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Sunday, 22 June 2014

First Croatian Water Park Opened...'Istralandia'

I briefly mentioned this story back in March when doing my 'Aquapark Poreč' post Here. However, now 'Istralandia Aquapark' is officially the first waterpark in Croatia, and in the region. From a Non-waterpark country to actual waterpark competition in only just a few months. Anyway, I'm not going to add images because I'm sure everyone already knows what a waterpark is and what goes on there, besides it just opened up yesterday.

This one is also located in the north western Istra peninsula region just outside the old towns of Brtonigla and Novi Grad, it's region that is close to the borders of Slovenia and Italy. (So it's actually a pretty good location also, as they are part of the European Union also so they can just pop over the border to dip their toes and frolick on the cheap. (I'll let you know if Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shows up to do some water frolicking there) I should add though, recent plans in Kosovo for an auquapark have been put on hold again, it seems that just like in the 90's in various places, the Serbs want to build one but only for Serbs to use. I have a strong feeling that 'Holyserbaquaparkland' is not going to be built anytime soon, probably never. Besides, is floating Albanian limbs and body parts like in the 90's going to really appeal to swimmers and water sliders? (That aquapark story Here)  Anyway, you can visit the Istralandia Facebook page to see whats going on and for updated kooky and wacky images, or their official website at for more info. Let the waterpark funs and frolicking commence...

First Water Park Opens in Croatia

Opening Day at the new 'Aquapark Istralandia'. Image:




Croatia’s first water park ‘Aquapark Istralandia’ has officially opened in Brtonigla, in the north-western part of Istria on Thursday…

The 10 million euro water park, which will open to the public for the first time on Saturday, covers around 80,000 square metres of space and offers a range of attractions such as, toboggans, hydro massage pools, slides, cafes and water castles for kids. The new water park will create more than 80 new jobs in the area.

“The opening of ‘Istralandia’ is an extremely important factor in the development of tourism, especially seasonal tourism, since the water park will be open from early June to mid-September, said investor Branko Kovačić, who expects around 100,000 visitors to come through the doors this summer.

Kovačić says that whilst water parks are popular throughout the world, Croatia, Slovenia and around the region till today did not have one.

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