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Sunday, 1 June 2014

"Croatia Harley Days" Are Back Again & Photos Of The Day.....

Entrance to 'Croatia Harley Days 2011'. Official website:

I was going to add just the model photos here originally, then decided I might as well do a whole post on this news. It seems the organizers and Harley riders all across Europe enjoyed the first 'Croatia Harely Days' in 2011 so much, they voted to come back again already. I really like what the Croatia Harley Days people did on their website too, fantastic site with links and information about other nearby places along the coast to see while there, you can check it out at

The photos I added are from their website also, local Croatian models posing with various Harley Davidson motorcycles in the town of Biograd na Moru for Playboy Croatia. (Great quality men's magazine, with sports, fitness, self-improvement, hygiene, vitamins, finance, technology, psychology, commentary, military subjects, books, poems, recipes, grooming, dining, humor, men's fashion tips, name it. Can't go wrong with Playboy I say). Those photos of sultry babes on bikes are to get the local coffee shop and mall out of your mind, well, my mind anyway.

(I didn't plan on touching another topic, but if you look at the Serb guy wearing a Harley Davidson shirt in this post, that is an example of what Harley-Davidson is absolutely NOT about. That guy is giving Harley Davidson a bad name. Harley-Davidson is about freedom, freedom to be yourself, freedom of expression, artistic freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom to think for yourself, freedom to ride down that road when and where you want, and NOT making roadblocks. Harley Davidson is about tearing down roadblocks and then riding down that road to freedom. That photo is the total opposite, that's Bizarro-Harley-Davidson world. Those are the principles that America was built and founded upon, so you see, Harley Davidson represents and IS the REAL America. A Stalin shirt or Gaddafi tee at the Serbian Harley-Fest would be more applicable I think)

 Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is a supporter of 'Croatia Harley Days 2014'

This amusing pic is of Mark-Hans Richer, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, Harley -Davidson Motor Company, handing over a Harley-Davidson leather jacket to The Pope, who also received two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This means that God is a Harley Davidson supporter and so also supports 'Croatia Harley Days'. Image:

Also, without trying to come across as some kind of history nerd or geek, (I just happen to know about these things), but when you really think about it, some of the footage below of the Harley-Davidson riders arriving into Biograd na Moru are very similar and reminiscent to early Croatian history. (See How's that? Well, similar to how the early Croats (Hrvati) were arriving and moving towards the Adriatic from the northern (White Croatia) about 1500 years ago. Summoned by the Roman Emperor Heraclius to come and save the day, to free the lands from plundering Avars and mounted cut-throat barbarian warriors, Croats coming to take care of business and to bring.....freedom. (However, in those days they didn't come for the cafe's, bars, restaurants, windsurfing and entertainment of course, and they had swords, different helmets and used horses instead of motorcycles naturally)

I touched upon previously (see links below), how this is such a great event because there's something for everyone. All age groups, whether longer, shorter, buzzed hair or in a pony-tail. tattooed or non-tattooed, even motorcycle riders or non-motorcycle riders. Entertainment, music, cafe's, bars, pubs, restaurants, various contests and competitions, beaches, swimming and more. In the video some people even got married at the time and had the event included in their wedding photos. It would be a great place to watch the opening Croatia match at the World Cup also, that's for sure. Anyway, all the information is below. If you're planning on being in the area in about 10 days, you should check it out.....


Previous posts: 20th-hog-rally-in-croatia-total-success





Harley-Davidson Owners Club Select Croatia as Rally Venue


More than 50,000 Harley-Davidson® bike riders from across Europe will converge on the Croatian seaside town of Biograd na Moru early next month when the Harley-Davidson Owners Group Rally takes place from 12 – 15 June…

It is the second time the owners club (H.O.G.®), which boasts over 1.4 million members and has more than 1,400 chapters across the world, will hold their rally in Croatia. Many members described the 2011 rally, also held in Biograd na Moru, as the “best ever” European H.O.G. Rally and helped play a part in the decision to choose Croatia as this year’s venue.

The 4-day rally will feature demo rides, concerts, a custom bike show and a Harley bike parade. H.O.G.®’s goals are to create a strong feeling of belonging, loyalty to the brand and promotion of the biker lifestyle and gatherings were created with the aim of connecting and socializing, as well as exchanging of experiences among the riders.

Following the huge success of the 2011 event held in the beautiful town of Biograd Na Moru, with 65,000 attendees, Harley® lovers the world over are invited to return to partake in the camaraderie-fuelled celebrations, and to enjoy a wealth of incredible entertainment.

Some highlights from "Croatia Harley Days 2011".

I found this footage from 2011 amusing, the arriving Harley riders even getting a police escort into the town of Biograd na Moru.

Highlights from "Croatia Harley Days 2011".

The event is sure to tick all the right boxes for the huge numbers of revellers, with a host of attractions lining up to welcome one and all into the world of Harley. The Demo Experience gives riders the opportunity to test drive new models, following routes along some of the best roads in the area, allowing you to really make the most of your stay. There’s also something for non-riders, with the always-popular Jumpstart™ Experience allowing future bikers to find out how it feels to sit astride the greatest motorcycle in the world. 

The Custom Bike Show will be a key part of the celebrations –  the show will be a fantastic opportunity to see some of the most beautiful bikes from Europe all competing for a host of trophies. The People’s Choice award allows the crowd to get involved, with onlookers voting for what they consider the best-looking motorcycle. The bikes will also be proudly displayed in the parade, as the entire Harley family takes to the street to ride as one. This show of solidarity is one not to miss!

If the many bands, bars and restaurants do not quite quench your desire to get out and about, then the surrounding areas are ripe for exploration, boasting some perfect riding roads. With sweeping bends and challenging hairpins all framed by views of the Adriatic Sea, you can be sure to satisfy your wanderlust. We can’t wait to get back to Croatia in 2014 – hopefully we’ll see you there!

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We headed off to Biograd to take some pictures for the Croatian edition of the popular Playboy magazine.

Beaches in Biograd served as ideal setting for our mix of mean Harleys and beautiful girls. The same beaches on which Croatia Harley Days 2014 - 23rd European H.O.G. Rally® will be held from June 12th to 15th.

And while you eagerly await for the middle of June, check out these great photos in our gallery.



This wasn't part of the Harley-Davidson photoshoot, but the cover of this months Croatian Playboy looks pretty cool to me so I'm throwing it in here.

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