just about had enough of even heard the name ''Rob Ford" these days. Around here the soap opera is practically everywhere, snowballing daily the onslaught of hidden camera footage and basically a person's life falling apart by the week, all for the viewers to enjoy and wonder what the hell is going. The American talk shows are having a heyday, European media and even in most of the Croatian news portals he's been mentioned. (Just one example, he's a Euro-celeb practically, just like Kate Moss or the Beckhams) He's been up to no good again lately and is now supposedly going to rehab in Chicago for a short stay. (They have better Chicago-style deepdish pizza or chicken wing platters there I guess)  His brother (who is also a Toronto city counciller)...was actually crying on television during interviews. It was just too bizarre and making me ill. A grown man crying about THIS? He's going for a 30 day stay at a "substance" abuse rehabilitation center, it's almost like a hotel or resort, not 30 years in jail or to death row. He didn't get cancer or stabbed or run over an old lady or kid. He's basically going on a vacation. He's going to be playing video games, watching television and Netflix, he's gonna take some naps and have nurses give him some pills and water and ask him if he'd like another pillow. He's gonna meet new friends and exchange stories, maybe read some magazines and then go to the sauna, maybe some yoga afterwards and freshly steeped herbal tea imported from Libya, or some Dandelion coffee. Then watch television again and have something to eat, maybe even some pie or ice-cream afterwards. There's nothing to cry about all over national television. It's pathetic and unprofessional and the whole thing is just creepily weird.

Anyway, I just felt like doing something quick and not too complicated just now. That's usually when I do a "Photo of the Day" post.  So on that note, I present the following pics from Croatian fashion designer Marina Lacković from her line "Larie" that just came out. Not too bad. If you're a new reader here, rest assured, I'm not a fashion designer or a "fashionista" as they call them down there in Arkansas. (Designing and sewing together a sports jersey in high school home economics class is about it)  I just do some of these fashion type posts once in a while because some of the creations actually do look pretty cool, and so do the models.

Also, some of the music they play at the various catwalks and fashion shows are not bad either. It's not always that trendy generic or typical quasi-disco-esque-ish stuff. See some of my previous fashion posts at the bottom to see what I mean. Anyway, these pics caught my attention right away because they're more artistic than just models wearing clothes. Definitely something you wont see in your Sears or Walmart catalogue or flyers. I'm not gonna translate any of the articles, I'll just tell you the location of the photoshoot was at the the tomb of the 19th century Croatian Ban (Prime Minister) Josip Jelačić near his former castle in the city of Zaprešić, and that the model is from Zagreb based This is her first collection and is part of the upcoming  Dreft Fashion Week in Zagreb. If you like her stuff, find her designs and buy them. If not, then don't. Izvolite and enjoy the fashion photos.....



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