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Monday, 9 June 2014

Festival Of Myths & Legends At Trsat Castle In Rijeka (+Photos)

I like this kind of stuff, and have ever since I was a kid, sort of like those epic Disney films with all the magical characters, plots and adventures. The below images are  from today's 'Festival of Myths and Legends' which took place at the historic Trsat Castle (see croatian-castles-fortresses-manors), that is perched above the coastal city of Rijeka. (It is aka 'Malik fest', Malik being an old well known and popular fairy tale character) Seems like a fun event for all ages by the looks of it, but especially for the kids who get to partake of various games, crafts, snacks and get to listen to centuries old stories, and even older legends and ancient mythology that reaches far back to the earliest Croatian history.

Over the last little while I've become acquainted with quite a number of these old legends, folk tales and mythologies, not all of them of course, but quite a number of them. (This part of Croatia along the northern coast, specifically the Kvarner Gulf and Istra peninsula, is especially rich in legends and folk tales that reach back even to the middle ages) More images from this year and previous years Here. It just basically looks to be a fun day for everyone involved at a really cool location with re-enactments and even those zany puppet shows.  (I've been there, amazing views from this historic castle), and surprisingly this festival has nothing to do with the World Cup whatsoever.....Amazing.

(Believe it or not, did you know that Trsat Castle may even has a part to play in the historical chapter of the old early Croats and the Merovingians. Yep, those Merovingians. See for yourself and be amazed, shocked and See the video I added at the bottom for more about Trsat Castle)





'Malik fest' - Festival of Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales


Found some video footage from the 2012 edition of the festival.

Footage from 'Malik fest' 2011.

Found some footage also from the 'Serbian Legends' festival in Serbia that may be of interest.

Fortunately, I also found some footage from the 'Serbian Magic Forest & Zany Legends Days' festival that took place in a Belgrade park a few years ago. (Check out the zany festival fun at the 3:20 and 6:23 marks, I'm not going to translate all the swear words from the kids because there's just too many)

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