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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Croatian National Football Teams White Asses Captured In Tabloid Photographs At World Cup (Viewer Discretion Advised, Very Gross & Probably Stinky

Image and exposé story:

I came across this one this morning and thought "Pfff, big deal", then moved on to other stuff. Then later I noticed the pics and related story was front page topic of the day on practically every Croatian news portal I came across, and shortly afterwards it was all over the internet, soccer and non-soccer websites mentioning the story. It's pretty low on the scandal scale actually, no frontal, so compromising positions or situations, really not all that shocking and sort of boring, I don't even know why it was supposedly news or scandalous. Maybe just a slow news/entertainment day in the presses

Actually it's sort of common in Croatia (there's been quite a number of nude beaches in Croatia for years, singles nude beaches, family nude beaches, even all sorts well known foreign personalities  spend time there in the summer at times (but I'm not going add all the nude beaches links, they're there though believe me). Why even recently a bunch of Croatian "celebs" and sports personalities were photographed in some pretty risqué poses on the beach, and some other places in Europe. It's so ho-hum typical and regular that it's not even a topic really or worth mentioning.

I think the pics are being sensationalized and are so-called "scandalous" mainly because it's at the World Cup and it's well known soccer players. Besides, I'm straight, so I personally don't see nothing of interest either. I've played organized sports using change rooms, gyms with showers, used public showers, gone to secluded beaches and I was even in the military. I'm basically desensitized and personally just don't find anything interesting here, like as if someone pointed and told me to look at some person in a room picking his earwax and eating it, that's how shocking and interesting (but I still refuse to go the YMCA because I find that place a little too queer for my swimming and showering needs, and I know all about what kind of staring and touching and cajoling goes on there, just like many of the bars and mall food courts, nope not a YMCA gym type at all)

Anyway, these supposedly shocking exposé pics below were taken of a few members of the Croatian national team when they were relaxing at their jacuzzi pool, after practice at their team base camp. (No cold beers or fruit juiced alcohol drinks in coconut cups with those straws and umbrellas though, now that I found strange and shocking)

The way I see it, things could have been much worse than just being caught with their pants down at the pool. They could have been caught wearing dirty shit stained underwear, or a scandalous underneath the coconut tree or alleyway-sex photo with the above Miss. Now that would have been the end of football careers for sure probably. (Hey Lovren! how about a deep wet tongue wrestling session and swapping some spit? ewww shivers)

I don't know what's going on with this Brazilian guy, but you gotta admit if any of the Croatian soccer players had a similar bad hair day while washing or grooming their dog by the pool, that sure would be embarrassing to say the least.

Then I thought, maybe the female readers will get a kick out of it, make it like one of those 'tabloid  news scoops'. It's all about those zany, wacky tabloid news scoops these days anyway. (Word is, according to some of the text, that the team manager Niko Kovač and the players in the photos are not too thrilled that the photos were taken, not too thrilled at all, but I've come across some horrendous butt pics floating around the internet so I wouldn't get too angry if I was them) Actually, it all sort of reminds me of that David Beckham bare-butted selfie tattoo pic from a while back which I included in this Croatia and Tattoos post.

A woman views the daily newspaper '24 Sata' (24 Hours) showing photos of several Croatian players naked by their swimming pool in Brazil, at a bar in downtown Zagreb Croatia on June 16, 2014. Getty Images. Article:

You know, come to think of it, this gossipy news sort of reminds me of something that happened during high school. I had just made the first string football team (tight end and kick-off/punt returns, no pun intended), and since it was my first year on the team, I had to go through a rookie initiation thing. Every year rookies who made the team would have to perform some pointless stupid initiation thing. (but when I was on the gold medal winning track team we didn't have to do any rookie initiation, same thing when I played hockey and when I was in the military, so that's weird, the football scene really enjoys the nude rookie initiation stuff) Anyway, in this case, it was meeting in the main gymnasium after the last Friday practice with the whole team and other rookies, and having to strip down to our commando uniforms. (as in nude, naked, no shoulder pads or even shoes, and the gymnasium floor was pretty cold, why couldn't we have just eaten a Ghost Chilli Pepper instead anyway? It's more painful, quicker and tougher). But then all the first year rookies also had to go through a demeaning obstacle course. At the start it was naked rookie against nude rookie, at the whistle we had to squat down at the start line and pick up with our ass cheeks a large marshmallow that was soaking in a plastic bag with other marshmallows and lots of that Heet deep heating pain relief liquid (It penetrates the skin fast and you really do feel the burning heat wherever it's applied, it also really does sting and burn hotter when you start sweating, which we were)... off we went, trying to run around pylons holding that marshmallow as tight as you can with your ass, jumping over some benches and then going around and hopping some more pylons, and then turn around and do the obstacle course again towards the start/finish line. But if you drop it or it falls out, you had to run to the starting line again, and once more get a freshly soaked marshmallow that you have to squat and pick up again and do the whole obstacle course from the beginning. (as you're doing that you're praying like you've never prayed before in your whole life that the other guy drops his too, because if you lose the race you have to do another fresh and complete race against another rookie again) And I'll tell you, the burn is getting pretty hot pretty quick at the places you most don't want it to burn.....ever. Long story short, there were some girls who sneaked into the back of the gymnasium, hiding and taking pictures, some flashes going off during the races and then they quickly disappeared out the hallway door. That means that somewhere out there some of those girls might still have those photos, photographs of me and others nude and doing that ridiculous obstacle course in the nude with looks of burning hot pain on our faces. (some of the rookies were crying that it was burning too much, that their ass and balls and legs were on fire. "It hurts!" "It's burning!" I can't stand it I'm going home! waaaah!" etc) But do you think I cared? I couldn't have cared less and moved on. I was like let's just get this stupid thing overwith already so I can go home and shower. (I had already gone skinny dipping before anyway, except with girls the previous 2 summers I spent in Larder Lake Ontario visiting relatives, but midnight skinny dipping with the girls in the lake was fun though, we even had beers and such, so it was actually more like Europe, because most of the girls were French and not crying sweaty guys, (just like in those camping at the lake 80's horror movies, except there was no ghoul with a hatchet in the bushes or behind a tree, just only the sound of loons and the odd jumping fish), and so the going commando part was nothing new or shocking really)

I didn't whine and cry about some girls sneaking in and taking some photos. It happened and that's about it. Pfff, actually the most embarrassing part about the whole rookie initiation obstacle course is that it was the 80's and at the time I sort of had one of those Def Leppard type hairstyles, a short-long mullet hairstyle I guess they call it now. (It was grade 11 in the 80's after all, the era of the Safety Dance, The Cult, Rocking the Casbah and Amadeus, of The Cure, The Pretenders, Talking Heads, Duran Duran. and Van Halen, even the Rolling Stones were still all over the radio, but at least it wasn't even close or nearly as ridiculous looking as Billy Ray Cyrus in 1991 though). I ended up having to do the obstacle course twice though because I had a really soft mushy soaked marshmallow for the first one that fell out when I jumped over a bench on the way back, but quite a few guys had to do it 3 or 4 and even more times from the start. so it could have been much worse. A few guys slipped when jumping the bench part or going around the pylons, slipping and smacking down hard on the hard gym floor all nude....the "Smack!" echoing through the large gymnasium and then their whining at having to get up and start again with a fresh soaked marshmallow, how embarrassing.)

This is also sort of an "opposite post" from my Playboy video post yesterday. I will just file this under 'humour', 'current events', 'hygiene', 'lather and rinse' or just make up your own category, whatever. These are the most supposedly "scandalous" of the bunch, the rest are mostly them diving and splashing around like former Miss Croatia Ivana Vaslilj seen here. A related piece came out shortly after doing this post: Former Olympic swimmer Michael Klim snapped nude at Croatian nude beach.  It must be the trend of the week I guess or just a slow tabloid shocking news week. Anyway, I'll be back eventually with more fashion models and bikini posts in the future.

(P.S.-The photographer who made these photos public has recently started a Facebook page and stated that if he receives 1,000 likes, he will make the frontal nude photos public also. If that's your thing and you wish you can 'like' his page at


(An after post article below that I came across the next day and wasn't even looking for it, it seems this story is slowly making the internet rounds and is spreading. Is there really any such thing as "bad press" these days? Also, I noticed some comments left below some of the internet articles about this topic are complaining that there's no frontal etc, (probably those YMCA fellers I mentioned earlier), so below I added a frontal image before the article. Article source:

Croatia World Cup Team on Strike After Naked Photo Leak

A refreshing time at the team base camp pool has turned into something else entirely. Will this affect their play for the remainder of the World Cup? Will women in the stadium be looking at them differently at the matches? Will the members of the team who were photographed sue the World Cup authorities for lacklustre security? Will it affect Croatian National Football Team jersey, pivo and kobasice sales? Will they be the butt of endless pool frolicking jokes on talk shows the world over?

Photographers hiding in bushes at the Croatia team hotel captured pictures of players bathing in the nude. The team has responded by refusing to speak to the media.

After the fist-clenching injustice of Croatia’s opening day defeat to Brazil, the players decided it would be helpful to unwind as a team and let it all hang out poolside.

While they were relaxing in a hot-tub at their hotel in Praia do Forte on Brazil’s north eastern coast, two photographers crept up on the unsuspecting footballers. From their vantage point amid the shrubbery, the paparazzi snapped a series of photographs that are definitely not suitable for work.

The Croatian tabloid 24 Sata published the images online choosing to pixelate the penis of English Premier League defender Dejan Lovren but leaving them otherwise uncensored. The paper suggested the images were like rare baseball cards. “Every true fan of the Croatia national team will want them,” they said.

The players didn’t think that was very funny. “How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you?” said Niko Kovac, the Croatia coach.

The team have implemented a media black-out ahead of their crucial game against Cameroon on Wednesday. “I can’t force them to be at your disposal after what you have done to them and their families,” Kovac said.

The players have decided to tackle the newspapers in the only way that they can. None of them will talk to the press, leaving the Croatian media struggling to fill the acres of build-up coverage expected by the demanding European audience.

Kovac said he had no desire to force his players to co-operate. “They are adamant that they won’t speak to you lot any more and I don’t know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign,” he said.

“I respect my players’ opinion and I also know that you have done a very professional job so far but you blew it with this one. The whole world has seen the photos.”

A surreptitious photograph of Zinedine Zidane, one of France’s all-time great players, smoking a cigarette during the 2006 World Cup started a similar row over player privacy, but this is the first time the paparazzi have snuck onto private property to spy on a team in the nude.

Like I said, if the team would have been photographed like this, now that would be something scandalous in my humble opinion, so I don't know what all this supposed shocking scandal stuff is really all about. (Can you imagine Ćorluka and Rakitić being caught doing this by the pool? Now that would probably make me puke blood and be really embarrassing that's for sure)

This would be much worse also I think, getting photographed for abducting and raping tourists, murder or other similar things, so bare asses are hardly a scandal or even worth mentioning actually.

But then again, what if they had dressed up as Walmart People at the pool? That would have possibly been the most shocking and disturbing scenario of them all. There are plenty of websites devoted just to this topic alone.

I decided also, since on the topic of the World Cup, to include this below video from a previous post Here. You should get a kick out of it as well as find it informative and annoying.

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