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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Photos Of The Day: "Outdoor 'Krie Design' Fashion Event In Downtown Zagreb" (+Video)

I came across this one and thought it interesting enough to quickly throw in here, being that I'm all eclectic and multi-faceted and I haven't done a Zagreb related post in a while. Croatian designers presented their second annual evening of fashion, at the 16th annual Perwoll Fashion.HR Cruise Collection, Krie Design.

Below are just a few of the designs. Some I like, some I'm not crazy about. I didn't add the men's designs because they weren't really my kind of style either. (I'm not a fashionista or follower of various fashions scenes, I just like the pics from these kinds of events, and the outdoor concept of this particular one) This fashion catwalk event took place at King Tomislav Square Park. (I've been there, it's a park right across and in between the Zagreb Art Pavilion and the Zagreb Central Train Station)

A park location that is surrounded by various museums, holding a fashion show there is probably the last thing most people would associate it with. Yet, not too shabby, a free out in the open fashion show which is just a short jaunt from the very center of the city. Great thinking outside of the box, because most people wouldn't think of holding a fashion event at this park. It all seems to have worked out pretty good, great mood lighting effects job, the fountain and the buildings backdrop. (I would have maybe gone with some dry ice and occasional strobe light effects and some 3D projection mapping as well, but that's just me) Anyway, some previous related post links at the bottom as well......




Video footage from this outdoor fashion event.

Later that night.....(I found that if you watch the video with the volume turned off and instead have this song playing in the background, it suits the video too. It uncannily makes it look more like L.A. than a lot of real L.A. images I've come across)

Extra bonus footage from the same Krie Design collection earlier this year in Zagreb.

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