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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Where To Find A Ghost In Zagreb?....At The "Secret Zagreb Ghost Tour" Of Course...

This post should really be made around Hallowe'en, but I enjoyed too much coming across some of the related images and information to wait that long. (besides I did a paranormal/mystery type post yesterday Here also) I mentioned this particular blog back in 2011 and used it for my Ljerka Šram post. (which coincidentally also included my own paranormal/ghost experience) I'm glad to see that the blog has moved on to starting tours themed around these topics of Zagreb's medieval past, it's old stories, legends and mysteries. There is a niche for this kind of thing, ghost stories and little known facts about the past, that's why similar tours and blogs revolve around the same thing in other European cities. Even over here it's a popular thing with numerous city's having ghost and haunted cemetery tours. (take the old French quarter of New Orleans as just one example) This tour is much better than those ones where you just sit in a bus and ooh and aaah through the window snapping photographs without even knowing why or what it is that you're photographing. The bonus also is that the tour takes place throughout the whole year, which of course also means around Hallowe'en and other spooky times of the year.

People want to know the little known things, the secrets, the mysterious past about some of the buildings and places and the events that took place in and around them long ago. ("Why are there gargoyles there? Why does this old gate have...? How come that grave with the blood on the statue looks like it's fresh?" bla bla bla) The malls, designer stores, the cafes and bars, more well known cultural and historic places and even touristy things will always be there. (you can even go there after the tour and talk about the things you learned over beers, coffee or dinner)

Before the 21st century, the history of Croatia and the city of Zagreb was entwined with the history of central and western Europe for many centuries, so the ghost tour should include quite a few interesting stories, legends and events. From the medieval Kingdom of Croatia to the time of the Pacta Conventa, to the time of the Parliament on Cetin and to when the Croatian lands were within Austria-Hungary, and of course defending against the Muslim Jihads during the Croatian-Ottoman wars, some of the Zagreb legends and historic past has even left their mark in other areas of Europe, a number of local Zagreb legends are connected to the other Slavic nation capitals like Prague, Bratislava, Krakow etc. (This would have been around the time that many women in Serbia were having sex with the Ottoman Turkish Jihadists and Moors for cheaper bread and biscuits) Yep, I definitely have a soft spot for these kinds of topics and tours. Doing this post I came across some other ghost stories in Croatia, a few very interesting ones especially on the islands. This 'Ghost Tour' takes place in the capital city of Zagreb, concentrating on the old medieval section called Gradec and the old Upper Town. (Gornji Grad)  I think that's why these kinds of ghost tours have become popular over the years, you get to scratch beneath the surface of those pretty postcards, really get your hands dirty, so to speak, and relive moments and times in a new way and experience.

That's about all I can say for now, one will have to go on the tour to learn the past, little known legends, stories and Zagreb's mysterious history. The guide will take you to those little known nook and crannies and tell you amazing things, you will walk down old cobbled roads and walkways wondering it that's a shadow  or.... I've visited some of the places that are on this 'Ghost Tour' and know some of the legends, but I'm sure she will know much more. The old cemetery she will take you to is the one that existed before the now famous Mirogoj Cemetery was built in the latter half of the 19th century. She will tell you things that will send a chill down your spine, things that will make you look differently at the moon and the sound of clocks chiming and bells ringing from that point forward. You will look at the city of Zagreb in a whole new light. The brief information I took straight off the website. Anyway, don't take my word for it, a couple of  random comments I came across....

“Great tour with very interesting facts” -  Silvija N Ottawa, Canada

...."I was living in Zagreb for many years and still almost all the stories were new to me. I recommend this tour not only to tourists but as well to people living there. You might be surprised what is in your neighborhood or below your steps. Iva did a great job with her research about the dark side of the city. During the tour heavy rain started but she had free rain coats for us. And price of the tour is very reasonable with very easy booking".

 "Awesome Ghost Tour" -  Stefan Heuvel Roosendaal, Nederland

 ..."We booked the ghost tour on our first day in Zagreb. The meeting point is at the Stone Gate. This is very easy to find because it's one of the main sights of the city. Our guide, Iva, was already waiting for us. It turned out we were the only participants that day. I don't like moving around in big groups of tourists so this was great news for me. Iva is a great storyteller and is pretty fluent in English. The ghost tour is quite new. She told us she started in June. The great thing about this tour is that you get to see places and hidden secrets you wouldn't normaly see. It's a 2 hour walk and the stories change your view of Zagreb completely. It's not a 13 in a dozen tour, it's something special. If you find yourself in Zagreb you should certainly take this tour. I believe it goes on wednesdays and thursdays and it costs 85 kuna. (12 EUR) It's definitely worth every cent of it".

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Photo: Trip Advisor



Dear traveler,

Secret Zagreb Walks welcomes you to a journey down the pathways of history, myths and lore of Zagreb, capital of Croatia. We offer themed walking tours which highlight the unknown features of Zagreb.  Enjoy your time on our site and remember that we are here to make your stay in Zagreb unforgettable!

Join our quest to find the long forgotten souls. First Zagreb ghost tour will guide you through Zagreb after dark and introduce you to some of the most eerie places and mystical residents of this city.


Meet you on the corner of Kamenita and Radiceva Street near the Stone Gate, as indicated on the map above. The tour takes 1,45 – 2,00 hours. Tours are available daily at 7.30 P.M. but reservation is necessary. (it’s 7.30 P.M. at this time of the year, the booking calendar shows the exact starting time for each date).


The price of the tour is 85 KN (12 EUR) per person. Book the tour now to secure the spot.
And if there’s 4 of you, we have some great news – it’s our 3+1 ticket package! Purchase tickets for 4 persons for the price of 3.

Reservation is required. If you’re not really into booking in advance, make sure to contact us on the very day of the tour and check the availability due to the limited number of participants. Text, email or tweet will do the job, and make sure to wait for our confirmation.

Contact us to arrange the tour on any other day of your choice.

Oh, and if you don’t really believe that charming little Zagreb has its dark side, maybe this set of videos from Secret Zagreb Youtube channel will convince you otherwise:


We have some great news, especially for those of you who travel Europe by train. We teamed up with the Budapest Ghost Tour team and we’re both offering 20% off if you’ve already been to the other tour.

Starting point of the tour.

 Burial plaque from 1818 of Croatian noble family member Paul von Vakanovich on Demetrova Street. (more interesting information about the centuries long tradition of skull and crossbone motifs and symbology in the Croatian lands and history at

What mysterious things will you learn on the "Zagreb Ghost Tour?" Things like do the ancient dead of Zagreb still haunt the city's streets even today? Answer: they certainly do. buhuhahaha....

The grounds of the old St. George cemetery where a part of the 'Ghost Tour' will take you.

The old cemetery in 1864. Image:

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