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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović Earns Decision Victory At GLORY 17 &...Bill Belichick's Girlfriend's Shirt

I came across video of all 3 rounds of this kickboxing fight, so I decided to make a whole post of it. I don't particularly follow the martial arts sports, but if an interesting Cro Cop or Stipe Miocic article pops up on my screen, I will shoot it in. It's good to see that Mirko can still belt it out and hold his own after quite a few operations and then coming out of retirement in 2012. (He's actually even gone 6 wins and just 1 decision loss since his comeback) It just goes to show you the things you can do with proper training, taking your vitamins and eating your Croatian food.

(If you don't know much about Mirko, there's a 5 part documentary on Youtube from a few years ago where you can learn about his early years, as a kid making his own weights, how he got into martial arts, his time in the Croatian Army protecting against the genocidal, ethnic cleansing and raping Srbs and the invading murderous Srb church chetniks from Serbia, his time as an Anti-Terrorist Special Forces member (which is how he got his nickname btw), the unseen training and humorous side and a whole bunch of other stuff. Part 1 can be seen HERE)

If you're curious about other related stuff that's going in the Croatia, click onto the the official Croatia MMA League HERE. (Yes that's right, Croatia has an MMA League of their own, we moved on since 2003 when future hopefuls had to fight bears, baka's and cows in soccer stadiums and hay fields. Amazing)

Below that, I just happened to come across one of those cutesy yutesy sportsy stories involving Bill Belichick, amusing enough to throw in here I guess. I'll just file that one under...oh, I don't know......"Croatian shirts" or make up your category.

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All week, Jarrell Miller told anybody who'd listen: he was going to avenge his controversial 2013 decision loss to Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, and he was going to do it in style. But the Old Dog still had some fight left in him on Saturday, and at 39 years old, Filipovic stunned Miller for the second time in two years, taking a unanimous decision over the American at GLORY 17 despite fighting with a near 40-pound weight disadvantage.

Filipovic (23-8-0) started slow but he began to find his rhythm by the beginning of the second round, digging hard punches and kicks to Miller's ribs and working effective dirty boxing from within the clinch. Filipovic went to his trademark left high kick early and often, drawing a big nostalgic pop from the Los Angeles crowd each time. And while Filipovic never quite managed to land the hard shot on Miller (22-2-0) he was hunting for, this time the decision was far more clear-cut.

All three ringside judges scored the contest 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27 in favor of the legendary Croatian.

Video of all 3 rounds from GLORY 17 Los Angeles.

Glory 17: Mirko Filipovic vs Jarrell Miller by DestructionMag

Interesting behind the scenes look and personal commentary before 'GLORY 17".

I threw in this highlight video because it was made as a tribute by a fan after he announced his retirement, it will have to be updated sometime eventually.

Bill Belichick's girlfriend wears 'I love my Croatian boyfriend' shirt



Here's your offseason reminder that Bill Belichick is a lovable human being despite the emotionless robot act he puts on during news conferences. Belichick's girlfriend, Linda Holliday, posted a photo of herself wearing this shirt when Croatia's match against Mexico began Monday in their final game of group play.

Where do you get a shirt like this? Also, today I learned Bill Belichick is Croatian. From a 2005 story by The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan (referencing Bill's father Steve):

 "Pirate Bill Belichick" and his wench Linda Holliday at Hallowe'en.

Steve Belichick came from classic football country -- Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. He was the youngest of five children born to Ivan (known as John) and Mary Barkovic Bilicic. Yes, the name is Croatian and it was Anglicized, not at Ellis Island as so many others were, but by a first grade teacher in Monessen, Pa., where all the Belichick children were born.

And now I desperately want to hear Rob Gronkowski address the honcho as Coach Bilicic.

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