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Monday, 23 June 2014

Aussie Olympic Swimming Champion & His Clan Hang Out At Croatian Nudist Beach

I don't particularly find this news or personally interesting, but then again it's not just anybody. It's also sort of related to a few recent posts about the Croatian National Team Caught Bare-Butted In Brazil and yesterday's First Croatian Waterpark Opened post, although without actual nudity. Anyway, like I mentioned in the soccer post, nudist beaches/camps are nothing new or strange to come across in Croatia. They're not everywhere of course or for everyone, (which is good if you know what I mean), but they are easy to find. Notice the date I highlighted on the sign. (I also decided to go with the less risqué version of his Instagram photo)

I even remember going to a few when I spent 2 whole summers in and around Rijeka as a kid. (that's not even including the local watering holes/rivers to dip into in the countryside, not all of them, but the ones close by near the house) Actually, before the 19th century and the invention of bikinis, swimwear and swimwear fashion, everybody used to swim nude all the time, it just made perfect sense back then before the world got all fucked up. (..Oh, I'm taking my clothes and armour or uniform off to cool off and go swimming, now you want me to put on some other clothes before I jump in and get wet?) They would probably think that was weird. Anyway, this is sort of celebrity tabloidish, but it seems this former Australian Olympic swimming champion, Michael Klim et al, had no difficulty in finding one either and decided to let everyone know. Good public relations I think anyway, there's a lot worse things going on in the news....Croatia...also the land of beaches and the freedom to go au naturel....

(If you need another dose of 'celebs' in Croatia, actress Keira Knightly ditched Tinseltown for a while and is also currently hanging (hiding) out on the island of Hvar (article/article/article/article) Both her and the Olympic swimming champion will be attending the semi-intimate "For Festival". There's already plenty of nude photos of her on the internet too, but it's not really the point of this post. So anyway if you ever go to Croatia and are planning the same as Michael Klim, there are numerous websites to check out, one that should help you on your way would be


Former Olympic swimmer Michael Klim snapped nude at Croatian nude beach

Birthday suit...Former Olympic swimmer Michael Klim bares all at a nudist beach in Croatia. Picture: Instagram Source: Instagram

Images/Article source:

FORMER Aussie swimming champion Michael Klim has enjoyed a family day out, in the buff!

The picture of the 36 year old emerged on his wife’s Instagram page on Monday morning.

Lindy wrote: “Too good not to post!!! @michaelklim1 has finally found his people!!

Klim and his clan are in Croatia for the ‘For Festival’ described online as a “Boutique, intimate and curated festival on the beautiful islands of Hvar, Jerolim & Stipanska in Croatia.”

The Olympic gold medallist currently works at Melbourne’s Wesley College, where he is their elite Head Coach of swimming.

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