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četvrtak, 6. ožujka 2014.

New Croatian Made Luxury Yacht 'Katina' Being Built In Split

I found this piece interesting as soon as I read it. A brand new luxury yacht being built in Split that is scheduled to be completed in January of 2015. It is being built by Brodosplit shipyard. Now, of course I don't have any plans to rent this swanky yacht (or floating mansion) any time soon, but this is interesting news nonetheless. Brodosplit has already been building super-large container ships, ferries, passenger ships, tankers, Croatian navy warships/police boats, but this shows that Croatian shipyards can make quality luxury yachts also. It's a whole new different niche and clientele, afterall, the Croatian coast is many times called the French Riveria of eastern Europe, but alot cheaper. So if the niche is there, then you might as well fill it. Like I mentioned at a previous police boat post Here, I still say some surface-to-surface or surface-to-air missile systems (SSM"s or SAM's) or some ultra-rapid fire mounted guns would be a good idea to have on the yacht. Police boats are on the lookout for pirates and various terrorists/extremists/bootleg Rick Astley and other shitty music cd importers and illegal/ridiculous looking whatevers, but for just in case one slips through the cracks to spoil the vacation and yachting fun)

The way I see it, building jumbo tankers, container ships and large passenger ships is important, and so is the building of Croatian Navy warships, however it's important also to let possible future tourists, or even just the general public know that.. ."We can make ships that can blow you fucking sky high into bits and turn you into fish food, but hey, we make boats that you can have a really good time on also, we're good like that."..or "We may not make rocket ships to send you to the moon or Mars or other floating rocks, but we build ships that you can have a really swell time on, and it includes an ice maker, that's the way we roll. " Besides, isn't it a much better image of a people and country to be associated with making cool super-yachts, than..oh I don't know...than say perhaps being associated with supporting Gaddafi?, or other extremists/terrorists? People don't much talk about or are interested in tankers, container ships and ferries etc, but when they see a swanky modern super-yacht, then people want to know where it was made, who built it?

Anyway, it's definitely not going to be cheap to rent this beauty for a week either, but then again these types of yachts never are, and with the amount of multimillionaires and even billionaires holidaying in Croatia these days, this amount would be just a drop in the bucket, chump change, some billionaire kid's monthly dog grooming and shoes allowance or a weekend party. It's actually pretty cheap when you consider what some of the mega super-yachts out there go for to buy outright. (The Abramovich super-yacht has a missile defense system btw, see links below). There are already people looking to reserve it for it's maiden voyage next summer. (Too bad that the yacht wasn't already built, it would be an ideal place to watch the Croatia matches at the upcoming World Cup, don't you think? Euro 2016 is only two years away). I've already come across various luxury yacht rental sites that are advertising the Katina, hopefully this will become a regular occurrence, afterall it seems to be an important niche market. I'd like to see maybe some famous European fashion house rent the yacht, and bring a bunch of hot fashion models along, maybe Hugh Hefner and some bunnies, or even maybe rented by the Model Mayhem people and lots of Croatian food. Anyway.....

Below are a few images of what it will look like, the bottom photo is what it looks like now while still under construction. Gilligan and the Skipper would probably like it a lot. Not a shabby way to sail down the Croatian coast in the summer, start using those Walmart coupons and collecting those empties....









*Up to date pics from the official launching of the Katina after its completion: new-croatian-made-katina-mega-yacht

The new Croatian made 'Katina' luxury yacht is scheduled to be completed in January of 2015.


Four decks, royal treatment, swimming pool, Jacuzzis, underwater lights ... luxury that wealthy Arab sheiks . would not be ashamed of. All of that will be on offer with the new super yacht 'Katina', which is currently being completed at a city of Split shipyard. Its length is 60 meters, and width about 12 meters, but what it offers prospective customers was previously seen only among the world's most expensive yachts.

Katina will remain owned by the Croatian builders , but will be rented by the Belgian company Exmar. Judging by the price of the lease, it is clear that it will be rented exclusively by members of the international jet-set - we were told from the Board of Brodosplit .

And the price is really peppermint . A week on this yacht will cost between 3 and 3.4 million Croatian Kuna (€400,000 to €450,000), depending on the season, which puts it among the most expensive in the world . That price also does not include additional costs, such as ropes and rigging or fuel .

The yacht was fully designed and created by the Split shipyard Brodosplit. The hull has been completed and is in the process of being coated and painted. This will be followed by equipping the yacht with the most luxurious materials and furniture and entertainment extras for up to 12 guests. It will be available to be chartered by the middle of next year .

Although the yacht is not yet completed, Exmar have told the administrators at Brodosplit that there have already been several inquiries for the first voyage.

The 'Katina' will be sailing all across the Adriatic, but also to other popular destinations in the world's oceans, all depending on the wishes of the user.

The yacht has four decks, her maximum speed is 13 nautical miles, and will be able to sail across 4,000 miles without having to dock. Guests can use the 12 royal rooms equipped with the most expensive furniture of which four of them will have scenic balconies.

Perfect for kicking back and watching episodes of Coronation Street.

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Great tip, thanks, I'll be sure to pass it on to the downtown bingo hall crowd, maybe those people who hang around the Walmart front doors and probably the Dollar Store crowd, they will appreciate the inside info, happy sailing!

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