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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Emir Kusturica - "Shut The Fuck Up Piece Of Serb SHIT, Nobody Cares What You Think You Know Or About YOUR Sanjak of Smederevo"

Emir Kusturica for the last few years has been doing the worst ever acting job of anyone ever trying to portray themselves as an historian. (self-loathing balkanoid crypto-commie shitfucks never have a grasp of the real world in their cranium)

I decided to do this one was because lately serbs around here have gone into overdrive with shitfuckery, (just like almost 3 years out in Calgary, it's that whole serb mentality thing) I'm shitfuckering back...with facts and information. Enjoy.....

Well, well, well. This one probably caught some peoples attention I'm sure. It's just that I came across some more wise words from Serbia's preeminent thespian that I again had to make some sort of comment on. I couldn't help myself. Emir Kostunica, besides being a sick and disturbed individual, is also Hollywood's greatest actor and is a highly distinguished product from the people of Serbia. (I'm not even writing from a Croatian perspective, but from a Canadian perspective)

I briefly touched up on this Emir Kostunica character previously at my "Serbia Erased From Ukrainian Map" post. (In a nutshell, that one was about how he felt that nationalist and extremist Serb chetniks going to Ukraine to assist the taking over of the Crimea was a good thing, and in his mind it was somehow bizarrely the same as the Serbs in Kosovo situation, supposedly the Serbs were building roadblocks for peace. (More background info on that at Serb Chetniks In Ukraine Hoping To?) He's been saying for years now that he thinks the Serb ethnic cleansing and killings in Kosovo and killings in the late 1990's was the right thing to do. He's also been recorded as saying similar enlightened words regarding the Serbian ethnic cleansing, raping, killing and planned genocidal acts in the Bosnia, (as well as the 4 year bombardment and seige of Sarajevo) was likewise the right and proper thing for 'Serbs' to have done for 'Serbdom'. Of course he is also a great supporter of the same Serb ethnic cleansing and chetnik killing squads and extremist policies in Croatia in the past as well, naturally. This bufoon is just full of so many klepto-complexes and blatant narcissistic overcompensating philistinism that it's not even funny. It's pathetic and obtuse. The only reason this guy's name even shows up in any media is because of his alternate reality and oddball statements, he is really a fantasy-historian who also just happens to be an actor. (I still don't understand how it is that he has such a huge Albanian and Ukrainian fan base, it's really weird)

So anyway, this one popped up on the Croatian news portal This time he's been quoted as saying that he believes Gavrilo Princip, the man who assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in 1914, which partly set off the First World War, is some kind of Serb hero who was doing it solely for altruistic reasons. This guy Emir Kostunica has such a selective and warped memory, that I think he thinks most media people are idiots and will believe anything. I'm not even going to get into the whole history of that topic. (Besides, everyone knows, and it has been well proven and documented, that Gavrilio Princip was a Serb ultranationalist who was employed by politicians in Serbia to carry out the assassination, through their organization called the Black Hand. This is just one fact.  Everyone (everyone that matters or at least is a real historian) knows that since the start of the late 19th century, early 1900's, and during the Serb Balkan Wars of 1911 and 1912, the aims of Serb politicians and generals was to attempt to carve out some kind of imaginative "Greater Serbia" from territories around them, territories and lands that have never been Serbian or a part of Serbia. First against the southern and eastern bordering countries, then not long after WWI this same organization and the Serbian politicians and generals behind them used the same assassination policies against many Non-Serbs within the newly made up country. (although it should be mentioned at times they spent as much time killing within their own ranks as rivals planned to destroy rivals, supporters of supposed royal lines killing rival royal lines back and forth again, even more recently. (example, just one of many more recent examples) Serb politicians and military brains with inflated egos and big pipedreams, just like in the 90's again. Shoot first, sort if out later. (I know for a fact that this most preeminent and superlative Serb thespian and supposed film maker is unfamiliar with Croatian History, which if he was to read it he would in the process also learn a lot about real Serbian history and European history in general.)

Emir Kusturica really should be standing around Red Square in Moscow with with Bolshevik posters and flags. Forcing peanut butter sandwiches to the various people of the former yugoslavia, sandwiches they don't want and and have peanut allergies too, is not any sort of functioning country or state. Regarding just Croats, how did they fair after just the first few years of existence in the a new state with serbia? just a few facts here. Not very freedomish or pleasant at all. There were numerous similar cases in regards to other peoples also. Peoples and nations with peanut butter allergies are not big fans of being forced to eat Serbian peanut butter sandwiches because they really don't taste that good either. If anything, the underlying theme and message of some of his statements is basically..."If you don't like democracy, freedom and election results, just grab a rifle and kill, rape, bomb, mortar, ethnically cleanse, rape, massacre all over the place...whatever".

The Serb 3 finger salute was used by numerous Serb soldiers, chetniks and paramilitary units before and after their ethnic cleansing, raping and killing campaigns against Non-Serbs in the 1990's. It was and is a Serb symbol of pride in committing genocide on Non-Serbs.

Like I said, this guy has a very selective memory. He never will talk about or mention thing and events that don't fall into line with his fake history telling, and lies basically.  He won't mention many of the topics I briefly touched upon at this Croatian History 101 post. He won't get into things discussed at this Serb Occupied Croatia 1991-95 Greatest Hits post. (Why doesn't he try to find the Serb whore in that post, maybe even shack up with her and then write Serbian whore poems and recipes, etc, or shack up with smiling Serb thing also)  See my previous Emir Kusturica Thinks Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic Is A European Papal Slut-Whore post.  I know he won't get into the below topic written in the news in 1919 either, or other similar events that happened, it doesn't fit in with his alternate reality of glorious holy Serbs sprinkling holy Serb water all over the place. (He's also an avid reader of books by this super-duper Serb historian guy)

Serbs were handing out Swiss chocolates to Montenegrins in 1919, which made them extremely happy to join the new made up country which was chock full of freedom and even more freedoms. Larger view Here. (See also

It is documented that Chetnik massacres during WWII included even Serb civilians, as well as outside Serbia. In December 1943 in the suburban settlement of Vranic outside of Belgrade, royalist Serbs forces/Chetniks massacred Serb civilians in their homes who were only suspected of maintaining links with communist Partizans. (Sometimes Srb clergy were privy to and supported such actions as they are very tied to the movements, 'Serbs' has come to be equated since the middle ages with 'occupiers' ) Like in other similar incidents, based on eyewitness and survivor testimony, it was the Serb royalist Yugoslav/Chetnik general Dragoljub "Draza" Mihailovic who was responsible for giving the orders. The Serb Chetniks also cooperated very closely with the Serbian Nazi-puppet state ruled by Milan Nedic, which also recieved full Serb church support. The above image was taken from an article entitled "Chetnik Massacres of Serb Civilians in Vranic" from the Montenegrin website

Emir Kostunica likes to flap his lips, but won't touch upon a lot of dates, events, people and things that don't fall into line with his (and people like him) fiction history, the above are just a couple examples. He instead goes around stating the opposite of the the proven and documented realities, the filmed proofs that was seen on televisions live for years and can be viewed again today. (What do you expect? He's been a big supporter of the Serbian Bishop Vasiliye Kacavenda, and we all know what kind of people and events he supported, don't we now?)...(This explains why Emir Kusturica and quite a number of local Serbs I've come across over the last few years like to rape boys, it's a Serbian rape church cult tradition) Smokescreens and a few words here and there to divert and confuse the average person. However, like the title of this post reads, why the hell is this "Serb actor" regularly talking to media people about these non-actor topics anyway? Obsessed? Why is he regularly making bizarre, untrue and make believe history statements for newspapers and anyone who will print or listen to his stories? Does he think most people give a shit what he thinks? Slow news day in the acting/film making dept? This post isn't about teaching history lessons, but rather about why does this stooge on a regular basis make media statements that support any and all Serb war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and genocidal maniacs and their policies?

The logic of Emir Kusturica would be to not be making Croatian cars, and stay away from projects such as the above Concept_1 made by Mate Rimac above, and instead keep making Yugos like in Serbia on the right, as just one example. Serbs and Yugo cars all and everywhere?..pfff as if.

 As another analogy, Emir Kusturica historian/actor guy is a supporter of replacing or equating Non-Serb festivals everywhere, (such as the above scene from Špancirfest, as just one Croatian example and which I posted about HERE), instead with.....

 .....with this Holy Serbo-Knifetrumpetfest trash. It's not our thing or style and doesn't interest anybody. I could go on and on and on.

Look, he works and lives in Los Angeles. Why not just call up his Hollywood pals and tell them what he thinks, what he believes, or what he thinks he believes. Chat up a storm. Call up Angelina Jolie and tell her what you think about her movie, how she is getting it all wrong. (It actually was the women who were raping the Serb soldiers) Call up Brenda Brkusic and make a documentary with her or go for a coffee and tell her whatever.  I made a post regarding John Malkovich HERE, John is partially of Croatian descent, call him up for beers to tell him what you think. Actor Goran Višnjić is Croatian background also (and an ex Croatian soldier btw), call Goran up on the mobitel and tell him what you think about all these topics, I'm sure he would be very interested and agree with your theories and beliefs. lol.  Dang, UFC fighter Cro Cop was in L.A. just days ago, why didn't he call him up to tell him what he thinks, tell Mirko how the Serbs, Serb chetniks and soldiers were all handing out candy in the 1990's and opening up restaurants everywhere. (Mirko was also  a Croatian soldier in the 90's btw, there would be plenty of back and forth banter I'm sure, nodding in agreement etc. lol)  Actually, Wladimir Klitschko is someone you should be calling up to chat with and let in on your wisdom. You see, those are the people you have to convince anyway, you have to explain it to him why only Serbs "rightfully" got involved during the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

I did a few posts previously about bullshittiing Serbian politicians, (See Serbian President A Bad Liar & Fucko and New Serb President A Lying Fucko & Mental Case Guru) This Emir Kusturica is the exact same type of misinformation guru. Bad lying examples, chronic lying examples and examples of kleptoism, mental complexesPseudologia fantastica and overcompensating. Basically, why make B.S. statements based on fictionalized realities and history, when he could also call up his various Serb pals and chat the night away with all kinds of stories and superheroes. (I find it very strange how this guy is making a living in Hollywood, in the U.S. of A, going back and forth to Serbia and the U.S. all the time, making statements even against the very country (a NATO country) that helped stop the Serbs massacring Non-Serbs, the very country he's making a living in. Supporting documented Serb war criminals that the U.S. helped bring to justice)

Anyway, that's as far as I'm going with this one, something quick and to the point, I have more important things to do and more interesting things to pay attention too. (I think it would be best if he was to just forget about his so-called acting/film making career and just move to Serbia, hang around your kind of people, join various Serbo-cult rape church holy knife-eating festivities, etc and so on) I figure if he can make his B.S statements from Hollywoodland, then I can comment about it the way I want. I actually wanted to do this post for the title too, it's a good attention grabber and probably a good promotion for his acting/historian career. Maybe he'll get a role playing Jesus or some kind of prophet who goes around prophetizing prophecies. I hope he comes across this post eventually and enjoys my elaborative retorting commentary. I guess my main point is that he should just shut the fuck up because he's just an instigating Serb just like many I've come across over the past few years especially. He should stick with acting or acting like activities, maybe go down to the beach, wet his toes, wash hair, get the crumbs out of his beard, feed some seagulls, do some breakdancing, read a book or write a fiction book, suck on some chicken bones at the local mall food court, stop supporting Serb church approved rapists, killers and genocidal war criminals in between film gigs.

Like I said, over the past few years I've come across numerous instances of Serb Shitfuckery. Now, if I was a famous actor or film maker, a rich celebrity, a celeb sports figure or just well known, I can guarantee you they would be sucking up to me, because that's what they do. (Just like all those Twitter sycophants) However I'm not any of those things, so apparently shitfuckery is applicable to them. On the contrary, here I'm showing that I don't those kinds of things, I just tell it like it is. If stepped on in any way, or if B.S. is stated about something important to me, then I slaughter with facts, reality, sourced material, real video footage and images, I don't just blurp out B.S like this Emir the Serb actor/filmer/fake historian guy. Hopefully people won't have to come across more stupid words coming out of his mouth in the future, but it's obvious he's sick and obsessed, so I doubt it. Like a great 19th century Polish philosopher said..."Nothing good comes out of Serbia".

Update - I updated this post with the below images. After careful consideration I think they may have something to do with Emir Kustuica's inability to grasp and accept reality, and choosing instead to believe in a 19th century magical fantasy world. He needs to accept the cold hard facts and the reality that the so-called "yugoslav experiment" was a disaster and died over almost 25 years ago, that the republics went their own way and are independent, that the Soviet Union is gone, that the Russian Empire is history and that there will be no so-called greater anything concerning Serbia,  that the Serbs failed in cleansing Non-Serbs all and everywhere, that the Czechs and Slovaks went their own way, that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are independent also, etc and son on. No amount of bellyaching and fiction-history telling will change these facts. The below images I think should help him in realizing these facts.

Croatian National Football Team.

Slovenian National Football Team.

Montenegrin National Football Team.

Macedonian National Football Team.

Kosovo National Football Team.

HŠK Zrinjski Mostar Football Club.

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