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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Were Serbs Behind The Boston Marathon Bombing? Probably (aka Serbian Church Chetniks Are The ISIS Of Europe & The Orthodox World)

This is just a quick repost that took me just a few seconds to do. The reason for this one is, if anyone reads or watches the news at all these day, the court proceedings and trials of the suspects is going on even as I'm writing this. However, it's important to know that this will not be the end of it. Even if the suspects are found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, there are many more ready to take their place and emulate them to perform more terrorist/extremist activities. With this in mind, let's be on the lookout for these various kooks, extremist specimens and their ideological supporters. It's better to be aware and take precautions or make better informed decisions than end up having your limbs hanging on trees and rooftops....

Extremist Muslim superimposed with a Serb chetnik psychopath ultranationalist. Both of their jihads have more in common than meets the eye. 

It was just last week that the Boston Marathon took place exactly 1 year after the infamous 'Boston Marathon bombing. I came across a few pictures here and there and suddenly a few things came into view. Some things I decided to mention here along with some probably unknown facts and information.

Basically, the below images tell the story. We already know that the terrorists behind the Boston Marathon bombing were Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. However here is what many people probably don't know, that the terrorist's full names were 'Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev' and 'Tamerlan Anzorovich Tsarnaev'. I thought it was strange that the brothers had a Slavic sounding name included, a patronymic that included the '-vich' suffix. (Which is common with Russians as a patronymic and with Croatians, Belarisians and Ukranians for surnames) Especially strange because neither on of them is any Slavic background at all. Born seven years apart in different republics of the former Soviet Union, the brothers are actually half Chechen and half Avar. Not of a Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian background at all, let alone Slavic or European. These facts and the facts/images shown below conclusively show that they were what Europeans, Croats and other Slavic languages speaking nations call a "Serb.'

This is a good example of what I'm talking about, coming across as a happy go lucky hip-hop pot smoker one minute, then beheading innocent people as part of the ISIS Muslim-rap cartel the next minute. Switch on switch off,  fooled you gullible sucker. This can also be extended to one minute being clean cut, dressing conservatively in a suit and tie or even tee's with teddy bears and flowers on them and a New York Yankee hat, then the next thing you know they're beheading and firing mortars at innocent people or stabbing etc. It's all part of the same basic jihadist tenets and extremist philosophies. I came across numerous instances of this during my time in Calgary Alberta while renting accomodations from a Taliban family. Serb and Muslim and various African jihadists are a close-knit community there, who also are a part of the drug trade and which partly explains why Calgary is the homegrown terrorism capital of Canada. (Many shoppers are so gullible that when they see a local sports team or maple leaf hat on one of them they think they must be Captain Johnny Canuck, defender of the jelly donuts and hockey stick salesperson, Walmart and Kraft macaroni and cheese connoisseur, a regular Uncle Bobby who eats ham and peas while watching curling or the 700 Club, Heavens to Betsy and Holy Jehosaphats, Lord thunderin', amen and yeehaw eh?). I have personal knowledge from experience that various mosques, coffee shops, Serb churches and malls are part of the same jihadist network and they will sometimes pose as handymen, salespeople and innocent looking happy shoppers. Image:

Then I recalled how this is the exact same situation in regards to Serbs. You see, for centuries Serbs were occupied and ruled by the Ottoman Turks for almost 500 years. It was during this time that Serbs became extremely 'Turkified'. However, it was during these centuries that many different other peoples migrated into Serbia, following behind and settling in these other parts of the Ottoman Empire. (Many Serbs are actually not even Slavic. They are rather remnants and descendents of Turks, Gypsies (Romani), Iranians, Kurds, Moors, Afghani and other traveling/nomadic peoples during the centuries of Ottoman occupation and the Turkish Jihads into Europe, some even kidnapped who then also had to Slavicize their names into the Serb church, that's just a well known plain fact. Their these about being Slavs is a hilarious concocted mirage farce. After 500 years of subjugation and then collaboration with the Turkish and Muslim occupiers, Serbs are the most culturally and ethnically Turkified Slavic speaking Non-Slavic people in all of Europe, with most of their Slavic layers luckily coming from being Bulgarianized in the middle ages.When you talk to a Serb the chances are about 50/50 that they are not even remotely related to Slavic or European peoples, to Croats, to Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Czechs etc, but rather something that crawled in from the vast beyond, beyond the Levant during the 500 years of Ottoman Turkish occupation and collusion, like a wave of Philistinism bent on subjugating and usurping. (Almost like the same situation in America and some other western countries lately actually, with this situation as case in point, It is also comparable to when American slaves took on whatever names, in that scenario it didn't suddenly turn them into ethnic Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Cornish, or French or whatever the case may be) I usually laugh when I come across chit-chat sites and the words Slavic and European peoples and the word Serbs are used in the same sentence or breath.

The words of Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus back up what I'm saying and helps explain. From his Roman imperial archive and other old sources during that time in the 10th century, he recorded in his important Latin titled Greek written work "De Administrando Imperio" (DAI) that......"Serbs' in the tongue of the Romans is the word for 'Slaves', whence the colloquial 'serbula' for menial shoes, and 'tzerboulianoi' for those who wear cheap, shoddy footgear. This name the Serbs acquired from their being Slaves of the emperor of the Romans.......

(I touch upon this and other facts about Croatian and other Slavic surnames more indepth at and even more background information that explains much more at and These facts and sources show that their name just means "slaves" and that they just use names, languages, symbols etc that is found around them. Even their very name was applied on them by the Byzantines/Roman Empire. It is for this reason that Europeans, Croats and other Slavic languages speaking peoples and nations call them 'Serbs')

Taking all this into account, it seems that these terrorists of Chechen and Avar background also had 'Slavicized' names even though they weren't actually Slavic, or even European for that matter. Just like the case with the Serbs over the centuries. The terrorists sometime in the past had a '-vich' added to a Chechen/Avar root word of 'anzor', perhaps generations ago, so it only seems Slavic at first glance if a naive person was to hear it at first. (I know these kinds of things because lately I've been reading up on real history, as opposed to reading Serb historians and their magic beans stories. I know that '-vich' type suffixes were introduced to Croats by Croats from the time they were a part of early east Slavic 'veche' systems, that we used them for family surnames from the start and Russians and Ukrainians eventually mainly for patronyms, such as the case with the Boston Marathon terrorists.  Again, it's all explained at Mind you, in Boston only 3 people were killed on the one day, and the Sarajevo bombings went on for years. Yet when you take all this information into account and then compare the images below, look at the visual clues and linear subtle idiosyncrasies, it seems there is a connection and that the title of this post is really not an unfounded question to ponder at all, and that the answer is most probably a yes. (It's that same old Ottoman Jihadist and extremist fundamentalism lurking in the background, just like in 1919 against Montenegrins, it explains their calling all their enemies as 'Turks' over the last century to hide this fact with subterfuge, it partly answers why these types even kill their own Serban kings and much, much more) Anyway, you can compare for yourself and see if you notice the uncanny similarities in both of their modus operandi....

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Islamic fundamentalist Taliban and supporters.

Scenes of the Boston Marathon bombing orchestrated by extremist Taliban supporters.

Serb church religion leaders and supporters above the hills of Sarajevo in the 1990's. Notice the hallucinatory state of the extremist Serb religious leaders, even the fact that remaining Serbs being blown up in the streets below have magically become Turks of Kosovo who must be destroyed, so they didn't really blow up any Serbs or even any Serbian apples in the markets, just 100% Non-Serbs were always blown up at all times.

Notice the fundamentalist zeal during the kissing of the Serbian bread comparable to the top photo of the extremist Talibans, one can see Serbs kissing images of Serb war criminals and genocidal maniacs many times also. Notice also the trance-like state of the extremist spectators/supporters in the background. They are detached from reality because the Serbian bread has become a symbolic tool to kill Non-Serbs, a bready mystical nourishment towards more Non-Serb/Turk deaths in their philosophy. The crumbly bread has become Serbian cereal that was made with the crushed powdery bones of Non-Serbs instead of flour, Serbian water then binds the bread loaf to make it easier to kiss. Both Serb bread kissers are now being tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity, war crimes, organized mass murders and ethnic cleansing and yet are still Serb heroes/saints/martyrs even today. Their Serbian church patriarchs/gurus are always there to give out blessings and Serbian bread to kiss.

A Serbian chetnik warrior specimen and later popular politician in Serbia in the 1990's, compare to photo number 2. A few more examples of Serb nationalist chetniks below.

These presented facts are really nothing new actually, back in 1919 Serbs also used the same modus operandi in extinguishing and murduring Montenegrins and Macedonians, as well as Bulgarians living in Macedonia during the 1st and second Balkan wars. (of which Croatia was not involved in nor any Croatians participated in). Not surprising again, the Serb church hierarchy again was central and very supportive during these Non-Serb murdering campaigns against the Montenegrins. 

Serb nationalist specimens celebrating Serb culture as the best culture. 

Serb mercenaries as part of the forces fighting for Allah and Gadaffi in Libya in 2011. 

Serbs caught fighting as mercenaries for the Ghadafi regime in Libya after the fall of Gaddafi.

Elite Serb chetnik specimens at a Serbian celebration eating genuine Serbian food, chatting about the future Greater Serbia when this scene will be common in Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and even Budapest, Munich, Rome, Zurich and Prague etc.

A Serb chetink specimen at an ultra-nationalist Serb gathering condemning European culture in Serbia or anywhere Serbs live, Serbs live only in Serbia which is best for Non-Serbs whether you like it or not.

The popular Serbian politician Vojislav Seselj these days in Belgrade (with ties to many Serb paramilitary, chetnik and the remaining strictly Serb-Yugoslav army attacks and ethnic cleansing campaigns in the 90's against Non-Serbs) enjoys burning not only Croatian flags, but also European Union, American and many other flags of countries that don't agree with his extremist wacked-out ethnic cleansing and dellusional ideals. He also receives ample support from the Serbian church leaders and patriarchs and is considered a Serb church hero.

Seselj preferred instead to be an an ally and strong supporter of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during the 1990's, seen below during a visit to Iraq in 2003. (The total number of Iraqis killed by the security services of Saddam's government in various purges and genocides is unknown, but the lowest estimate is 250,000). He once advocated the napalming of the Croatian capital city of Zagreb while his chetniks and ultranationalist paramilitaries from Serbia were going on killing sprees all and everywhere. He also receives ample support from the Serbian church leaders and patriarchs and is considered a Serb church hero, even awarded the "White Angel Medal" during a Serb church ceremony. Multiple confused irrational and deranged personality at it's finest, which explains his great popularity in Serbia.

"Long Live Greater Serbia and Saddam Hussein".

Another rare photo and the little known fact of the Serb spiritual genocidal guru Seselj making a secret visit to Iraq in 2001 at the invitation of his pal and world pariah dictator Saddam Hussein. Good to know. This would be right at the time that Saddam and his regime was being tied by western nations intelligence to al-Qaeda, supporting world terrorist groups and known terrorists, chemical weapons attacks while ethnic cleansing minorities in Iraq, (Seselj and Saddam were especially in total agreement in the ethnic cleansing department), grave and extreme violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, use of rape as political tool, widespread mass and summary arbitrary execututions, starving minorities and stopping/stealing humanitarian food shipment and other severe violations of human rights. Secret police, torture, mass murder, rape, deportations, forced disappearances, assassinations, chemical warfare. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International issued regular reports of widespread imprisonment and torture. (See also Saddam entertains Serb 'ethnic cleanser' on secret visit to Baghdad and Human rights in Saddam Hussein's and Seselj's Iraq)

Serb indicted war criminals and ultra-nationalistic chetnik paramiliaries seen in 1991 again, around the time of the Vukovar massacre. (cream of the crop.) Using rape, ethnic cleansing and genocide campaigns as their modus operandi and very similar to the campaigns of today's ISIS extremists, these types are considered by many as holy heroes in Serbia even today and receive full support from Serb church leaders and patriarchs.

Ultranationalist Serbs having a great time at a popular Serb church approved chetnik jihadist festival. 

Being behind the Boston Marathon would not be that surprising because even these days "A Serbian Film" is still by far the most popular and top rated domestically produced  film in Serbia of all time and has won numerous Serbian film awards. The film's production has also been supported by Serb church heirarchy and patriarchs.

Serb chetniks and extremist volunteers pictured in Ukraine in 2014. Hundreds of similar wacko Serbs have traveled to Ukraine in 2014 to shoot Ukrainians and pass on their ethnic cleansing know-how and then return to Serbia as mighty invincible heroes. History teaches us that extremist wackos and Serbs are shitbirds that flock together. See also Serbs in Ukraine.

Elite Serb chetnik commandos in the 1990's. The philistinism and it's after effects connected to the Islamic jihads during 500 years of Ottoman empire occupation and collusion is Serb history, not Non-Serb history, especially for the nations that were a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

A photo before being sentenced an all expenses paid vacation to club-Hauge, where he's probably now cleansing his plastic spoon after his yummy gruel.

See also Philistinism

World famous Serbian and Hollywood actor and supporter of the Serbian Chetnik-Taliban movements, Emir Kusturica. He lives in Hollywood but travels regularly to Serbia to kiss Serb bread and be part of Serb movements that condemn western civilization and freedom but instead supports past and future Serb Jihads against Non-Serbs with Serb church approval. He's also a big supporter and pal of the flags burner nutjob politician Seselj mentioned earlier.

Support for Europe and civilization or Gaddafi? The people have chosen. Who is Gaddafi?

Interestingly, all this information is really nothing new at all, on the contrary it's been going on for many centuries. Below you see an image of the Serb Ottoman Grand Vizier in 1565 Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (Serbian: Мехмед-паша Соколовић). He was a ghoul who was the de facto ruler of the Islamic Ottoman empire armies and their Serb allies. It's not generally known that for the many Croatian nobles and generals during this time, this man and the forces under his command were the epitome of evil and terror. He was the catalyst and architect of numerous jihads against the Croatian lands and other parts of Habsburg Europe, from Dar al-Jihad organizing Islamic conquests into many parts of Europe as a part of their battle of civilizations, a monarch of the westward attacking ghoul armies from their headquarters in Serbia and especially Belgrade. (But he wasn't the only Serb to have done this by far, but rather it was very common and regular way of life, for centuries Serb princes even wed off their own daughters to Ottoman Sultans and military leaders with the aim of preserving any remaining personal landowning rights and privileges, they even helped by assembling Serb volunteers for the Ottoman armies to attack the western free European lands, the best friends that the Ottoman empire could have asked for. This makes the Serbs the only nation of the continent that openly conspired with and assisted the Muslim jhads towards free Europe). By assisting and conspiring with the Ottoman empire, he and numerous other lesser Serb nobles and co-conspirators along with their Serb volunteer soldiers are directly responsible for expediting the Muslim terror and incursions into and towards free Europe in the first place, for centuries they together waged wars against western civilization and Europe from their base Sanjak of Smederevo. (see related post nikola-zrinski-opera-coins)

These scenes of Sarajevo after Serb orchestrated terrorist attacks, the similar modus operandi and aftermath results of purposefully indiscriminate shellings/bombings from the Boston Marathon is uncanny. It's the exact same methodology and exact same results, except it's Serb church leaders being a supporter and main theology instrument instead of ISIS leaders.


Anonymous said...


HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me, very fortuitous that you should mention that. I came across that one quite some time ago and it stunk of crap right away. Only an ignorant person would believe trash stories like that. "NewsBar" is a farce comedy newsportal, you know, like Saturday Night Live, the Onion News Network etc, as in made up entertainment, fake news and fake articles to pull your leg. You really should learn to read Croatian. They put it there because it originally came from the bullshit serb media, which serb media is known for and speicializing in since the 90's especially. The whole DNA story is proven to be fabricated because Croatian newsportals touched upon this trash when it came out, You see,there is no FA Institute in Zagreb, it's fictitious and made up as in it doesn't exist nor ever did There is no such thing or name as Latin "Skorbatus" either, except in some sick persons head trying fuck your mind from their computer. I even looked into it quite some time ago to put the nail in the coffin, to see how good or bad liars they were. All totally fake and made up and the result of small minds trying to be special in their own heads or who just like to make things up. (The Haplotype EU7 and Haplotype EU13 mentioned even derive from completely different M lineages. see graph.... ) EU7: M89, M170-C / EU13: M9-TAT
I could have made up more factual sounding stats to make all Europeans, Japanese and Native North American peoples into Croatians.It just goes to show you how pathetically bad liars serbs are and are obsessed to hide their 500 year Turkish Ottoman occupation gene admixture using even bizarro world science that defies reality. Old fake news and badly faked.

Here's another pathetically bad serb media lie attempt uncovered by a Croatian news portal:

Here's some more laughable and delusional fantasy serb history for you, serbs think everyone is a serb, perhaps the serbs came from planet serbotron a million years ago? Look up "Jovan I Deretić at RationalWiki" and discover for yourself how Germans, Swedes, Italians, Russians and just about any white European are serbs. lol. Fantasy history much? Real science and DNA studies slaughters all.

Real Croatian history can be read at:

Real DNA statistics at:

There's interesting information about the autochthonous European Y chromosome haplogroup percentages between Croatian and Scandinavian areas and which are contemporaneous with the Last Glacial Maximum, East-European type (Eu19 or R1a) and Germanic-Dinaric haplogroup (Eu7 or I) are the Haplotypes most relevant to Croatian ethnogenesis, Haplotype and genetic results also show that a significant proportion of today's Croat population contain Haplotypes which are most concentrated in an around the Carpathians and Ukraine (German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukraine, Russian)

Everyone already knows serbs are mixed up with everything but the kitchen sink because of 500 years of Ottoman rule, various nomadic peoples moved there during their subjugation to the Ottoman empire, even started using Slavic names and Croatian/East Slavic/Kievan Rus' surname customs, but that's their history and their church/cult, not Croatian history. Yet another "history website" I found where it shows serbs are actually Black anyway, you learn something new everyday, there you have it and you can't argue with science and the historians methodology and experctise... serbs are Black and that's that.:;f=15;t=008712

HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS said...

There's also interesting information about the autochthonous European Y chromosome haplogroup percentages between Croatian and Scandinavian areas and which are contemporaneous with the end of the Last Glacial Maximum as well as the early common era, which corroborates to historical sources as describing Croats as Goths who are Slavs/Goths who are also called Slavs etc, contemporaneous also with the Ostrogothic migrations of the 5th century to modern day Croatia and even from the earlier common era, connected also to the Vistula Veneti. More specifically, genetically, on the Y chromosome line, a majority (>87%) of Croats belong to one of the three major European Y-DNA haplogroups -- Haplogroup I (38%), Haplogroup R1a 35% and Haplogroup R1b 16%[28]. All three groups migrated to Europe during the upper paleolithic around 30,000-20,000 BC. Croat Haplogroups-European type (Eu19 or R1a) and Germanic-Dinaric haplogroup (Eu7 or I) are the Haplotypes most relevant to Croatian ethnogenesis, Haplotype and genetic results also show that a significant proportion of today's Croat population contain Haplogroups which are most concentrated in an around the Carpathians and Ukraine as well. (German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukraine, Russian, Belarus)

Furthermore the dominant presence of Haplogroup I is rather interesting. This group exists in Europe only and is fairly widespread, but in relatively small percentages. Its frequency among Croats and the Croatian lands is hight, but the only populations that have similar levels of the I Haplogroup are the Scandinavians. Haplogroup I is believed to have weathered the last glacial maximum in and around modern day Croatia, migrating north as the ice sheets retreated. It is the only native European haplogroup and proves scientifically that the ancient populations who went on to become Scandinavians also went on to become Croatians. Including the various middle ages sources where Croats are described as both Goths and Slavs, we now know that they were and are absolutely correct. These are the facts and DNA study results, this is not some kind of modern day "gothomania" but rather information that correlates to the earliest written accounts of the Croat history and because genetics doesn't lie. I don't make up these scientific studies and their results. Croatian history and modern science slaughters all trash and garbage lies.

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