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Friday, 6 June 2014

French Humorist Rémi Gaillard, A Croatia Jersey & More Soccer Ball Tricks

Youtube screenshot.

You're going to like this post, trust me. Whether you follow football/soccer or not. Whether you're going to watch the World Cup this summer or not, you're going to like this one.  I came across this humorist/prankster/soccer ball trick guy, (and former shoe salesman), Rémi Gaillard, a few times on some Croatian portals. I have yet to have seen anything here on this side of the pond yet though. He's known for having done a lot of hidden camera pranks on the French police and is more well known over in Europe.

Anyway, some of the soccer ball tricks this guy does are incredible, a few of them are wow, just really something. (If he was a penalty kicker on some team, guaranteed he'd probably be batting .1000) So since he decided to put on a Croatia jersey for this commemorative World Cup video, I think I should add the video here. He does a soccer ball trick wearing a jersey from every team taking part in the World Cup this summer, 32 amazing soccer kicks in total. Croatia needs to see about getting this guy on the national soccer team, he would especially come in handy for penalty kicks, corner kicks, kicks from mid-field and free kicks, the jersey seems to suit him pretty good and he even looks sort of like Marcelo Brozović. (they have the same hairstyle at least anyway) You can check out his Youtube channel at the link to view his other pranks and more soccer ball tricks. Sit back and enjoy some amazing soccer skills.....

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I also thought I'd throw this current event topic in quickly, I'll file it under questionable or just observations. I don't know if the recent haircut Luka Modric got is a good move or a jinx for the upcoming World Cup. He's been known over the years for his locks, he won the Champions League with Real Madrid just a couple of weeks ago, and then he decides to get a haircut while in the middle of the hot streak? (Ivan Rakitić similarly has longish hair and he also just recently captained FC Sevilla to the Europa League championship, however he didn't cut his hair at such an important time) Besides, he's making over 8 million Euros a year playing for Madrid and this is the best hairstyle he could buy? I personally would have waited until after the World Cup and then maybe buzzed it all off for the summer, (I do that every few years myself), or maybe something orangey-fuchsia and pointy like Scott Weiland from S.T.P. used to do, or maybe even an edgy Clash-ish mo sort of like how Danijel Pranjić recently did, who also had longer hair previously. (Who also btw is injured and won't play in the World Cup now, along with about 5 other regular starters) In a nutshell, this haircut reminds me of the monthly haircuts some guy in grade 4 at my school used to get from his grandmother, (I even think he was forced to), but that's just me and a soccer hairstyle fashion observation. (which these days believe it or not, is sometimes more important than results on the field, along with which style of sunglasses they are seen wearing, soccer shoe colors/brand/style, celebratory move after scoring a goal, what other famous person they are seen shmoozing with and where, etc and so on) Anyway, that's about it, talk amongst yourselves.

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